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A Little More Proof of Choreography of the “Spontaneous” anti-Trump Riots November 11, 2016

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Don’t read this post if you don’t like the queen mother of curse words.  Close your eyes and/or skip over the bottom.  You’ve been warned.  Probably my last vent from this week’s excitement.

Check this out, picked up off the ground at the riots in Oakland:


Plus, a final bit of schadenfreude.  Klinton’s campaign aircraft is getting a new paint job:



Chastened, I withdraw.

A Little Blast from the Catholic Past November 11, 2016

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I’d never heard of Fr. Bernard Hubbard, SJ before stumbling on the video below last night.  It was posted on a channel I subscribe to, that features a wide variety of uploaded videos from 30 to 80 years ago.  This one is from the early 50s, I would imagine, and shows Fr. Hubbard – apparently, a well known explorer of Alaska and northern Canada – first traveling up the Alcan Highway and then traversing the Gastineau Channel by boat.  Not much Catholicism is present, other than a blessing before eating a giant trout caught by Fr. Hubbard.  Lots of product plugs, for the boat company that funded the trip, the Libby canned foods, Johnson outboard motors, and even the hams and bacon Father and his traveling companion brought.  You won’t see any clerics, but, then again, they were traversing a wilderness.

A little description:

“Highway to Adventure” is a 1950s-era film that takes accompanies Alaskan explorer Father Bernard Hubbard along the Alaska Highway, referred to in this film as the Alcan Highway. (Hubbard was a Jesuit priest, geologist and explorer who popularized the Alaskan wilderness.) The highway runs through Canada and connects with continental United States with Alaska. The film opens with “polite officials” greeting motorists as they enter Canada and stop at “modern” hotels and restaurants as they pass through the Great North. The film is filled with breathtaking, scenic views including many of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks as the film crew heads to the Alcan Highway.

Meh, I enjoyed it. You may find it boring, but the recommendation is worth what it cost you:

Soros-Funded, Paid “Protesters” Attempting to Subvert Election November 11, 2016

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The evidence is overwhelming.  Protesters riding chartered buses to a rally in Austin:


Media searching social media for staged interviews of aggrieved leftists:


Yeah. That’s some unbiased media for you.

These staged riots are being directed by MoveOn.org, which has received extensive funding from Soros’ “Open Society” group for years.  There is extensive evidence of Soros’ funding of left-wing demonstrations in the US going back over a decade.  I don’t disagree with Lew Rockwell that Soros might even want to push the US into a civil war.  This is the self-loathing Jewish former Nazi that described rounding up Jews as the highlight of his life, and who has retained such a hatred of the US and Britain for their role in the destruction of Nazism (though not, curiously, the Soviet Union for its even larger role) that he deliberately broke the Bank of England in the 80s and has long sought to wreck the United States through cultural marxist, Frankfurt-school tactics.

But what concrete object do they hope to achieve in the present spate of demonstrations, all taking place in demonrat-controlled cities?  Nothing less than the overturning of the will of the people as expressed in the most recent election, if not formally, then at least effectively:

Across the country, exclusively in cities controlled by Democrats, there have been “spontaneous” protests by the usual suspects “concerned” that the winner of Tuesday’s election doesn’t “represent” them as president.

And though the numbers at these protests don’t appear to be overly large, the intensity of them appears to make up some of the difference. In Seattle, violence was in the air both in the rhetoric of the speakers practicing street theater and in the literal sense, as four people were shot. In Chicago, a man was beaten and his car stolen for having manifested himself as a Donald Trump supporter. In New York, street theater turned threatening as hundreds surrounded Trump’s home at Trump Tower — more than a dozen arrested. Some 40 fires were started and three police officers were injured from Molotov Cocktail-hurling thugs in Oakland. Los Angeles police arrested 28 people attempting to block an interstate highway. Even the Hard-Left local government of Portland, Oregon termed the protests a riot after the orgy of property destruction unleashed there.

And in New Orleans, several dozen children from local colleges staged a tantrum in which bank windows were broken and businesses and landmarks defaced with profane graffiti. In the presence of local police. None were arrested……….

…….That’s a pattern that has repeated itself across the country — in deep blue cities, the local pols demand Trump “reconcile” with the people he offended amid the campaign, and shortly after the Social Justice mob appears to bring chaos to the streets and Astroturf their way onto the local and national news to create the appearance of civil disorder. The pattern even includes perpetrating hoaxes to slander Trump supporters as violent racists.

And that disorder is clearly aimed at cowing Trump into “reconciliation” — as defined by those he is to reconcile with.

We know it’s Astroturf, not just because these protests and near-riots always are. The protesters in Austin came off buses, as they did in other cities.

It’s all the Left has in their arsenal. The election is over and the voters repudiated them nearly everywhere they could. It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s loss — the Democrats couldn’t take the House or Senate, they now control only 16 governorships and 12 state legislatures. Their party is at a low point of political power such as they’ve not seen since 1928, the finale of the Calvin Coolidge administration.

Democrats no longer have the power to win real arguments in America, because they’ve allowed a cadre of totalitarians and crybullies to seize control of their intellectual centers. All they have left is intimidation, and thus we now have a brand-new manifestation of the Occupy gang angry at Trump’s election and transported to TV-friendly locales for street theater. On the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page, they’re threatening a general strike during the Trump inauguration; this would be a considerably more frightening prospect if any of them had jobs.

A quite, ah, energetic response to these tactics from Paul Joseph Watson below.  While I may not condone the language he uses (you are warned), I can certainly understand it.  May God, and my readers, forgive me for this one excess:



Local Boy with Disfiguring Disease Refuses Surgery….. November 11, 2016

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…….so he won’t lose his smile.  This is a bit different for me, but we’ve seen this family around occasionally at Mater Dei and while I’ve never had the opportunity to speak with them, their story is quite inspirational.

Ethan D’Amato was born in 2003 with obvious defects.  He was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1, which causes tumors to grow on nerve endings on his face.  He lost his right eye and obviously has some disfigurement of his face. But he refused surgery to remove the tumors because it likely would have left part of his face paralyzed and left him unable to smile.

He has received a fair amount of media coverage but I had never heard of him until earlier this week.  There is a Youtube channel dedicated to sharing aspects of his life and helping spread awareness of this disease.  There is also a GoFundMe page which I think is still active.  Apparently the boy has experienced bullying or negative reactions caused by his appearance, which is a tragedy but typical of human nature.

Some videos on his situation and experience below:

One way we’ve seen Ethan around Mater Dei is through violin practice he takes there.  He’s quite a good violinist for his age:

Not sure if I can get this video to load.  Not a big fan of Maury Povich or any shows of that type, but here is some background on the bullying Ethan has suffered:

That’s an inspiring boy and family.  I commend them for their faith in our Lord and trust in His will.  That is a heavy cross to bear.  I don’t know if I would bear up under that load as well as they seem to.  God bless them.

Shoot, I meant to include this prayer in the post.  Updating now.  A prayer to Our Mother of Sorrows composed by Pope Pius XII:

O clement and pious Mother, whose soul was pierced by the Sword of Sorrow, behold us poor sick beside you on the Calvary of your Jesus.

We, chosen for the sublime grace of suffering and desirous of fulfilling also in our own flesh that which is wanting in the Passion of Christ, for that body of His which is the Church, consecrate to you our persons and our sufferings, so that you may offer them both on the altar of the Cross of your Divine Son as the humble victims of propitiation for our spiritual well-being and that of our brothers.

Accept, O Sorrowful Mother, this our dedication and confirm in our hearts the great hope that, as we share the sufferings of Christ, we may thus share in His comfort here and in eternity.  Amen.

Well, that didn’t take long: McConnell already signaling cave to Dems on Supreme Court November 11, 2016

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The nuclear option, which Harry Reid stated he would implement immediately if the demonrats gained control of the Senate, is already out the window.  That took barely 36 hours.  Already obstructionism from Repubniks in the Senate is in full force.  Is there ANY vehicle to get rid of this guy?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hinted Wednesday that he may not support the controversial idea of changing Senate rules to kill Democratic filibusters, and instead warned that Republicans need to be wary of “overreaching” now that they have kept control of Congress.

When Democrats ran the Senate, they changed the rules to allow for simple majority votes for judicial nominees, but not Supreme Courtnominees, which can still be filibustered. But despite speculation that Republicans will take this next step, McConnell declined to talk about that option when pressed on Wednesday.

“Well, I won’t purport to know what might happen in the context of the Supreme Court,” McConnell told reporters. “What we do know is the new president will fill the vacancy …”

He said he “would not expect” Democrats to reveal their strategy for how Democrats might try to defeat the nominee, or how Republicans might respond to that strategy.

And when asked more broadly about how how Republicans and Democrats might cooperate, or not, in the Senate, he struck a conciliatory tone, and warned about “overreaching.” [Yeah, heaven forbid they actually implement the will of the people for a change.  This is exactly why Trump won the Republican nomination, the electorate simply does not trust any but a handful of Repubniks in Washington, and with good reason.  They’re the French Army of American politics, always ready to surrender.]

McConnell said “overreaching after an election, generally speaking, is a mistake.” When pressed on McConnell’s approach to working with Democrats in the new Senate, McConnell said the way the chamber is structured requires “some Democratic participation and cooperation.”

Reading through the lines, it seems McConnell expects to cooperate with dems to keep the Supreme Court stuck in a 4-4 split for many months if not years.  Either that, or try to force a nominee acceptable to demonrats, which would make that same nominee totally unacceptable to the core of the electorate that voted in Trump.  Another Souter or Kennedy.  Looks like one of the first activities we the people will have to undertake to stop this kind of obstruction is putting heavy pressure on McConnell to honor the results of the election.

You can contact the uniparty majority leader here.