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A Little Blast from the Catholic Past November 11, 2016

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I’d never heard of Fr. Bernard Hubbard, SJ before stumbling on the video below last night.  It was posted on a channel I subscribe to, that features a wide variety of uploaded videos from 30 to 80 years ago.  This one is from the early 50s, I would imagine, and shows Fr. Hubbard – apparently, a well known explorer of Alaska and northern Canada – first traveling up the Alcan Highway and then traversing the Gastineau Channel by boat.  Not much Catholicism is present, other than a blessing before eating a giant trout caught by Fr. Hubbard.  Lots of product plugs, for the boat company that funded the trip, the Libby canned foods, Johnson outboard motors, and even the hams and bacon Father and his traveling companion brought.  You won’t see any clerics, but, then again, they were traversing a wilderness.

A little description:

“Highway to Adventure” is a 1950s-era film that takes accompanies Alaskan explorer Father Bernard Hubbard along the Alaska Highway, referred to in this film as the Alcan Highway. (Hubbard was a Jesuit priest, geologist and explorer who popularized the Alaskan wilderness.) The highway runs through Canada and connects with continental United States with Alaska. The film opens with “polite officials” greeting motorists as they enter Canada and stop at “modern” hotels and restaurants as they pass through the Great North. The film is filled with breathtaking, scenic views including many of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks as the film crew heads to the Alcan Highway.

Meh, I enjoyed it. You may find it boring, but the recommendation is worth what it cost you:


1. Shelly Gale - November 11, 2016

I love this!

2. Dennis Hogan - November 13, 2016

Those 1950s era travel films are gems!
Anyone remember the TV program “Bold Journey” sponsored by Ralston Purina, I recall?

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