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A Little More Proof of Choreography of the “Spontaneous” anti-Trump Riots November 11, 2016

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Don’t read this post if you don’t like the queen mother of curse words.  Close your eyes and/or skip over the bottom.  You’ve been warned.  Probably my last vent from this week’s excitement.

Check this out, picked up off the ground at the riots in Oakland:


Plus, a final bit of schadenfreude.  Klinton’s campaign aircraft is getting a new paint job:



Chastened, I withdraw.



1. Baseballmom - November 11, 2016

So tired of the paid fake protesters. Have a friend who is a cop in Oakland, he better not get hurt… He has lots of friends…

2. nita young - November 12, 2016

I’d be there tonight if I could…Alaska is such a long walk…

3. Tim - November 12, 2016

Indiana is a long walk as well, but not near as far as yours. I lived in the Anchorage area in the mid-nineties for two years……GREAT STATE!

4. Michael Jarman - November 12, 2016

Can I just say that getting (I’m not really but I’ll say I am to get the votes) “Catholic” Tim Kaine off the political stage is pretty darn gratifying, too. Pelosi and Biden will soon follow suit. Kellyanne Conway appears to be an ACTUAL Catholic and to have a bright future. Meanwhile our Pope is doing a novena of reparations through the intercession of Saint Joseph (of) Bernardin at the thought of so many neo-pelagians potentially coming to power in the United States. I believe there will be a seamless garment placed on the altar (excuse me, “table of the Lord’s supper”) during the novena.

5. Tim - November 12, 2016

This is great!!!:

6. TLM - November 13, 2016

There is also a petition (actually several of them) with now millions of signatures asking the electoral college to cast their vote to Hillary. (they have until Dec. 19th to do this) The left is so insanely hysterical about Trump getting elected that they really don’t care if their plan to steal the election is out in the open. To heck with the constitution or our democracy, guess they don’t really want that form of government anyway. There would be a civil war if that were to happen. Ha! We think this is ugly now with all the protests? What’s going on now would look like a walk in the park if the electoral college would declare Hillary Clinton the President elect. KEEP THOSE ROSARY BEADS GOING PEOPLE!!

7. Jeff C. - November 13, 2016

They’re just adjusting the paint job. They’re adding a Wa to the top and a P to the bottom!

skeinster - November 15, 2016

Okay, now that’s funny!

8. skeinster - November 15, 2016

My daughter who, as some of you may remember, suffers from anxiety disorder had a bad post-election week thanks to the total and epic meltdown of all her friends and acquaittances on Facebook.

The prospect of being permanently shunned for not voting for Clinton by people she likes was to her a real possibility. Wiser heads (me) urged her to let them have a week to cool off, and that seems to have happened.

But I have to read her FB page first and give her a synopsis of posts. It has been quite the education, for both of us. And if I had a nickel for every time during the last two months, I’ve said ‘But, honey, think- that doesn’t even make sense” I could make a sizable donation to the bulilding fund.

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