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Soros-Funded, Paid “Protesters” Attempting to Subvert Election November 11, 2016

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The evidence is overwhelming.  Protesters riding chartered buses to a rally in Austin:


Media searching social media for staged interviews of aggrieved leftists:


Yeah. That’s some unbiased media for you.

These staged riots are being directed by MoveOn.org, which has received extensive funding from Soros’ “Open Society” group for years.  There is extensive evidence of Soros’ funding of left-wing demonstrations in the US going back over a decade.  I don’t disagree with Lew Rockwell that Soros might even want to push the US into a civil war.  This is the self-loathing Jewish former Nazi that described rounding up Jews as the highlight of his life, and who has retained such a hatred of the US and Britain for their role in the destruction of Nazism (though not, curiously, the Soviet Union for its even larger role) that he deliberately broke the Bank of England in the 80s and has long sought to wreck the United States through cultural marxist, Frankfurt-school tactics.

But what concrete object do they hope to achieve in the present spate of demonstrations, all taking place in demonrat-controlled cities?  Nothing less than the overturning of the will of the people as expressed in the most recent election, if not formally, then at least effectively:

Across the country, exclusively in cities controlled by Democrats, there have been “spontaneous” protests by the usual suspects “concerned” that the winner of Tuesday’s election doesn’t “represent” them as president.

And though the numbers at these protests don’t appear to be overly large, the intensity of them appears to make up some of the difference. In Seattle, violence was in the air both in the rhetoric of the speakers practicing street theater and in the literal sense, as four people were shot. In Chicago, a man was beaten and his car stolen for having manifested himself as a Donald Trump supporter. In New York, street theater turned threatening as hundreds surrounded Trump’s home at Trump Tower — more than a dozen arrested. Some 40 fires were started and three police officers were injured from Molotov Cocktail-hurling thugs in Oakland. Los Angeles police arrested 28 people attempting to block an interstate highway. Even the Hard-Left local government of Portland, Oregon termed the protests a riot after the orgy of property destruction unleashed there.

And in New Orleans, several dozen children from local colleges staged a tantrum in which bank windows were broken and businesses and landmarks defaced with profane graffiti. In the presence of local police. None were arrested……….

…….That’s a pattern that has repeated itself across the country — in deep blue cities, the local pols demand Trump “reconcile” with the people he offended amid the campaign, and shortly after the Social Justice mob appears to bring chaos to the streets and Astroturf their way onto the local and national news to create the appearance of civil disorder. The pattern even includes perpetrating hoaxes to slander Trump supporters as violent racists.

And that disorder is clearly aimed at cowing Trump into “reconciliation” — as defined by those he is to reconcile with.

We know it’s Astroturf, not just because these protests and near-riots always are. The protesters in Austin came off buses, as they did in other cities.

It’s all the Left has in their arsenal. The election is over and the voters repudiated them nearly everywhere they could. It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s loss — the Democrats couldn’t take the House or Senate, they now control only 16 governorships and 12 state legislatures. Their party is at a low point of political power such as they’ve not seen since 1928, the finale of the Calvin Coolidge administration.

Democrats no longer have the power to win real arguments in America, because they’ve allowed a cadre of totalitarians and crybullies to seize control of their intellectual centers. All they have left is intimidation, and thus we now have a brand-new manifestation of the Occupy gang angry at Trump’s election and transported to TV-friendly locales for street theater. On the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page, they’re threatening a general strike during the Trump inauguration; this would be a considerably more frightening prospect if any of them had jobs.

A quite, ah, energetic response to these tactics from Paul Joseph Watson below.  While I may not condone the language he uses (you are warned), I can certainly understand it.  May God, and my readers, forgive me for this one excess:





1. Jo - November 11, 2016

I’m not certain if this is true or not, but someone stated that those buses were for the Tableau Conference, in Austin. I did verify that the conference is taking place from 11/7-11/11 but I’m unclear as to whether or not there are bussing folks to it.

2. Tim - November 11, 2016
3. Xopher - November 11, 2016

Liberals are also appealing to Electors to violate their pledges and vote for Hillary, anyway. There’s a petition on Change.org that seems to have almost 2.7 million supporters…but they gave Trump hell for not saying he’d accept the outcome.

Baseballmom - November 12, 2016

Well, a big issue with that is that you can make a few people look like tens of thousands. Rush Limbaugh I had to prove that a few years back… So, one never knows.

Baseballmom - November 13, 2016

Get rid of the “I”…. don’t know how that got there….

4. ms. Trump voter (since TX primary) - November 12, 2016

Soros associated group registers Catholics to vote in El Paso (bear with me here) —


“The registration drive at St. Mark’s was held in collaboration with the Hope Border Institute, an El Paso-based organization that promotes Catholic social teaching in cities on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Over the course of seven weeks beginning in August, the group hosted a series of workshops entitled “The Border Votes” about issues they say Catholics should consider in the voting booth, including global migration, the environment, an “economy that kills” and life issues.

“Hispanic-Americans vote at lower rates than other Americans, and El Paso County in particular, one of Texas’ bluest, has historically ranked near the bottom in terms of Texas voting. So earlier this fall, St. Mark’s hosted a training session with city officials about how to conduct voter registration drives. Representatives from six other local parishes attended.

“At St. Mark’s, registration drives were held on the first two weekends in October, during which about 750 people registered to vote. Those attending the trainings promised to register more people on their own.

“These folks are now going to take people, their neighbors and friends, to early voting,” Msgr. Banuelas said. “During Election Day next Tuesday, parishioners are going to take other people to go vote. It’s a good start for us.”

see for Banuelas – http://www.riograndecatholic.org/RGC/?p=1923


Info re: the Hope Border Institute —


“Dylan Corbett is the founding director of the Hope Border Institute. Dylan formerly worked as a staffer to the bishops of the United States at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development as well as with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD),”


From Sept. 2015 – 26 minute National Public Radio interview Fronteras A Changing America re: the Hope Border Institute — http://krwg.org/post/hope-border-institute-dylan-corbett

Video says Hope Border Institute was Inspired by Pope Francis. They work with secular groups. In the video is a new term to me: “semi-documented” about time 14:11 – 14:12; The Institute promotes “municipal ID’s ” for undocumented — around time 16:10.

They work with Border Network for Human Rights works on municipal .ID’s — This is a Soros group — https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/about/programs/us-programs/grantees/border-network-human-rights

See http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/funderprofile.asp?fndid=5181 for more on Open Society Foundation.

5. TLM - November 13, 2016

From what I’m reading now, Trump is actually leading Hillary in POPULAR votes. On Wednesday, all the states were not in, and now that they are, he has a slight lead is what they’re saying. If this is actually true, they have no leg to stand on with changing how the electorates vote. Wouldn’t matter anyway. And……I don’t think even Hillary would be up for a ‘recount’, seeing as though they tampered with the votes in 5 states. She surely doesn’t want THAT exposed.

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