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Well, that didn’t take long: McConnell already signaling cave to Dems on Supreme Court November 11, 2016

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The nuclear option, which Harry Reid stated he would implement immediately if the demonrats gained control of the Senate, is already out the window.  That took barely 36 hours.  Already obstructionism from Repubniks in the Senate is in full force.  Is there ANY vehicle to get rid of this guy?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hinted Wednesday that he may not support the controversial idea of changing Senate rules to kill Democratic filibusters, and instead warned that Republicans need to be wary of “overreaching” now that they have kept control of Congress.

When Democrats ran the Senate, they changed the rules to allow for simple majority votes for judicial nominees, but not Supreme Courtnominees, which can still be filibustered. But despite speculation that Republicans will take this next step, McConnell declined to talk about that option when pressed on Wednesday.

“Well, I won’t purport to know what might happen in the context of the Supreme Court,” McConnell told reporters. “What we do know is the new president will fill the vacancy …”

He said he “would not expect” Democrats to reveal their strategy for how Democrats might try to defeat the nominee, or how Republicans might respond to that strategy.

And when asked more broadly about how how Republicans and Democrats might cooperate, or not, in the Senate, he struck a conciliatory tone, and warned about “overreaching.” [Yeah, heaven forbid they actually implement the will of the people for a change.  This is exactly why Trump won the Republican nomination, the electorate simply does not trust any but a handful of Repubniks in Washington, and with good reason.  They’re the French Army of American politics, always ready to surrender.]

McConnell said “overreaching after an election, generally speaking, is a mistake.” When pressed on McConnell’s approach to working with Democrats in the new Senate, McConnell said the way the chamber is structured requires “some Democratic participation and cooperation.”

Reading through the lines, it seems McConnell expects to cooperate with dems to keep the Supreme Court stuck in a 4-4 split for many months if not years.  Either that, or try to force a nominee acceptable to demonrats, which would make that same nominee totally unacceptable to the core of the electorate that voted in Trump.  Another Souter or Kennedy.  Looks like one of the first activities we the people will have to undertake to stop this kind of obstruction is putting heavy pressure on McConnell to honor the results of the election.

You can contact the uniparty majority leader here.



1. Shelly Gale - November 11, 2016

Sent a message to the majority leader and forwarded this to others.

Tantumblogo - November 11, 2016

God bless you. Thanks.

2. Tim - November 11, 2016

This didn’t take long either…………………………………………………
Darth Slick Willie consoling Hillary….”No, there is another.”:


Tantumblogo - November 11, 2016

So what do you think about the Trump sellout post just below this one on Barnhardt? NeverTrumper sour grapes, or cool analysis of reality?

Tim - November 11, 2016

I believe it could it could be either. I always have, but I had to support him in light of the absolute reality of the evil of Hillary. This question will be answered in short order come 2017. If he’s for real in heart he has to be careful of what Bishop Williamson called the “Vatican Effect”(In this case the “White House Effect”)….being some enamoured in the majesty and lure of either place can delude a priest or president to become deluded by the surroundings and drift off coarse into the lure of the modernists/globalists and their plans. If he falls prey, then we all go down. Even if he fails, we owe him a debt of gratitude for slaying the Clintonian dragon…..at least for now……Chelsea lurks.
Pray for Mr Trump and we must stay on his, Mike Pence’s and all of the republicowards’ cases or we will contribute to the loss of our once great nation.
Thanks for asking, I didn’t see that one from Ann until you brought it up. God Bless,

Tim - November 11, 2016

Also, we all need to keep in mind the Rush Limbaugh axiom….liberals never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever quit. The are Satan’s stooges.

3. Margaret Costello - November 12, 2016

What is wrong with Kentucky? Get this stooge OUT! God bless~

4. tg - November 13, 2016

We need to write letters to our two senators asking them to vote for another majority leader. There must be one senator that can articulate their message and not look like he is half dead. I call him Tales from the Crypt McConnell. I know not charitable but I just want that old man to go away.

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