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KGB Agent: Those Sucked into Cultural Marxism Never Get Out November 16, 2016

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The video below is over 30 years old, and features a high level KGB defector to the West, Yuri Bezmenov, describing how the process of cultural marxism/political correctness worked, and how major a part it was of the KGB’s overall program to subvert the West, far outdistancing mere espionage as an area of focus.

We have seen the program he lays out playing out before our eyes now for decades.  As he mentions, the baby boomers were really the first generation infected with large scale leftist propaganda through the university system, and that system of propaganda has now thoroughly infected almost all public schools and the vast majority of private in the intervening years.  Bezmenov notes, quite rightly, how inculcation in the cultural marxist/social justice warrior ethos leaves individuals totally unable to think critically, completely dependent on spoon-fed propaganda, alienated from their own nation/heritage, and so wedded to this perverse set of deliberately destructive ideologies (intended specifically to destroy a nation’s fabric and collective will to exist, to make them ripe for communist takeover) that they are literally beyond redemption by human means.  No matter what evidence they are confronted with, the alternate reality which they inhabit has so consumed them that they will choose any alternative to accepting that their world-view may be faulty.  Thus, we have leftists today screaming that 150 million odd Americans are irredeemably racist, sexist, “homophobic,” “islamophobic,” etc., because their very flawed candidate failed to win the presidency.

Don’t ever expect these people to change.  Absent a miracle of grace, they will not.  The greatest thing I have been involved with over the last 7-8 years as a a blogger/radio personality/catechist is the conversion of 12 or so people to the Church. I didn’t do that, Grace did that, but that these people were kind enough to give me some role in their conversion I count as my proudest achievement. But all of these folks (of which I am aware) were both conservative and had some kind of Christian upbringing before their conversion.  I have never made any significant inroads with a left-leaning individual, and as a catechist always found an inviolable wall of resistance whenever the truths of the Faith were conveyed to those whose true religion is more leftism than Catholicism.  They would simply roll their eyes and, before long, walk away, rather than continue to have to try to mentally combat arguments they were incapable of rebutting.

These folks need constant prayer.

Quite obviously, the relatively nascent state of incipient cultural marxism discussed in the video has now reached levels probably even Bezemnov could not foresee.  At this point in time, probably 25-30% of the population is more or less lost to this deliberately demonic pseudo-ideology, and the rising generation is more lost to it than any preceding one, and by a very large margin.  I don’t know if it’s more than 50% or not (and if not, it’s not for lack of trying, the public schools are completely consumed by it) among millenials, but it’s certainly getting close.  That, and the degree of indoctrination has grown with each generation, with each succeeding generation lost more deeply and thoroughly to this mindset than the preceding ones.

This is why I say the present protests against Trump will not go away anytime soon, and this continuing gulf between those indoctrinated in cultural marxism and those uninfected with this ideology will only grow, and grow worse.  The democrats thought they had a permanent electoral majority by cobbling together their base of cultural marxists and certain minority groups, but apparently not quite yet.  In fact, it is the democrat party’s rapid descent from a center-left party to hard leftism that is a factor mitigating against their broader electoral success, as more and more Americans uninfected by cultural marxism realize how extreme the democrat party has become, and where it plainly wants to go (hard socialism/communism).  But unless and until many more tens of millions of those who do not desire this nation to succumb to hard leftism realize it is the schools and media/culture that are the primary vehicles for its spread and respond by pulling their kids out of public schools (and most private) and keep their kids from being indoctrinated by the leftist-dominated entertainment media, eventually a majority will emerge for the demonrats that favors their goals because they share them.  That might require another 20-30 years or more to achieve, but it will happen.  The other alternative is to try to seize control of the school system again, but I take that as a very dim prospect given that it would require ejecting almost all the entrenched powers from the federal to the local level.  It would literally take a revolution.

Bear in mind, I am speaking strictly from a human/worldly standpoint in the above.  Before any kind of mass conversion to homeschooling or retaking of the schools can occur, a mass spiritual renewal would have to take place.  Note that the communists deliberately penetrated the churches in order to not only neuter but co-opt the greatest source of resistance they were likely to find.  That makes the process of spiritual renewal all the harder, and even harder still with a devotee of cultural marxism in the Chair of Peter, but all things are possible with God.  We must never give up hope.

In the meantime, you may well find, as I did, how instructive this video is in unmasking the literally unreasonable and seemingly inexplicable mentality we see on display among the  Left today across the country and especially on social media.  If you like, there is a much longer series of interviews featuring Yuri Bezmenov on Youtube, you only have to search by his name to find them.  I know much of this may seem like old hat to those who have studied cultural marxism, Alinskyite tactics, seen Agenda 21 and all the rest, but I do think Bezmenov’s analysis is both more penetrating and more concise than any I’ve previously seen.



1. virtuouscitizenship - November 16, 2016

So-is there anywhere on earth that is a “better” place to live than the USSA? Guy McClung

Tantumblogo - November 16, 2016

I would be hard pressed to name one.

SuperSecretAgentMan - November 17, 2016


Tantumblogo - November 17, 2016

Very wealthy. Not much room. I think the people there are pretty much generic socialist Europeans, though.

SuperSecretAgentMan - November 17, 2016

That’s too bad. Living on a remote patch of land in Alaska is looking better daily.

2. Bluebird4458 - November 16, 2016

Thank you for clarifying this. You are so right. I hope the Holy Spirit will infiltrate their minds and hearts. It is our only way.

3. Deborah Cole - November 17, 2016

Here is another video that is indispensable in understanding how the schools have been used to advance the cultural marxist agenda. The juggernaut of coordinated interests involved in this vision for “education” staggers the imagination. Virtually every name that has been proposed as ed secretary is tainted with this vision. And folks, it’s not just the public schools; both “classical Christian” and Catholic schools have adopted the marxist template of pushing “dispositions, attitudes, beliefs” ie non-cognitive attributes toward a particular vision of the world. We used to use the term “social engineering” to describe this process. Check out the new Catholic Curriculum Standards.


4. MFG - November 17, 2016

I think the miracle of grace will be the conversion of Russia as Our Lady of Fatima prophesied. What’s interesting is the moral corruption both in both the western world and the western Church (Latin Rite). It may be impossible to reverse from within.

Imagine if the Russian Orthodox church becomes Catholic (presumably Eastern Catholic?) and spreads its spiritual richness (liturgically, custom, culturally, etc.) to the west. If things get bad enough, people make just abandon the Latin Rite for the east (presuming it’s traditional and authentic).

There’s a reason why God allowed Russia became communist and now has slowly reversed this trend. We can’t trust the Russian government or the orthodox church now, but maybe something will change in the future?

Tantumblogo - November 17, 2016

The timing is amazing. 2017 could be a whopper of a year in the history of the Church.

SuperSecretAgentMan - November 17, 2016

Standing by with the popcorn in anticipation.

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