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Shock! Many/Most Protesting Trump’s Election Didn’t Bother to Vote November 16, 2016

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Data in from Portland shows of the most radical of the rioters (or the most unlucky?), that is, those who have been arrested, fewer than a quarter bothered to vote.  Most were not even registered to vote.  This shows us two things: either professional protesters from out of state are flooding into Portland to get paid/undo the election in the streets, or these guys are a heaping pile of hypocrites.

A little of column A, and a little of column B?

County records show more than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland, Ore., last week didn’t actually vote in the election, according to a local TV station.

WKGW reported 69 of the 112 people arrested in recent protests either weren’t registered to vote or didn’t turn in a ballot. The TV station compared the names of the people arrested by police and compared them to state voter logs compiled by Multnomah County elections officials.

According to the report, 34 of the people arrested didn’t return a ballot and 35 of them weren’t registered to vote in the state. The station is still working to verify 17 of the protesters’ voting records.

Of the 112 arrested, 25 voted.

I’d be willing to be a very healthy amount that, of those who have been engaged in a week long temper tantrum over Clinton’s well-deserved loss, well fewer than half voted.  In fact, it’s not really even in doubt, since the vast majority of those protesting are 18-30 y/o, and far fewer than half of those folks voted in this election.  Some of the instant meltdowns on Youtube and Twitter revealed that many of these folks probably didn’t vote, with people saying things like “You need to fix this s–t!” or “Why are they doing this?” which likely reveals a sense of detachment that comes from not participating.

At any rate, it does seem the protests are starting to peter out, at least outside democrat dominated hellholes like Portland, Olympia, etc.



1. Baseballmom - November 17, 2016

They may not have voted, but they know how to make a buck… or 1500… I wonder if they will get 1099’s on that money????

Tim - November 17, 2016

Oh, absolutely they will get their 1099’s!!

2. Amillennial - November 17, 2016

At least when I don’t vote, I rarely complain much less blame others for what happens at the federal level. Good Lord. What have we raised?

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