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A Liberal Refutes Every Outrageous Claim Being Made Against Trump……. November 18, 2016

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………and his supporters.

I say again, this writer – who I’ve never heard of before – admits to being a progressive.  But he is one of the few who has enough sense to note that the Left is increasingly losing control over political debates and even the cultural battleground due to their constant, reflexive use of insult and calumny against their opponents.

The novella he wrote – it’s over 8000 words – goes into extensive detail to refute that Trump is racist, that his “sexism,” to the extent it exists, is little different than many other political elites, and much less than his opponent’s spouse, that Bill Clinton ran on exactly the same platform of severe immigration control in 1996, etc.  Basically, every single claim the Left has been making against Trump and his supporters is refuted, and in detail, with extensive supporting information.  It’s a long post, but well worth a read.

He notes something else, more significant.  While there are many, many genuine criticisms of Trump one can make, the Left has become so intolerant of dissent, so intellectually lazy, and so enveloped in the worst aspects of identity politics that they have literally lost the ability to form cogent arguments and are now reduced to doing nothing but shouting epithets at those who disagree.  Far from Trump – and his supporters – being the harbinger of some kind of totalitarian shift in this nation’s governance, it is the Left themselves who are becoming increasingly open to the vicious strong man who will give them what they want more than anything else – the destruction of those they hate most.  Their very simple-mindedness and divorce from evidentiary argument is a virtual invitation to this kind of creature coming to the fore in future.

Even more, the Left is – with complete inevitability – increasingly coming to embrace the very racism they constantly apply to others.  Witness how many open castigations of all white people as being irredeemably evil and worthy only of being crushed, if not death, have emerged in the past week.  On the other hand, with respect to the strong man argument, the Left’s constant use of claims of racism and sexism against people who very plainly are not, have made those terms meaningless in the culture, so that the future possibility that a monster motivated by real racism and real sexism will not face effective opposition, since the terms have been used to such excess that they simply carry no weight.  Of course, the Left always projects their own psychoses onto their opponents, so when they decry the racism, sexism, or whatever-ism of others, they are really only revealing their own.

It’s a good piece, and even if you don’t agree with his conclusions – after all, he wants to “save” the Left in this country and make it more effective in future elections – the data he provides is eminently useful.  I encourage you to check it out.



1. Hunter Jay - November 18, 2016

An open-minded liberal? They actually exist?

Tantumblogo - November 18, 2016

There are a few around. That’s the difference between liberals, of which there used to be quite a few, and leftists.

Tim - November 19, 2016

Benedict XVI is a true liberal. That’s why even released the TLM from captivity. Francis is still trying to put that genie back in the bottle.

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