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An Exhortation to Assist at Mass Daily December 1, 2016

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Not that many of the present company probably require an exhortation to do so, if the option is available, there is still a lot of good in this excerpt from The Incredible Catholic Mass by Fr. Martin von Cochem, on assisting daily at Mass if at all possible. For those who believe strongly in their souls that assisting at the Novus Ordo is at least problematic, if not spiritually dangerous or worse, this can present a problem of access, of course, as the TLM is still generally only available at most at one or two places in most dioceses, often only on Sundays, and most probably in inauspicious locations.  Nevertheless, for those who have the TLM available every day or most every day, assisting at Mass should be perhaps their highest priority, something they are willing to suffer a good deal of inconvenience and even some potential lost work opportunities to do.  As Fr. von Cochem notes, our God is a great and generous God, and will not long let such generosity on our part go unrewarded, both spiritually, but in most cases also materially:

In the first place, let me tell you, O Christian, that no hour of the whole day is so precious as that wherein you hear Mass and offer that Mass to the ever-blessed Trinity.  It is indeed a golden hour, for all that you do in cooperation with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is changed to gold.  The other 170px-martin_von_cochem_nach_steinlehours of the day, in comparison with it, may be likened to copper.  It may be alleged that work is of greater importance than hearing Mass to those who earn their bread.  To this I reply that hearing Mass is more important than our work, because it contributes largely to our eternal welfare.  I do not say that a man should neglect his work altogether, but that he should spare half an hour from it for the service of his God: his work will get on all the better for it, for God will bless it more abundantly.  Those who absent themselves from Mass out of indifference or for the sake of some temporal advantage change the hour that might be golden into one of lead and sustain a loss incalculably greater than any earthly loss, for in that hour they might have won a hundred times more than they could earn by a whole day’s labor.  Our Savior teaches us this in the memorable words of His: “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?” (Mt xvi:26).  By not going to Mass on weekdays for the sake of temporal profit we do our soul an immeasurable injury, for which no worldly wealth can compensate.  Shall we, then, heedless of Our Lord’s warning, throw away eternal riches for the things of time and sense?

…….How short-sighted, then, is the man or woman who prefers to lose the treasures contained in Holy Mass rather than deprive himself of a few pennies!  By going to Mass they might earn treasures wherewith to purchase Heaven, but they will renounce these if the least diminution of their wages is involved – not that I believe they would be losers in the end, for God, of His divine bounty, would so prosper their work as more than to make up for the time they took from it………

……..Yet, of a truth, in every Mass, not earthly riches, but celestial riches from Heaven are showered down on all who are present, and all who are free to possess themselves of them.  But what are the riches which drop down from above?  An imageincrease of divine grace, an increase of merit and virtue, an increase of eternal glory, celestial consolations, the divine blessing in temporal affairs, the pardon of venial sins, the remission of a great part of the temporal debt due to Divine Justice, a share in the infinite merits of Christ.  Grace and mercy, temporal welfare and eternal salvation – such is the heavenly dew which distills from above…….Wherefore, if on account of the slight trouble it costs us or the trifling pecuniary sacrifice it entails, we omit going to Mass on weekdays when we might do so, we are guilty of great folly…..

…….The object and end of our existence upon earth is to praise the Divine Majesty according to His great glory.  This cannot be done better than by hearing Mass, for it is the most Sublime Sacrifice of praise……….We cannot bear fruit better than by hearing Mass in the state of grace, for it is the most perfect Sacrifice of satisfaction.  We daily stand exposed to the danger of falling into sin, of being overtaken by misfortune; we cannot guard against these perils better than by hearing Mass, for it is the most efficacious Propitiatory Sacrifice.  Death and the devil constantly dog our footsteps and lay in wait for us, desirous to snatch us away and precipitate us into hell; we cannot shield ourselves against their arrows better than by hearing Mass, for it is the surest protection against the evils that threaten us.  Finally, let us not forget that in the hour of death we shall be in some need of the Savior’s assistance; there is no better means of assuring ourselves of this than by hearing Mass devoutly, for have we not heard how Christ Himself gave to one of His servants the promise that he would send for his solace and support at his last moments as many blessed spirits as he had heard Masses with devotion during his lifetime?  Reflect upon these truths and resolve from henceforth to hear Mass, if possible every day.  

——–End Quote———

I will not be around much through to next year.  A little early next week, than that’s probably it for the year.  This blog will probably change a lot next year.  Most posts will, God willing, be like this one.  Seven years in, I feel it’s about time for a change. I feel like in some regards I have said the same thing 50 or 100 times, so I think I’ll let others speak for the most part for a while, like this quote from Fr. von Cochem.  We shall see.




1. Margaret Costello - December 2, 2016

Enjoy the break:+) And lovely post, by the way. If you decide to head in a different direction next, year i.e. more spiritual treasures, I for one would be on board:+)

If people cannot assist in person at a TLM daily, you can always watch/assist online at the FSSP website: http://www.livemass.org

God bless~

2. DM - December 2, 2016

While your prayerful posts like this one are always edifying and appreciated, I do hope you will be able to keep doing some posts on current events in the Church and wider culture, as well as more local coverage. That was what brought me to your blog and keeps me coming back, you just can’t get perspectives like yours on the big Catholic blogs. I always look forward to reading your detailed knowledge of local situations and your well thought out responses. But whatever you decide to do, God bless you for the good work you do on here. Never think that you are wasting your time with it.

3. Baseballmom - December 2, 2016

Blessings on you and your wonderful family in this Advent season. Hope you enjoy a great Christmas and New Year.

4. Barbara Hvilivitzky - December 2, 2016

Thanks for this. I have begun to slacken off because it’s cold and dark here now. I have to get up at 5am in order to get to the Latin Mass. However, I am retired, in my 70s with no real obligations that would keep me from doing this. What am I doing with my time? So I guess I will bite the bullet and force myself to go daily.

I think of how powerful – beyond infinite if that’s possible! – how infinite Jesus’ offering of Himself to the Father – and I can do that – offer Him to the Father – for graces for myself and my family and for the sinner of the world.

Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

5. Magdalene - December 2, 2016

If there is a valid Novus Ordo, it is worth going to daily. I know, I know, what some can be like, believe me. But to receive the Holy Eucharist, is that not worth the suffering and to be able to offer that to the Lord because you love Him so much in the Blessed Sacrament. It was difficult to be at the foot of the cross too. I do know that it can come to a place where it almost seems like sin to attend an illicit Mass and the anger in the heart rages. I had to move to a new diocese so I understand and know the lengths one much go through to worship in peace. At the present time, things may not improve too much.

tg - December 2, 2016

My NO is okay – no abuses. Just lame sermons and atrocious hymns. I like Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter because it gives me a break from those hymns.

6. George Baxter - December 5, 2016

If you must go to a NO mass, bring your missal and say the tridintine prayers instead of the no prayers. With a little practice and starting a little early, you can get the whole done, pausing at the concetration and the Our Father.

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