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For Those Interested in My Amazon Wish List….. December 6, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, blogfoolery, It's all about the $$$, reading.

…….here it is.  I created a bogus new account to try it out and it appears yeah my address won’t show.  I haven’t had too many trolls or haters lately, but one never knows.


Most things on there are directly blog-related.  There are a few other items I’ve added for other reasons.  I do appreciate the generosity some have expressed, very much so.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

Just like me to wait till the blog has half the readers it did a year ago to now go trolling for swag.

I’m open to suggestions for things to add, as well.  The list really isn’t very long, I don’t think?



1. skeinster - December 7, 2016

That last thing? No. You’ll put your eye out.

Lots of good stuff on there.

2. alum - December 7, 2016

We read a Dawson history book when I was an undergrad at UD. I think it was called The Making of Europe. Maybe the UD bookstore has or could get some of his works for you.

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