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You Guys Are Smart – Anyone Know How Amazon Wish Lists Work? December 6, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, blogfoolery, reading.

On a number of occasions in the past, readers have – with great generosity and to my total surprise – indicated they would be happy to give me some kind of remuneration for my efforts at blogging.  I’ve always tended to resist receiving any kind of compensation, for a number of reasons, but I’ve been re-considering for a year or more.  In fact, I keep meaning to bring this subject up by simply haven’t gotten around to it.  I am not looking for cash donations or anything of that kind, but I would be happy to make my Amazon wish list public, as Fr. Z does.

Since most of my Amazon wish list consists of very much blog-related books, most things bought there would serve as a catalyst for future posts and hopefully be mutually beneficial – I’d get a new book and the knowledge that comes therein, and would then share bits and pieces with you as I am able.

My problem is, I still like to keep this blog semi-anonymous, and I’m not sure how Amazon wish lists work. That’s where you come in. Does anyone know if I make my wish list public, will my address show?  Or does Amazon just ship to my default address? It would seem odd to show someone’s address but the thing is, we have used more than one over the years and they have several in their system. If there is more than one address, do they list them?  That’s my only concern.

I am not doing this looking to “get paid,” things are tight for us since the new baby and I can’t afford to buy books – especially some of the more expensive speciality books I’d like – as much as I used to.  I’ve been running a little dry on blog content lately, I feel, and this would help.

Hopefully someone can help me out with this.  Thanks and God bless.



1. Baseballmom - December 6, 2016

Hah! This old brain has no idea… but if you email me your snailmail address I’d be happy to mail you an Amazon gift card 😀

2. docmx001 - December 6, 2016

My comment pertains to keeping the blog semi-anonymous. This is deeply personal and I’m not offering advice. But I do know that I have been more and more public with my authorship of nonvenipacem. The blog itself doesn’t show my name, but I have been quite public is comments at other blogs, using my real name. Part of my resistance to going totally public is that I need to converse with my bishop first. Publish or don’t publish this, but realize that the war is here. The next bishop of Dallas is likely to be your sworn enemy. Let that sink in. Thanks for all you do and be assured of my prayers.

Tantumblogo - December 6, 2016

I plan on remaining anonymous, wish list or not. I did run a radio show under my real name for two years so lots of folks from back then know who I am, as do many others who read regularly who know me in real life, but I’m not for making myself a real easy target of those who would do me or my family harm.

docmx001 - December 6, 2016

I appreciate your concern. My point is, the time is coming, and very soon, when all of those on the side of Truth, will need to be out in full force with our real names. Quite soon.

tg - December 7, 2016

I read in another blog a comment from a woman that belonged to parish of the former bishop of Dallas. She said he had allowed to openly sodomite priests to be pastors. I can’t remember where but lately I’m suspicious of any priest especially after reading Randy Engel’s latest articles in Renew America. The pervert priest she wrote about even fooled Father John Hardon and Malachi Martin.

3. SoccerMom - December 6, 2016

You could try it out and see without making it public to your blog just yet. Another idea could be to register for a GoFundMe page and dedicate the funds received towards book purchases? I’m not sure if there are tax laws that might apply to that.

4. The Lord's Blog - December 6, 2016

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

Tantumblogo - December 6, 2016

Thanks. You wouldn’t have an answer, would you?

5. The Lord's Blog - December 6, 2016

regarding Amazon?

Tantumblogo - December 6, 2016

Yes, whether someone’s address shows up if you ship them an item from their wish list.

The Lord's Blog - December 6, 2016

Your address of course?

Tantumblogo - December 6, 2016

My account, my wish list. I have several addresses listed on Amazon. Don’t know if because of that the list would come up, or if I can designate one for shipping, or if the address always shows when you order something from someone’s wish list, or?

The Lord's Blog - December 6, 2016

I have an Amazon account and the wish list can be private or public. But I think it would be difficult to have a wish list for certain people—semi private for lack of better way to explain it. It looks like you would be public to those who would look at your wish list. I would use your private name here on the wish list–Mr. Tantumblogo and ship to the default address. Is that anonymous enough.

Tantumblogo - December 6, 2016

I don’t mind if folks get my name through the wish list, I just don’t want people to be able to click a link on my blog and then find out my home address. People of bad will. I know of private and public wish lists. This would have to be public. I guess my question is, when they select where to ship to, obviously it could go to the ordering person’s home, or some other address, or mine. I don’t know how Amazon shows those, if it does at all, because my entire family consists of offline neanderthals and I’ve never had occasion to order something off an Amazon wish list for someone, because no one has one!

The Lord's Blog - December 6, 2016

In other words create an anonymous name on your wish list with your legal shipping address. Can you ship with your anonymous name to someone in your area related to you? With their permission. That way you could remain anonymous.

Tantumblogo - December 6, 2016

I may try it. Thanks for all your help.

6. The Lord's Blog - December 6, 2016

Is it your account or someone else’s

7. SoccerMom - December 6, 2016


“Only the registrant’s name and city will appear on the default address to protect the privacy of the list owner.”

SoccerMom - December 6, 2016


This website claims that there are some loopholes where someone may be able to discover your address from a 3rd party seller if a buyer buys for you from a 3rd party seller. I think I read on Amazon’s help page that you could choose not to make your address available to 3rd party sellers, which seems like it would avoid that problem.

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