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Trump to DHS: Start Preparations to Build Wall January 4, 2017

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Wellity wellity wellity – is this one prominent campaign promise that might come true?  What might such a wall look like?  What kind of overwatch would it have?  Guard towers every X meters, or regular patrols, or an abundance of sensors, or all of the above, or?  If we can find three camel herding Taliban in 50,000 square kilometers of mountain terrain with airborne drones, can we not find most all the 2-3 million illegals who cross the border every year?

Do you think it will really happen?  I imagine the wall would have to be completed within his term(s) of office, because I don’t see many replacements that would finish it.  Can it be done?  How much will it help? (my guess – if built right and patrolled properly, it will cut illegal immigration 90+%, which is why the business/political elite hates the idea so much):

A memo from the Department of Homeland Security, which was recently reviewed by Reuters, suggest that the Trump administration plans to hit the ground running on the construction of that U.S.-Mexico border wall when they move into the White House later this month.  The memo apparently summarized a meeting held between DHS officials and Trump’s transition team on December 5th in which requests were made for an assessment of “all assets available for border wall and barrier construction.” [Back in the 80s, the South Africans had flat bed trucks rigged with gear that could spit out hundreds of feet of triple concertina wire in seconds. The truck just drove along at a fair pace while the wire spat out the back.  Great way to isolate a fair sized locality very quickly. A southern border wall could be built incrementally, starting with a quick and dirty version while a more permanent one is built.  Even triple concertina will slow people down, a lot.]

In a wide-ranging request for documents and analysis, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team asked the Department of Homeland Security last month to assess all assets available for border wall and barrier construction.

The requests were made in a Dec. 5 meeting between Trump’s transition team and Department of Homeland Security officials, according to an internal agency memo reviewed by Reuters. The document offers a glimpse into the president-elect’s strategy for securing the U.S. borders and reversing polices put in place by the Obama administration. [The Left will try to tie this up in the courts]

The Trump transition team also allegedly took aim at Obama’s executive actions, requesting “copies of every executive order and directive sent to immigration agents since Obama took office in 2009.” 

The transition team also asked for copies of every executive order and directive sent to immigration agents since Obama took office in 2009, according to the memo summarizing the meeting.

Trump has said he intends to undo Obama’s executive actions on immigration, including a 2012 order to allow children brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to remain in the country on temporary authorizations that allow them to attend college and work. [the so-called “dreamers.”]

The program, known as DACA, collected information including participants’ addresses that could theoretically be used to locate and deport them if the policy is reversed.

I’m agnostic on what happens to those millions currently in the country illegally once a wall gets built, or the immigration system is otherwise contained and stabilized at much lower, more easily integrated numbers.  I would actually prioritize expatriation of muslims, especially those with any even remotely radical or criminal connections, far ahead of deporting Hispanics.  Once the immigration rate is stabilized, it may be found that most Hispanics currently here illegally may remain and begin a path to normalized citizenship (save for those with criminal records and with a history of welfare abuse).  There are many reasonable avenues to pursue, once the crisis is past and we can calmly and rationally consider what to do with those already here.

But it’s almost impossible to act wisely while in the midst of such a terrific crisis as we are faced with a practically non-existent southern border.  It’s also difficult to act wisely when one political party seeks to gain a permanent majority by importing reliable voters to the detriment to much of the existing native population.  There are myriad reasons why a wall is necessary and prudent, in spite of any “offense” building such might seem to commit against charity.  Charity does have its bounds, especially in the material sense.  It is not required to absolutely impoverish oneself for the improvement of another, and that could well be what this nation faces on this current path of essentially unconstrained immigration.

One can only imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will emanate from the USCCB (and this diocese?) should one brick get laid on that wall.  We rarely hear how those imported Catholics (half of which will be gone from the Church within 10 years or less) are exploited and abused by unscrupulous employers due to their precarious legal status.



1. Border Rat - January 4, 2017

Call me a racist redneck. I say we do what every other country I know of does and strictly enforce our immigration laws. In fact I say we do that regardless of what any other country does.

Muslims are a threat. Let’s not pussyfoot around. If they came in with Obama’s invitation, they go back out. Period. Figure out how to do that, but do it. Among that population exists those who will do the rest of us harm. Let them apply for some sort of legal status like anyone else and let them go through the motions like everyone else. From the outside in.

As to those who came and had anchor babies, well, just exactly whose responsibility was that anyway? So if families are “broken up”, whose ultimate responsibility is that? Sorry. Hate it for ya’, but ya’ shoulda’ thought of that beforehand. The anchor babies (many of whom are parents now and excellent citizens) are pure-D American citizens. Nothing to discuss. But those who violated immigration law get no free pass just because…

Enforce the law and let the lawbreakers sort it out.

Of course something this clear and simple is not about to happen.

2. Camper - January 4, 2017

Deport every single illegal! Every illegal is a threat to America’s economy and culture! There must be no excuses about this!

3. Margaret Costello - January 5, 2017

Agree with the above posters…I am far from agnostic when it comes to people who have utter disregard for our laws and come and exploit, loot and take from our country. Why would we reward selfish illegal activity? Why would we want people who disregard a just law whenever it suits them? Get them out. Deport them. It is the justice that is rightly due them. And deny them any future ability to be citizens. If they had children here, again, why reward bad behavior? I say if you are here illegally and have a child, your child is illegal too. We cannot bring a sense of true justice, which is a cardinal virtue, without actually implementing it. I wonder how many illegals would cross our borders knowing if they do, citizenship will be forever denied them.

This is also a case of people running away from their own country’s problems. If Mexico or any central American country has issues, and you are a citizen, then you have the duty to stay and make things right…not escape and sponge off of others. Avoiding the problems and escaping to the US has made the problems in their own countries worse. Time to grow up and do the right thing.

God bless~

4. been there done that - January 5, 2017

As far as allowing any illegals to remain, what comes to my mind is the Amnesty Act of 1986 under Reagan which legalized about three million — as a one-time deal. We see what happened with that — encouragement of even more illegals & chain migration. Allow the tens of millions or even anchor babies / families / Dreamers to stay … vaya con dios US of A.

Tantumblogo - January 5, 2017

It’s also completely unrealistic to assume this will happen. It will be a miracle to actually gain control over the southern border, no matter how that is done. To expect 12-18 million people to be rounded up and deported is, I think, asking the earth to stop turning. About the best that could be hoped for in any realistic sense is that various states might, with federal support, start denying benefits to those who cannot prove citizenship (unfortunately, it’s been proven over decades there are many ways around this), and then have those people who are simply here to milk the system deport themselves. But I am extremely dubious there will be any forced deportations aside from the most egregiously criminal elements.

Even if most all currently here remain, I don’t know if it means the US is finished. I also think the degree of economic disruption that would occur with mass deportations has basically been ignored on a serious level. I think we need serious and dispassionate study to try to determine what is the best way to move forward, once the border is secure. I’m not opposed to deportation, per se’, though I do think it’s not nearly so simple a matter as some like to pretend. I think it would be supremely unwise to enter into such a divisive, unprecedented policy based on simplistic claims and emotional reaction. Once the border is secure, take time, really study the matter from all angles, figure out all the ramifications, and then act with prudence and charity, wherever possible.

We have to know for certain that in engaging in mass deportation the US would be stepping over a line that would have massive worldwide ramifications, ramifications that could bring great misery in its train.

Just to reiterate my main point, I just want to focus on securing the border right now, what to be done after can be worked out later. As I said, it will be a miracle to get a wall or whatever system built, making loud demands for deportation of all those here illegally will only make that harder. Without the wall, the US truly is finished. So let’s focus on that for now.

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