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A New Miracle at Fatima, and the End of the World January 5, 2017

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A sermon in two parts from the priest whose online presence is most warmly welcomed back.  He discusses the original Miracle of the Sun in 1917, and a new one that occurred this past year in Fatima, which was witnessed by about 100 pilgrims to that great Marian shrine.  The sermons are fairly long – the first, 38 minutes, the second, almost 43.  So, you’ll be investing quite a bit of time, in spite of the priest’s fast speech.  A huge amount of catechesis is contained herein, though much of the history of the original apparitions and miracles at Fatima may be review for most readers.

Regarding the new miracle that occurred, it happened on May 4, the day the Novena for Our Lady of Fatima typically starts.  It happened in the 99th year since the original Miracle of the Sun.


Sadly in these times almost all people, including Catholics, have very little Faith in Our Lady, take very little heed of the warning present in the Miracle of the Sun, and basically dismiss any thought that they will be held strictly accountable for their actions in their lives (Catholics even more strictly so), either at their individual judgment or when this world will cease to exist.  I am not as concerned as the priest is that Fatima, Francis, and other things point to an imminent Parousia.  But the message he conveys is just as valid whether the world is scheduled by God to end in 10 months, or in 10,000 years.

An absolutely chilling recounting of the horrors of dying in the Flood, and even surviving it in the Ark, closes out the sermon.  It’s worth listening to if only for that.

Moving on to part 2. Father leads off this second half of the sermon with a reassurance that, simply because many signs and portents may point to a relatively imminent end of the world, we don’t need to freak out and lose our sense of peace over that.  More than likely, every one reading this will face their individual judgment before the Last Judgment occurs, but even should the Last Judgment occurs in our lifetimes, what, precisely, should we be doing differently than what we should already be doing?  Be in the state of Grace, remain obedient, practice virtue, perform your vocation in life to the utmost of your ability, try to reach out to souls in charity by giving good example, etc., etc.  The point of the warnings is to make sure people know they REALLY REALLY REALLY need to be doing their duty, because the time is probably much shorter than they think, but that applies whether the Parousia is happening this year or not.  I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, whereas the Church has always declared that anyone who tries to fix a particular time for the end of the world is in error and cannot be believed.

Having said that, Father goes through the Apocalypse and various writings of Fathers and Doctors to explain how the end times will go down, starting with the Great Apostasy, which will occur within the Church toward the end of days.  He notes that most Church Fathers believe the Great Apostasy will start within the clergy and bishops, and from there spread out to the faithful, corrupting the vast majority of souls.

I’ll not steal any more of Father’s thunder and reveal how the sermon ends, but I think you will find it as edifying and helpful as yesterday’s.

Please say at least three Hail Mary’s for the priest.  He’s been relocated out of Texas.


1. Xopher - January 5, 2017

Welcome back, Tantum.

I just started listening to the first video (may God bless this priest as he moves on to his new assignment, and ever after. . . ), and just arrived at Our Lord’s statement to St. Faustina: “He who refuses to pass through the door of my Mercy must pass through the door of my Justice.”

Pope Francis just ended the Jubilee Year of Mercy, during which time there were Holy Doors of Mercy. Considering the remarkable coincidence–the Year of Mercy, Holy Doors of Mercy, Jesus’ statement, and the upcoming 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparition at Fatima–do you think that Pope Francis remembered this statement and timed this Extraordinary Jubilee with it in mind?

If not, the imagery of the Holy Father closing the Doors of Mercy in the last days before the 100th anniversary of Fatima is certainly striking.

Welcome back and Merry Christmas.

Camper - January 7, 2017

“The Holy Year of Mercy” was a PR stunt that had, among others, the wicked intent of making Orthodox Catholicism look like nasty dead white imperialist patriarchal blah blah blah males.

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2017

It is striking. Very striking.

We shall see what this year holds.

2. Baseballmomof8 - January 6, 2017

Oh my goodness…. you have returned with great energy! I will be busy listening and watching all weekend 😀

3. The Lord's Blog - January 6, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Great article.

4. Sobieski - January 7, 2017

I haven’t listened to these sermons yet and am looking forward to doing so, but have always wondered why Father hasn’t spoken about a minor vs. major chastisement in the past and instead focused only on the End Times (unlike some other traditional priests online). Authors like Desmond Birch outline, based on approved private prophecy, that there will most likely be a minor chastisement, followed by a prophesied period of peace (possibly the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart), both of which precede the major chastisement and coming of the anti-Christ. The minor chastisement is characterized by events like civil wars in Europe, wars with Muslims and the Russians, the death of a pope and the rise of a great Catholic monarch and subsequent pope, three days of darkness in which the malefactors of the world are purged, all followed by a restoration and period of peace. It may be that because these details are found mostly in approved private prophecy, Father has not discussed these things, but I can see where current events would seem to be lining up with these prophecies. Ultimately, who knows, though, we are told to be aware of the signs of the times as Father often mentions.

Birch’s book, “Trial, Tribulation and Triumph,” is still available for purchase. There is another book available online titled, “We Are Warned,” which is also a compilation of approved sources that goes into these details as well.

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