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Prayer Request and Thanks January 5, 2017

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A couple of “housekeeping” items, if you will – please pray for A, wife of longtime reader “ADG,” who gave birth to their 9th child a couple of months ago and shortly after developed some serious medical conditions.  She is still recovering and her health remains under 100%.  If you could please add her to your prayers, I know it would be greatly appreciated.

The thanks comes from me, to those who sent me items from my Amazon wishlist and/or a gift certificate.  I thank you very much and feel quite humbled by your generosity.  I have just come across some really good new sources of Catholic catechesis and have added a number of items to my wishlist.  If any feel called to buy something on there for me, all will be greatly appreciated.  Pretty much everything on the list is directly blog related, and if you do send me something, you can rest assured any good material I draw from it will show up on this blog at one time or other.

One of those new items of catechesis is The Catechism in Examples, a five volume set produced by Fr. D. Chisholm and published over 100 years ago in Britain.  Reader SL sent me a link to this massive tome (over 2000 pages!) and it looks really powerful.  Many find the 1990s Catechism painfully dry, and sometimes questionable doctrinally.  I tend to imagine the doctrine in this 100 year old set of volumes will be unimpeachable, while its format is easier to read since it gives concrete examples for each point of doctrine discussed, rather than relaying them in a purely theological way.  The Catechism in Examples is also available at The Internet Archive for free if you happen to read books online.




1. DM - January 5, 2017

Tantum, just a book recommendation I think you would like, it would make a great topic for a post. The Precious Blood, by Fr. Faber. I’m halfway through, and it is just full of astounding insights. What a brilliant priest. The book reminds me of a lot of the Gueranger material you have posted.

2. TF - January 5, 2017

We love the Catechism in Examples that we inherited from somewhere or another. The children learn so much from it. Very well written. One Ave for A.

3. LaGallina - January 5, 2017

You’re back! Finally! Looks like there’s enough to keep me busy for a couple of days.

4. Baseballmomof8 - January 6, 2017

TB, just checking to make sure my gift card worked…. asking because I sent one to my sister and hers did not go through…. first it said that the card number was “still on the store’s inventory” and a couple days later it said it “had been used” – although she never used it. I got yours from the same store so I’m just checking, thanks.

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