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Neo-Catholics, Water Carriers of the Revolution January 9, 2017

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Quite a stinging, but very much timely and on point video from Michael Matt.  A couple of people sent this to me over the weekend, but I’d already seen it – you have to get up pretty early to get the  jump on ol’ Tantumblogo.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean everyone’s already seen it – I hate to be redundant.  But if it’s good enough to watch once, it’s good enough to watch again, amiright?

I have to say, I’ve never seen a “gathering rite” as Matt relates.  I have, however, seen much abominable behavior prior to, during, and after Mass, including loud, rude conversation, total lack of prayer and devotion, wholly inappropriate attire, and various forms of roughhousing and grabass playing.  Sometimes that latter involves kids, sometimes not.  This complete lack of reverence, devotion, and seeming understanding of what is about to take place during the Mass is one of the major factors that drove me to seek out more orthodox, pious alternatives; first, a Novus Ordo Latin Mass, and finally, the TLM.

Speaking of, I assisted at a nuptial Mass in the Novus Ordo world over the holidays.  The parish was abominable, liturgically.  Tabernacle shunted into a literal closet (it sat 8 in cramped fashion!).  The church itself was a huge circle with the altar offset far to one side and a large stage for the priest and other “liturgical actors” to prance around on.  Felt banners abounded. There was naturally a huge hot tub baptismal font.  For a little while, I thought I was in San Antonio, but, no, it was just the Diocese of Fort Worth.

I will never comprehend what weird – one might even be tempted to say diabolical – psychology is at play in weddings (and not just Catholic ones), where it seems like a contest among the young women invited to attend to be the most scantily, inappropriately dressed woman there.  It almost seems like a passive-aggressive attempt by young, single women (and some not so young, or single) to upstage the bride by drawing attention to themselves through revealing clothing.  The laughable part was, it was quite cold that night by Texas standards, about 33 degrees with a brisk north wind.  My wife, always seeking the charitable explanation, opined that these fit-for-Tinder dresses might be the only ones they own.  I’m tempted to call BS on that, but, then again, I’ve seen similar at more than a few funerals, so maybe there’s something to it.

Folks at the wedding Mass at least tried to keep the conversation down to a dull roar, but far louder than one might see in, say, a movie theater.  That’s the worst part, these people have been deliberately and carefully formed to regard assisting at Mass, being in the Eucharistic Presence of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, to be of LESS significance, and deserving of less decorum, than one might find in a theater or upscale restaurant.  It’s not just St. Paul – prior to an ordination Mass here in the Diocese of Dallas, when the Cathedral was jam packed, I got congratulated by a media photographer for being the only one of the thousand odd people there on their knees, praying prior to the Mass.  He was Eastern Orthodox and blown away by the lack of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament and the unbelievably powerful transformation about to take place in men given a supernatural Grace beyond human comprehension, and by the boorishness of those in attendance.

I’m sure we all have similar stories.  Too many to share.  When we wonder how Francis could be doing what he’s doing, and all the long years of abuse, error, and even outright heresy committed by so many in the Church, including every one of his predecessors dating back to Paul VI, at least, all we have to realize is, they radically, cruelly, heartlessly changed the Mass. Heck, they upended it, turned it inside out, turned the sublime into the banal and showed a billion odd Catholics and the entire world that literally nothing at all was sacred in the brave new post-conciliar world.

Given that, nothing should really surprise us.  The way from the Church as it was prior to the Council to where it is today, near schism and potential doctrinal collapse, was paved very carefully and deliberately.  I think we have to recognize that even some of Francis “conservative” predecessors played a substantial role in that construction project.  I am far from certain how we get back to the way things were, or some new reality based on the Church as it must be, but I do know the restoration of the Mass of Ages is absolutely central to that project, and, indeed, it cannot occur without the return of the TLM as the regular, everyday, normative Mass for the entire Church.



1. The Lord's Blog - January 9, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Good article.

2. The Lord's Blog - January 9, 2017

Now that I’ve become older and wiser my hope is I keep my mouth shut in reverence from now on at the Mass. I’m guilty of talking quietly to a neighbor now and then. God forgive me though. As usual a wonderful article. Will be reblogging of course.

3. Joseph D'Hippolito - January 9, 2017

I am going to raise a controversial point: The problem with Catholicism after Vatican II was not Vatican II, despite its abuses and theological revisionism. The problem, ultimately, was with a Church leadership that demanded blind obedience and overindulged in liturgical atmospherics rather than foster an intelligent development of personal faith, a sense of personal responsibility for developing one’s own faith.

If the Catholic Church actually did a competent job in fostering the latter two aspects, the laity and clergy would be unfazed by the transition from Latin to the vernacular and to less formalized worship styles. They would realize that the Eucharist remains the Eucharist, regardless of the mode of celebration, and not only would be unfazed but also might be more vigorous in defending at least a modicum of sanctity surrounding the Mass.

Vatican II had the same effect on Catholicism that Gorbachev’s policies of glasnost and perestroika had on the Soviet Union. In both cases, the powers-that-be tried to introduce less rigidity into a closed fundamentally rigid system. What they got was chaos and collapse.

Sadly, Catholicism contains the seeds of its own possible demise: excessive rigidity that demands reliance on human authority to develop individual faith, rather than nurturing a personal relationship with the Triune God through His Son and Spirit that can withstand external change.

4. Joseph D'Hippolito - January 9, 2017

One more point: This observation is brilliant:

I think we have to recognize that even some of Francis “conservative” predecessors played a substantial role in that construction project.

Foremost among those predecessors is the unfortunately canonized John Paul II, who took the lead in fostering an ecumenism that borders on syncretism — which led to his appeasement of Islam — and in trashing centuries of doctrine regarding capital punishment for a more “human centered” approach. Moreover, he appointed the various bishops who are overseeing Catholicism’s destruction, and did nothing to hold them accountable.

5. NickD - January 9, 2017

“For a little while, I thought I was in San Antonio”

Ouch…your barb stings all the more because it strikes true.

Maybe I should change my commenting name to “Praying for better churches in San Antonio”

Tantumblogo - January 9, 2017

Shoot it looked like they copied the design from most of the SA parishes I’ve been in. The theater in the round, or football stadium style with a runway between two rows of seats, seems to be really popular there.

6. Elinor Dashwood - January 10, 2017

Do you find it as difficult as I used to find it to block the Protestant Joe Hippo? He’s like gum on one’s shoe, almost impossible to scrape off.

Joseph D'Hippolito - January 10, 2017

Mrs. Dashwood, I have as much right to comment on this thread as you do. I have as much right to my opinions as you do to yours.

My opinions are just that: opinions. They either stand on their own merits or fall on their own demerits, just like yours or anyone else’s.

Why do you want me banned? Because my opinions distress you? Because you have neither the intellectual nor the intestinal fortitude to challenge them? Since both appear to be the case, why don’t you retreat into your own “safe space” and leave serious discussion to the adults?

As far as being a “Protestant” is concerned, I’m sure a lot of Protestants would find it fascinating that you (and, for that matter, all too many Catholics) use the term as a borderline obscenity much like the way the Communists used the term “capitalist.”

By the way, many of the Protestants I know will get to Heaven before arrogant, self-benighted Catholics like you.

Tax collectors. Prostitutes. Pharisees. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Rinse and repeat.

c matt - January 10, 2017

Protestants, by definition, are heretics and have rejected Christ’s true Church for the Church of Luther, Swingli, Flavor of the Month. Thus, they are already behind the eight ball.

I am sure that is a truth that not many want to hear (both Protestants and Catholics)

Joseph D'Hippolito - January 10, 2017

Well, c matt, one also can say that “Christ’s True Church” has rejected its Founder for the theological and intellectual version of the “Flavor Of The Month,” not to mention for political influence, power, wealth and secular prestige. How else do you explain a borderline apostate like Bergoglio sitting on the Throne of Peter — or such nonentities as Cupich and Daneels owning red hats?

For that matter, do you seriously believe all the false shepherds can be found in Ezekiel 34, or among the Pharisees of Jesus’ day?

7. Baseballmomof8 - January 10, 2017

I still recall vividly waiting in line for confession as a Saturday Spectacle was winding down… the photographer had the bride leaning rather, shall we say, inappropriately on the altar…. I was sick and in tears watching this… had to confess my rage and my desire to kill the photographer and destroy his equipment.

NickD - January 12, 2017

Saw something in similar circumstances a few months back… Only here, the Communion “meditation” was a Christina Perri song. I was trained as a classical pianist and would never harm a piano, but, God help me, I wanted to smash that piano to bits and then take some cutters to the strings

8. Gary - January 11, 2017

Yes it’s a fact 👉 Weddings and Funerals are short skirt contests. And it’s the Pastors fault for not having the nerve to have a dress code. Gee, we wouldn’t want the people to go else where ($$$$) 👈

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