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Lazy Video Post, Hong Kong Flu Edition January 10, 2017

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I started with a little sore throat Friday, which transitioned to a cough yesterday, and today is full blown Hong Kong Phooey Flu. All you get today is two vids, but they’re both really good, one on the Jezebel spirit and wives rebellion from their husbands……….:

…….and the other from that priest many of us had missed so much these past 2-odd years, on Epiphany, the Holy Family, and the Errors of Russia.  I believe this is new content, from 2016:

There are so often really good book recommendations embedded in this priest’s sermons.

That will be all for today, barring a miraculous recovery, not sure about tomorrow, either.  When I get a high fever, I’m a wimpy as they come.

Any recommendations for home remedies? Pretty sure it is actual influenza, maybe with bronchitis on top.

Your prayers are most appreciated. God bless you!



1. Camper - January 10, 2017

This priest was never at Mater Dei, was he? I’ve heard him elsewhwere…

2. Camper - January 10, 2017

The first priest, not the second.

Tantumblogo - January 11, 2017

No, never been at MD.. He’s up north.

Does Father Bourmand still come to the SSPX in North Richland Hills?

Camper - January 11, 2017

Your answer is #6 below.

BTW, a prayer that you will get better. My mother and I recommend megadoses of Vitamin C – up to 2000mg six times daily, if I’m not mistaken. It kills your intestinal bacteria, however. It’s helped me. Also, frequent gargling with hot and salty water for a sore throat.

3. Baseballmomof8 - January 10, 2017

Prayers for you TB… and for the fam to stay healthy! Only recommendation is, honestly, chicken soup with TONS OF GARLIC and Red Gatorade (fruit punch flavor) – don’t know why the Red works so well, but it does…. had an advice nurse tell me that years ago and she was right! Also, got that flu back in 2013 and the bronchitis almost went into pneumonia – so be careful if you get shortness of breath or heavy chest or back pain….

4. Margaret Costello - January 11, 2017

Agree with Baseballmomof8 when it comes to the chicken broth and garlic (onion too, natural antibiotic along with the garlic) although the red gatorade wouldn’t be on my list…too much sugar and red dye probably. I would add Buffered Vitamin C, Echinachea, and some Lauricidin/Monolaurin which is a natural anti-viral and antibiotic.

Drinks lots of water, rest, let the body do it’s thing, don’t add any chemical/over the counter junk, and suck on some Ricola Sugar Free Elderberry throat lozenges. Sent up a Hail Mary for your healing and consolation:+) Hang in there:+) God bless~

5. Jo - January 11, 2017

Both my husband and son came down with this late last week and they are both 95% better. 2 drops of Oil of Oregano, diluted in olive oil or coconut oil under the tongue for 2-3 minutes, twice a day. To clear nasal congestion add a drop of Oregano Oil, 2 drops peppermint oil in a pan of hot water. Inhale steam (and make sure you have a box of tissue close at hand). For sore throat add 2 drops thieves oil and 2 drops lemon oil to 2 tablespoons Manuka Honey. If you need cough syrup, I’d be happy to post that too, just let me know. Also, LOTS OF GARLIC!

Keeping you in my prayers.

6. rcc - January 11, 2017

Yes, Father Bourmand is our wonderful Pastor at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the SSPX Chapel in North Richland Hills. He is there every Sunday and teaches Catechism in the hall on the third Sunday of every month.

7. rcc - January 11, 2017

Father Bourmand is also there every Saturday saying Mass at night.
He does two Saturdays a month in North Richland Hills and two Saturdays saying Mass in Sanger at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. He is also here for every First Friday and every First Saturday saying Mass with Adoration after and then leading the Parish in the Rosary.

8. Michele Kerby - January 11, 2017

TB, I’ll keep you in prayer that God will heal you very soon. As for the videos, I haven’t seen the second yet. But the first one worries me a good deal. This sort of preaching all too often seems to give husbandly monsters permission to abuse their wives and children. We see this especially here in the South. I believe the teaching needs to be much more nuanced – carefully balanced with the need for husbands to sacrifice for their wives as Christ has done for the Church. (In which, by the way, He humbled Himself most greatly.)

9. A Mom - January 12, 2017

Dear Michele, there is another video on that same Sensus Fidelium channel that I think gives a more complete picture regarding this topic. The title is “The Holy Family Compared to Adam & Eve,” and it addresses the duties for each member of the family (father, mother, and children).

TB, prayers for your recovery and for the rest of your family to stay healthy.

Tantumblogo - January 13, 2017

I think what the priest presented, if it was biased, was just a small attempt at anecdote against the overwhelming preponderance of guidance from priests and others associated with the Church today who present modern, libertine, feminist inspired views of women and men and their roles in marriage in a distorted and destructive way. Sure there are bad husbands out there, the culture tells us so 24/7, presenting virtually all men, especially married fathers, as bungling dummies at best and corrupt, abusive totalitarians…..well I won’t even say at worst, because they go a lot lower than that.

Certainly a man is called to emulate Christ in his leadership of his family, but great caution needs to exercised not to turn this call into an escape clause or even a weapon – i.e., if the husband does not live up to someone’s image of a Christ-like father-figure, the duty of obedience becomes a question mark if not thrown out the window entirely.

A local priest once, with great wisdom, prefaced a sermon he gave on a topic that should have caused some people in the pews to really reflect – those that really need to hear the sermon won’t, and those who don’t really need it will.

Yes men and husbands in particular have failed massively in their duty in this culture and this continues to be a massive part of the overarching and ongoing societal collapse, but short of extreme situations such as abuse the duty of obedience remains in spite of a husband’s numerous shortcomings and failure to adequately emulate Christ.

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