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Cardinal Burke Offering Mass of Reparation in Dallas 01/22 January 12, 2017

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It would be awesome if it were at a TLM Mass – which would of course mean Mater Dei – but then again, I wasn’t one of those who put in what I am quite certain was most significant effort in inviting Burke and making arrangements for his travel, etc.  So good for the folks in the “Catholic Action for Faith and Family” who pulled this off.  The Mass is at 10:30am at Mary Immaculate Parish in Farmers Branch.  This is a Mass of Reparation for the sin of abortion, marking of course yet another sad anniversary of this nation’s genocide against it’s own young.

I don’t plan on assisting at this Mass, as grateful as I am for Cardinal Burke’s relative orthodoxy and his stand against the increasingly unhinged and egregious errors and abuses emanating from the pontificate of Francis.  I will note in passing that Mary Immaculate is one of a number of parishes in this diocese with only one hour of Confession a week.  I do pray that Cardinal Burke’s presence and example encourage a much more generous attitude on the part of Fr. Michael Forge and Daniel Rendon to this most vital of Sacraments.  It is a metaphysical certitude that there are numerous souls receiving Communion weekly and even daily at Mary Immaculate in a state of mortal sin, and who have not availed themselves of Confession in years if not decades.  And why should they, when it is evidently of such low priority to those with the solemn duty to pastor their souls to Heaven?

I am a bit reticent to introduce this rant into a post on what is really a different subject and should be a happy occasion, but I must wonder how many souls who may assist at what will surely be a glorious event in the life of this parish (and a significant statement on the part of the clergy in hosting Burke) do not have unconfessed involvement in the deliberately willed termination of perfectly innocent life on their conscience, and who will receive the Blessed Sacrament, in an act of terrible sacrilege, without a second thought?  I’d be willing to bet it’s more than a handful.

Please God that I am wrong, but I strongly suspect I am not.


1. Doc Outa The Box - January 12, 2017


Given the overwhelmingly high reported percentage of catholics (little “c”) who both use chemical contraception of some sort AND go to Communion, and given the reality that at some unknown rate that chemical contraception is abortifacient, I think you not need concern yourself about overstating your case.

Tantumblogo - January 13, 2017


2. Baseballmomof8 - January 12, 2017

Mary Immaculate was my sister’s parish for many years. Seemed like a mixed bag org of place when I visited…. but she was VERY ACTIVE with the prolife folks there and they seemed to be very solid Catholics. So blessed they are to have Cdl. Burke offering Mass for them.

3. Baseballmomof8 - January 12, 2017

ORG???? Where the heck did that come from????? Oh well… “mixed bag of a place”

4. The Lord's Blog - January 13, 2017

God Bless Cardinal Burke.

5. The Lord's Blog - January 13, 2017

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Way to go Cardinal Burke.

6. Barbara Hvilivitzky - January 13, 2017

It is sad to see that type of behaviour by Catholics.

I just read something that gave me new heart: St. Francis of Assisi was observed to be especially kind and reverent to one particular man who was a known public sinner. When asked why, St. Francis said that God had given him a vision of this man in Heaven after a death-bed conversion.

I know how hard it is to think this way when we see the Joe Bidens, the Nancy Pelosies, and the John Kerrys going to Holy Communion (to say nothing of Francis public heresy and apostasy) but let’s take heart, and continue to pray for all those souls we see in grave danger. Francis is right after all to teach that God is all Mercy. Poor Francis! pray that this Mercy washes him clean at the end.

7. tg - January 14, 2017

One hour a week for confession is the average for most parishes in my area. I go to confession once a week and occasionally there is a long line.

8. Fr. Forge - January 14, 2017

Just for the record, while we only publish Confessions for two 30 minute sessions per week, we never end after 30 minutes. We always stay until the last Confession is heard. Although, sometimes I do have Baptisms at 10am that I must celebrate, Fr. Daniel will finish up until the last person is finished. Furthermore, once a month we have several priests hearing confessions at our Arise night from 7pm until 8:30 or longer. Your comments are a little hurtful, especially the judgmental tone of them, even though they’re uninformed and made in ignorance. I’ll get over it. There, done. Over it! God bless you! Fr. Michael Forge, Mary Immaculate Parish.

Gc5341 - January 15, 2017

Fr. Forge thank you for commenting. It’s wonderful that you stay in the confessional until the last person leaves. Every confession matters.

I am not a priest but am a sinner. I have come to appreciate the great, awesome power the priest has from Christ. I am a 47 years old cradle Catholic who grew up attending Catholic schools but not understanding the incredible gift of mercy which is found in this sacrament because I grew up in an era of poor catechesis.

Generally speaking and not trying to single your parish out I wish confessions were offered daily. We need priests more than ever these days because of the pollution of sin in our world. We live in a secular world that denies God and overwhelms us with temptations.

Your work is the most important work. I’m grateful for priests because your work saves souls. Thank you Fr. Forge for all that you do.

Tantumblogo - January 25, 2017

Fr. Forge –

Thank you very much for your comment. My apologies for only replying now. It is my first time reading it. I’ve been getting a couple hundred comments a day of late and I missed yours. That was unfortunate.

Thanks for informing me of additional means of Confession. I wish I had found that on your parish website. I searched the main pages on Sacraments and looked through a few random bulletins. I did not note the importance of the notice made of these Alive sessions I found in one of them. My ignorance. I can update the post to include that.

Please do not take my comments as being harshly motivated. I have such an extreme respect and attachment to the Sacrament of Confession, I have written many times that I feel it is the great, neglected Sacrament of our post-conciliar age. Perhaps this post was not the place to make these comments. But I pray you may take my words in a spirit of charity and as an exhortation to make this Sacrament more available. I know from concrete experience, and you can query certain local pastors as to the truth of this (I’d be happy to provide their names offline), when priests make Confession more available, souls respond in kind, in more than a 1:1 relationship. You did a great thing in inviting Cardinal Burke, I pray you continue to do more and more, all for the good of souls.

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