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Surgical Abortion Rate Falls to Lowest Level in Over 40 Years, But Is This Good News? January 18, 2017

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So the pro-abort Guttmacher Institute has put out its annual compendium of abortion statistics and reported that fewer than 1 million surgical abortions were performed in the US in 2014, for the first time since 1975.  This would normally be a cause for rejoicing (while lamenting the fact that there are still mountains of dead babies every year even still), but there are certain caveats that make this report less than heartening.  First, at least part of the reduction in surgical abortion can be explained away by the continuing implosion of the conception rate, especially among native born American women.  Another factor is the rise of chemical/pharmaceutical abortion, the “morning after pill” and such like, which are not “counted” as abortions in the statistics.  Many deeply involved in the pro-life movement report that these chemical abortions are increasing at an alarming rate, so that the total abortion rate may indeed by higher than it was a few years ago.  Chemical abortion is often preferred as it can be done at home and doesn’t involve much of the trauma and medical risk of surgical abortion.

The final negative factor on the abortion rate is an increase in the use of long term contraception, which is very nearly self-sterilization in the form of IUDs.  Use of long-term contraceptives exploded over the past several  years and is probably also driving the abortion rate down.

At any rate, here’s the report from a non pro-abort source:

Great news, if not surprising news. As contraceptive technology has improved, as the taboo against using it has shrunk, and as new restrictions on abortion have passed in various red states, it’d be odd if the rate weren’t declining.

The pro-choice Guttmacher Institute, which conducted the survey, says there were fewer than a million abortions performed last year for the first time since 1975. Which is also good news, once you get past the whole “a million children aborted every year for 40 years” thing.


Some really bad news:

By the way, according to two polls taken last year, approval of birth control as either morally justified or not a moral issue is virtually unanimous among Americans. Gallup found 89 percent willing to call contraception “morally acceptable.” When Pew asked a similar question, just four percent overall (and eight percent of Catholics) deemed it morally wrong.

Thanks, bishops and priests of Amchurch!  Mission accomplished.

Know this, and without the slightest doubt – the progressive/modernist faction in the Church intends to do the same with divorce and sodomy as they have done with contraception, turn them into moral non-issues for the vast, vast majority of Catholics.  That includes, naturally, making the Blessed Sacrament available to those who have been civilly remarried with no annulment of their first marriage – as what’s the point of being Catholic if you can’t line up to get your “reward” every week like everyone else?

Think how many priests should have at least strongly suspected that the vast majority of their married couples with two or one or zero kids never once challenged them on the exceedingly strong likelihood that they were receiving the Blessed Sacrament while actively practicing contraception.  That’s a massive failure of moral duty and a very large part of the reason why the Church continues to implode in a self-inflicted crisis.

Even writing this feels like whistling past the graveyard.  Outside a handful of isolated traditional communities and even rarer Novus Ordo parishes with solid priests, no one in the Church cares in the slightest. Everyone continues to believe their happy fantasies that God is just a good guy in the sky that never holds anyone even slightly accountable for the moral evils they commit.  He’s the cosmic Pez dispenser handing out eternal life to all who come calling.  That this is utterly contrary to both Scripture and Tradition is, of course, conveniently forgotten.

Enjoy your newchurch while it lasts, boys.  It won’t be around for very long.  People can get their empty, meaningless, happy-clappy emotional/spiritual kumbayah experience just as well at home as they can in your parish.  It won’t be long before the vast majority of the few remaining active Catholics start to figure that out.



1. sanctus4344 - January 18, 2017

Excellent article!! The clergy must begin to teach the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I would also like to add the horrors of Invetro Fertilization (IVF).

2. c matt - January 18, 2017

He’s the cosmic Pez dispenser handing out eternal life to all who come calling.

Haha. But He is handing out eternal life to all who come calling. It’s just that for some, that eternal life will be in Heaven, for others, not so much. But eternal it shall be.

Tantumblogo - January 18, 2017

Good point.

3. Baseballmom - January 18, 2017

That God in my head is SUCH a GREAT GUY!!!! Understands my weaknesses, winks at my sins…. just so cool!

4. Mrs. Maureen Avila - January 19, 2017

It seems many of the clergy are not opposed to contraception.
In order to legitimize homosexual sex in Catholic teaching which has been the express goal of homosexual progressives within the Church including some clergy, it is essential that the sex act be separate from pro-creation, therefore contraception must be allowed .

5. David - January 19, 2017


Your last paragraph is spot on. The Episcopal church has seen dwindling congregations in droves, with the “kumbayah ” and acceptance of much of the secular world. I have had discussions with some Presbyterians who have seen there churches dwindle to one service, and their pastor having to find a secular job to make ends meet. The bottom line is if you’re not standing for something, what’s the point.

A good homily I heard last Sunday by a recently ordained priest was “do not be afraid to be Catholic.” Do things like say grace in a restaurant, priests need to be seen publicly in clerics (unless they are working out), uphold the life issues, etc. Catholics also need to ask themselves, “why are you Catholic?” It is not because you were born into it.

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