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Planned Barrenhood Caught Out Again – 95% of Offices Don’t Even Know what Pre-Natal Care Is January 25, 2017

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LiveAction is out with another blockbuster expose on BabyMurder, Incorporated, aka Planned Barrenhood.  Live Action checked in with almost 100 Banned Parenthood facilities, and found that almost 95% of those not only did not provide any sort of pre-natal care (other than offering to kill the baby), a large number didn’t even know what the heck that term meant:

A new Live Action investigation shows Planned Parenthood employees confirming what pro-lifers have been saying for years: Planned Parenthood is focused on abortion.

The new investigation, “Abortion Corporation,” explores the abortion group’s claims about being an essential women’s health care provider. Planned Parenthood has been putting extra emphasis on its non-abortion services recently in an attempt to justify the $500 million in taxpayer money it receives every year. Its leaders claim that being defunded would hurt millions of women who depend on Planned Parenthood for services like prenatal care, breast exams and birth control.

That’s not what Live Action found, though. The first video in its new series, “The Prenatal Care Deception,” shows that Planned Parenthood’s prenatal care services are “virtually nonexistent.”

Only five of the 97 facilities it contacted across the United States provided prenatal care; the rest turned them away, according to the investigation.

“Planned Parenthood offers abortions, so they don’t offer prenatal care,” a receptionist at the Planned Parenthood in Tempe, Arizona told a Live Action investigator.

Another receptionist at the Albany, New York facility told them, “No Planned Parenthood does prenatal care, hon.”

A third in Merrillville, Indiana said: “No, we don’t do prenatal services. I mean, it’s called Planned Parenthood, I know it’s kind of deceiving.” [I’ll say this: for its very contentious position, Planned Barrenhood hires a lot of ditzy people who are laughably easy to catch out. I’m sure they’ll institute a frenzied program to get all their mills on the “right” talking points, but hopefully the damage has been done.  This is great ammunition to de-fund the pro-abort giant, which would be grievously wounded if it lost that $500 million a year in your money and mine. Can’t happen soon enough.]

………While Live Action was hard pressed to find any Planned Parenthood that offered prenatal care, some of the investigators posing as pregnant women were offered abortions instead. The abortion business does almost one third of all abortions in the U.S. — 887 per day on average or about 320,000 a year.

“Planned Parenthood says it’s a champion of women’s health care, yet prenatal care, which is an essential service for expectant mothers, is virtually nonexistent,” said Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action. “Our investigators who wanted to keep their babies were turned away by 92 out of 97 Planned Parenthood centers. It’s clear that despite its claims, abortion is the priority and the only option for pregnant women that visit Planned Parenthood.”…….

The video:

So, are many readers expectant that Congress will de-fund Baby Murder, Inc? Bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate, but will Republicans really do what it takes, including invoking the so-called nuclear option, to see a bill pass? While Trump has indicated he would sign such a bill, am I alone in being skeptical that Congress will really take a decisive step in the defense of innocent life?  Perhaps I’m jaded, but I expect more kabuki theater, more planned failure. I can see it now: “Those darned democrats, even though we have the Presidency, Supreme Court, and both Houses of Congress, we just don’t have enough votes to overcome their filibuster.”

I pray I am wrong.  In fact, I will adopt and perform a special penance until this issue is decided, that I may be proven wrong.  Nothing would make me happier to see Planned Barrenhood no more.  That organization has done more evil than any other I can think of, offhand.  It desperately needs to die.


1. The Lord's Blog - January 25, 2017

Thanks for the prayers for Pro-Life. Will include my Rosary with your prayers for positive results in the future.

Tantumblogo - January 26, 2017

Thanks buddy!

The Lord's Blog - January 26, 2017

You bet.

2. The Lord's Blog - January 25, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Planned Scaryhood…………..

3. DM - January 26, 2017

I will be praying also. I see it passing the House but not the Senate, Mitch McConnell has stabbed conservatives in the back too many times before to do what it takes to get bills to pass, but I will still hope and pray. This is the best chance there’s been yet.

4. deaconmike51907 - January 26, 2017

Reblogged this on News With a Catholic View.

5. Brian E. Breslin - January 26, 2017

No, Tantum, you are probably, and sadly right. But then again, Hillary and her loonies thought she’d win, and hadn’t we hunkered down in prayer then? So, qui sait?

6. NickD - January 26, 2017

I might suggest two worse entities: Communism since 1917 and Freemasonry since it’s inception

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