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That’s Amoris! January 26, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, different religion, episcopate, error, Francis, fun, General Catholic, Revolution, scandals, silliness, the struggle for the Church, Victory.

I guess today is Video Thursday. Sorry for the flood.  This is the last one.  Greatness from Laurence England:

Lots of good laughs.  I really enjoyed that.



1. Baseballmom - January 27, 2017

Yes, excellent. Now with the K of M purge I think we can be certain that the elevation of boy George was invalid.

2. virtuouscitizenship - January 28, 2017

BaseBallMom- The mercy bully rampages on mercilessly:

La Misericordia Bulla

Mercy for you, mercy from me.
Hosanna, mercy! Hosanna, me !

Dogma says “don’t”, doctrine says “whoa”!
Tradition says “halt”. Serviam? I say No.

Sin can be virtue, but virtue be sin.
But mercy is mercy, Voila! Sin again.

Obstinate, harsh, rigid justice is wrong.
Mercy the prize, dance to my song.

Mercy the rock, the rock built on me.
So it is now and ever will be. © 2016

Mercy for all, unring the bell.
Satan is saved, though his real home is hell.

Mercy for you, mercy from me.
Hosanna, mercy! Hosanna, me!

Guy McClung, San Antonio TX

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