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Scenes from a Desperately Divided Nation January 31, 2017

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As Ace notes, if the other side keeps throwing sucker punches at peaceful protesters, it won’t be long before our side – more numerous, certainly better armed and trained – starts to do the same.  What then?  Will it just be another round of escalation to out and out armed conflict?  Can militantly atheistic/socialistic people exist with millions of God-fearing people?  Should we want them to?

This is going to get much, much worse, before it gets better:

Protesters at Portland International Airport in Oregon attacked a Donald Trump supporter on Sunday, knocking him unconscious after repeatedly hitting him in the head.

Protests have broken out at airports across the U.S. over the past few days after President Trump signed an executive order temporarily halting refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country over terrorism fears.

Grant Chisholm, 39, of Portland, Ore. was at the airport with three other members of the group Bible Believers for a counter-protest on Sunday.

During the protest, Chisholm was hit in the head three times “with something metallic” by one of the demonstrators protesting against Trump, the Oregonian reported.

The incident was caught on video and uploaded to Facebook by the group Women for Trump Movement. The video shows Chisholm falling to the ground after another man appears to punch him in the head.

After Chisholm falls to the ground, two men lean over him to protect him from further blows to the head, the video shows. Eventually security appears to manage the situation.

In the background of the video, some protestors can be heard shouting “Peace” while others taunt an unconscious Chisholm.

One protester can be heard calling Chisholm a “Nazi Boy” and another man can be heard yelling “your boy got knocked out.”

Viz the stark cultural and religious divide afflicting this nation, this video below from TFP helps illustrate the point:

Not to be a jerk about it, but the division between the two sides extends even to appearance.

Leftists and their allies are claiming today that to be a conservative equals being a very, very bad person.  Is this yet another case of their projecting their true estimation of themselves onto others?  Are these “good people” out there vulgarly, violently protesting (often for pay)?

I did not think I would see this nation come to this pass during my lifetime.  It is shocking how rapidly things seem to be falling apart (and I recognize that much of this “primal scream” of the Left is centrally planned and directed astroturf, but it remains nonetheless).

I did get myself a little something for Christmas:


Winchester SXP “Extreme Defender.”  The “extreme” means a pistol grip. Got some #4 buck in it right now.

The fervent hope is that this will only be used for fun.  But criminy who knows anymore.


1. NickD - January 31, 2017

Tantum, if you aren’t careful, that gun could be considered a weapon of war! Or an assault shotgun! Or even… *horrors* an AK-47 type weapon!


Tantumblogo - February 1, 2017

Oh, I’ve got all those covered. Weapons of war. Check. AK-47, Check. And I hope to get more.

2. DM - February 1, 2017

Nice choice on the SXP, got one myself last year. I’m looking forward to another of your gun discussion posts one of these days.

3. c matt - February 1, 2017

Speaking of, I’ve been debating acquisition of an AR 15 pistol. Seems to be the ideal balance between the AR 15 rifle and a handgun for CQB. Particularly for home defense where engagement will typically be 30′ or less. Thoughts?

4. Michele Kerby - February 1, 2017

Tantum, I’m a liberal, and likely always will be. I often don’t agree with you, but I enjoy your blog because it makes me think. And you know what? I agree with this post, at least in part. I know a number of other liberals, and I know we feel the same as you do about the violence and bad behavior some liberals display, for the same reasons. And about all conservatives being evil, that’s just too silly to address.

What the video and the incident of poor Mr. Chisholm prove is that liberals, just like conservatives, have their lunatics. And that large demonstrations, like this one, tend to bring out the worst in everyone.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go to this march. But even if I had the opportunity to go I wouldn’t have, for this reason among others. But if I had been there, even though I’m a woman I would have stood with those men guarding Mr. Chisholm. I would have shielded him with my body if necessary. And I’m sure many other liberals would say the same.

c matt - February 1, 2017

A fair point. Except that the MSM seems to be calling for the violence (in particular “floating” the idea of assassinating Trump – CNN). Don’t recall mainstream conservative outlets suggesting the same during Obama’s years.

5. Michele Kerby - February 1, 2017

I haven’t seen CNN call for violence on its website. I don’t have cable or satellite, so maybe they’ve called for violence on TV, I don’t know. Calls for violence or assassination are wrong, no matter who does it. And for liberals it would be very unwise, since Pence appears to be a far more harsh conservative than Trump. From a liberal point of view to assassinate Trump would be what my grandmother used to call “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2017

Just FYI, not replying to your main point, but I draw a huge distinction between a liberal – respectful individuals who have a different point of view but who are reasonable and kind enough to listen – and a leftist. I disagree with liberals on many points but have generally respect them. Again, the case with SJWs/leftists is very different.

6. Michele Kerby - February 1, 2017

Exactly. Both sides have those individuals among them who, to put it very mildly, behave inappropriately. But these people do not represent the majority.

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2017

And it’s easy to start to objectify the other side. I blame leftists a lot for doing this, but have probably, in my “pious” exasperation, started to do it more than a bit myself. So perhaps you can help keep me honest.

7. tg - February 1, 2017

Seeing how these leftist behave with their rage is liking looking at souls in hell. The rage and the lack of love is hell and we actually get to see it like at the so called women march. I felt anger and wage one time last year. It frightened me so much I prayed that I would never feel like that again.

Michele Kerby - February 2, 2017

tg, I really do sympathize with you. I’ve felt exactly the same way watching the more intense Trump rallies.

Tantumblogo - February 2, 2017

There weren’t any Trump rallies remotely akin to what happened last night in Berkeley. The violence is rising dramatically, and it is almost entirely one sided.

Come to think of it, the vast majority of violence at Trump rallies was from protesters of a not terribly right wing variety, too.

8. c matt - February 1, 2017

Perhaps we should then refer to them as leftists rather than liberals, and reserve liberal for the classical liberal?

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2017

I’ve been trying to do that. I have tried not to use the term liberal of late, but either progressive – something a bit different still, in my mind – or leftist.

A classical liberal, to my mind, can lean conservative or liberal, but is something different from a leftist or, I suppose, a “rightist,” though the latter are not nearly so loud and numerous at this time.

Michele Kerby - February 2, 2017

I propose something along the lines of “lunatic fringe” or “hooligans” because that’s what they are. I know people who could certainly be called leftist in their beliefs yet they’re quiet, polite, well-reasoned people. Enthusiasm for a cause is a very different thing from violent behavior and should never be used as an excuse for it.

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