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Milo on Abortion – UPDATED February 1, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Basics, contraception, error, General Catholic, horror, It's all about the $$$, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, Society.

UPDATE: I added some material below, because there is one thing I forgot about the excerpts below from when I watched them last night.  Milo does seriously err, or misrepresent – innocently, I think – the beliefs of two great Doctors of the Church on a matter of great moral import.  I’ve made that clear below.

He speaks with the usual reserve and delicate concern for other’s feelings you’ve come to expect.

I know Milo is not everyone’s cup of tea.  He’s not always my cup of tea.  But he lays truth on a group of California college students harder and faster than the Keystone XL pipeline will be laid now that Obama is gone.

Three good videos below, all excerpts of the talk he gave at Cal Poly (the full talk is here, and much of it is dedicated to condemning the evil of abortion).  Those in attendance, primarily students, seemed a bit stunned by the extremely strong condemnations of abortion Milo made.  While he has mentioned abortion in previous talks during his college tour, he has not focused an entire hour long presentation on that incredibly important subject.  Usually his material is lighter and mixed with more humor, but he was more serious than usual as he should be on this grave matter, and good for him.  He also reveals his Catholicism (which appears real, if more than a little problematic if he is being honest about his peccadilloes) in good detail, quoting Doctors (though badly and erroneously – he claims Aquinas and Augustine thought prostitution should be legal, I know Aquinas did not, this is a serious misrepresentation of what Aquinas said) and beginning to form a cohesive framework of Catholic thought.  He still has a long way to go, though, and I’m afraid his study of the Doctors – as laudable as that is – comes from second or third sources, people who are “interpreting” the Doctors’ words in pursuit of some agenda, or otherwise misrepresenting them.

I think he deserves a lot of prayers.  There is obvious talent and potential here.  I still think he oversells his sexual inclinations as a sort of shield against leftist abuse, but perhaps he may be moving towards a celibate existence, if not already there.


Dang right on the next one.  I’ll go one further, rampant fornication makes women miserable, crazy, an extreme risk of divorce and yes widely depressed and possibly suicidal.  It also puts men at risk of becoming soft and effeminate, flippant, inconstant, lazy, and often poor material for marriage:

And, of course, Margaret Sanger, foundress of that lodestar, that irredeemable symbol, of the cultural left in America, Planned Barrenhood, was a thoroughgoing and hateful racist who wanted to kill almost all black, brown, and poor white babies in her drive to make the world “safe” for bourgeois upper-crust white women:

Margaret Sanger is alive and well today in the social justice warriors, so-called “antifas,” and other core elements of the leftist radical fringe.  The same desires she had burn in their souls – to rid the world of anyone who doesn’t think like they do, while reducing everyone else (those in the middle, or unpolitical, or uninformed, etc) to a kind of cloying paternalist sub-human standard.

But Milo you must go two steps further, condemning not just abortion but also contraception and fornication, which create the conditions for mass abortion on demand.   Being opposed to abortion without opposing the evils that give rise to it is a bit like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke.



1. Margaret Costello - February 1, 2017

God bless Milo. Although I find myself disagreeing with two doctors of the Catholic Church…making prostitution legal? Legalizing public fornication? As a woman, a sister, and an aunt to five nieces, that horrifies me. I get how we are to be as lenient as possible, but on behalf of women everywhere, especially those lost and souless and desperate women in prostitution, we deserve better. God bless~

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2017

Shoot, forgot to mention that. I’m afraid Milo errs in that regard, he is seriously twisting Aquinas for sure and I’m rather certain Augustine, too. Neither said prostitution should be legal, just that it was a relatively minor crime.

Milo is growing and learning but still has a lot of baggage. I think he’s read someone’s interpretation of Aquinas and/or Augustine second or even third/fourth hand, that someone had an agenda, and that someone twisted what those great Doctors said.

My apology for not including a warning in the post.

2. Blaine - February 2, 2017

So I subscribe to the American conservative – and to be honest, their whole freak-out schtick over everything President Trump does is pushing me further and further right. I’m trending towards Breitbart for my news and commentary, and obviously Milo is over there. He is obviously over-the-top but dang if the kid doesn’t make sense.

Tantumblogo - February 2, 2017

Great to hear from you, Blaine! Maybe Trump/Mattis can bring some sanity to military personnel policy, and stop the leftist indoctrination? Any comment on whether you think that is possible?

But I have to keep my expectations realistic. If Trump gives us some solid Supreme Court justices – and the first one, while not my favorite, seems very solid – and keeps Hillary out of the White House, I’ll be quite pleased. Build the wall, stop muslims from coming in – those two might cost him all the political capital he has – and I’ll be really satisfied. Everything else would just be gravy.

I know there is a ton more to do, but relative to what I feared we would get 6 months ago compared to what we appear to be getting, I need to remember that every little thing Trump does is an immense improvement over what we would have gotten otherwise, which would have been total disaster.

Blaine - February 2, 2017

Good to be here!

I am very optimistic regarding SECDEF Mattis. What a solid pick. Look, I may be serving, but I’m no warrior. That being said I ran circles around the civilian chain of command during the last administration. Now, we have a real, honest to goodness warrior serving with us (not lording over us, his words). I am so overjoyed. If he cuts 1/10th of the silliness out it’ll be applauded.

I have to admit I’m happier and happier every day with my vote choice. The left melt-down on a daily basis proves it. They are a cornered animal, greatly wounded, and you almost have to admire their ferocity (while abhorring their methods, obviously). I don’t think President Trump is a type of savior, but I do believe he’s exactly what this country needs. It’s a wake up call from a long slumber. The economy is booming, housing is up, consumer confidence is high, factories are staying in or coming back to the U.S., and our country is the focal point of our Chief Executive.

God bless the USA, and God bless President Trump and his cabinet. May they be safe and care for those in their charge.

3. Tim - February 2, 2017

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