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Bishop Robert Barron and the Cult of Man February 2, 2017

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Before I begin, I’ll say that I have a sneaking admiration for Dave Rubin, the interviewer in question below.  Yes he’s an out n’ proud type who pretends to be married, and yes he’s an atheist and a liberal……..wait, why do I like him again?  Well, I don’t like him per se, but I do have some admiration for the fact that he is willing to hear out all comers, even those with radically different viewpoints, he despises the SJW Left, and he might even be heading towards a classical liberal/conservative standpoint. But he has many miles to go, which is why my respect for him is nascent and limited.

He recently had Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron on his interview program.  Bishop Barron, as has been his wont over the years, mixed in some fairly solid defenses of the Faith with some abject surrenders that to me obliterated whatever good he may have conveyed.  Michael Matt in the first video below largely shares my assessment, noting that Barron blew a golden opportunity to reach out in charity to a lost soul and seemed to put human respect far above the Truth of Jesus Christ:

There are all kinds of things to takeaway from Barron’s abject surrender on the subject of the intrinsically disordered nature of the sodomitical inclination and the evil of any acts associated with that inclination.

First, he says the Church has been “disordered” in focusing too much on the sin.  This is what he thinks of Sacred Doctrine?  Bishop, heal thyself – or better yet, get over thyself and your worldly opinions.

Secondly, there is much aping of the Franciscan notion of false mercy.  Barron appears to hardly believe in sin anymore, excepting of course for those hateful pharisaical neo-promethean right wingers.  They all go to hell.

But seriously, should we expect anything else from the man who reduced the story of Original Sin to “theological poetry?”  No wonder he holds extremely messed up views of moral theology.

We see again and again this notion that the poor benighted Church before Francis was doctrinaire, hard-hearted and merciless.  What a load of chaff.  First of all, the moral/doctrinal collapse has been setting in for 50+ years.  This is only the fulfilment of errors advanced for decades.  Far from being doctrinaire, the Church has been caving relentlessly on Doctrine for decades.

But even the shriveled husk of Doctrine defended by JPII and a few others is apparently too much for the new Church of infinite humility and Francismercy.

This is where all the modernism in the Church has been headed for decades – towards complete moral surrender and oblivion for souls.

Church of accompaniment far more concerned about the opinions of men and not giving offense than with proclaiming the Truth  of Jesus Christ

Even the poor soul in the interview is left wondering what the heck the Church believes, and seems surprised that it’s really this weak.  Rubin is an admitted atheist, what on earth in this exchange would possibly dissuade him from any of his current beliefs and practices – on these matters most closely related to his primary moral failing and his erroneous beliefs the bishop totally fails because he is more concerned with being perceived as a “nice guy” and not giving offense than he is with conveying Truth vital for this man’s salvation.

And that is the entire problem – the crisis – in the Church in a nutshell.  Even the “conservatives” fear the opinions of men far more than they do the judgment of God, who they have turned into a cosmic candy dispenser, handing out salvation to everyone who comes calling.

If they are not right, they face an awful, awful reckoning.

Here is the full interview.  Barron does give a fairly good account of himself at times, but that really just makes his collapse on sodomy all the more pernicious for he mixes truth with error as Aquinas warned against:


1. c matt - February 2, 2017

Barron strikes me as a nice enough fellow who does not want to offend, but also seems to have a bit of careerist in him. Blowing with the papal winds, so to speak.

2. The Lord's Blog - February 2, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Bishop Robert Barron……

3. The Lord's Blog - February 2, 2017

Click source here: https://jean2010.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/bishop-robert-barron-does-not-want-to-reverse-gay-marriage/

My commentary Church Militant as a subscriber:

Actually I cant say he isn’t right on one thing he didn’t mentioned but which sounds inferred. That inferred I justify here is give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and give unto God what is God’s. Caesar encouraged and ratified gay marriage. God’s church did not. Maybe most of the world doesn’t get this but it should be mentioned at every time.

Bishop Barron says this:

“What I question is the prudence and wisdom of pursuing the opposition to gay marriage right now through legislation. I believe that, given the present climate, it is best to oppose it through personal witness and education.”

This is where the separation of God’s things and the things of this world comes in. We don’t have to go along with Gay Marriage but we must have an understanding for why we don’t go along with it. That you can bring to the legislative people when necessary by writing to them. God’s view and the worlds view and the view we Catholics are to take. An educated and informed view that is.

I agree because that is why we have Courage Apostolate and I like others who have been in the lifestyle and express themselves in the church about coming back—-Joseph Sciambra for example.

We need to evangelize better and educate our people to do so on the subject of same sex.

Bishop Barron is still our brother. He may have made some mistakes on clarity but then we need to have a good discussion on these matters. We to must do the best we can to have an informed conscience.

The Lord's Blog - February 2, 2017

Excuse my spelling errors above.

The Lord's Blog - February 2, 2017

Excuse my grammer “I” wasn’t in the lifestyle.

4. Margaret Costello - February 2, 2017

Bishop Barron is a tool for the diabolical, not my “brother”. Sorry, but the state is the natural law arm of God. When the state actually legalizes one of the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance (abortion anyone?) then we need to do all we can in every sphere, including legislative, to end the evil and insanity. God is not to be separated from the State, that is the heresy of Americanism. If the State is the body, then the Church/God is the soul…separating them equals death. Where were all of these bishops when the Courts were hearing this evil case of legalizing sodomy and raising it to a sacrament? They hide behind terms of “prudence” and “wisdom” when what they are really doing is caving to the world, the flesh and devil rather than being the true Church Militant. We don’t need an understanding as to why we don’t go along with the intrinsic evil of sodomy. These are not “God’s” views versus the “worlds” views versus the “Catholic” view. This screams of moral relativism. There is only ONE true view, one objective truth and reality, and that is found in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that teaches sodomy is an intrinsic evil, a perversion and a destroyer of souls, families and culture. We Catholics, beginning with the hierachy, need to man-up and speak these objective truths…leading people away from lies, destruction and death and into the truth, life and happiness that is only found living in a state of grace and life of virtue:+) God bless~

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6. cici1230 - February 4, 2017

So very disappointed in Bishop Barron and this interview. It’s hard enough listening to the Catholic left and their pro abortion views, everything our faith stands against, but to listen to a teacher I have trusted to teach my children the faith doesn’t have the courage to stand up for that faith? VERY DISHEARTENING. It just keeps coming from all directions! Our faith is at a turning point; all faithful, truly faithful will need to come forward or just let if fall to the depths of insanity.

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