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A (true) Liberal’s Perspective on the Left and Berkeley February 3, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic.

I like Sargon of Akkad, a Youtube presenter named after an ancient Sumerian emperor.  He is a liberal, but not a leftist.  In fact, he is a bitter opponent of all hard leftism, especially communism. I think it fair to say he despises Social Justice Warriors of all stripes.  He is unfortunately a fairly committed atheist, but this rarely comes out in most of his videos.  He does also unfortunately use a lot of bad language and occasionally blasphemes, as people lost in this culture with no religious bearing tend to do.

Having said that, his analysis of the Left and their descent into totalitarian persecution of others is extremely valuable because it comes from a left-wing-spectrum point of view.  Sargon is no right winger.  He is what much of the Labour  Party in Britain and the Democrat Party in the US used to be, a man concerned over the plight of the working class and someone who very much desires to see their condition bettered.  He favors what used to be mainstream Democrat/Labour policies – progressive taxation, a generous social safety net, economic nationalism over a one world economy, etc. But he also disfavors the kind of pants-wetting social concerns we see out of Democrats and similar of late over fractional social issues and the Left’s efforts to Balkanize the West into warring camps.

He takes some getting used to.  He cusses even more than Gavin McInnes.  But boy does he make some excellent points, which are all the more valuable as he is not coming from a right-wing perspective.  He had some really good commentary on Wednesday’s night’s debacle in Berzerkely, which has gotten wide enough coverage I probably don’t need to explain further.  He especially focuses on the Left’s increasing recourse to violence, a recourse necessary as their political program which looked so assured just a few  years ago unravels into more and more of a shambles.  Total political failure is a major motivating factor for having recourse to violence, but their failure, as Sargon notes, has been increasingly global and very, very much earned.

FINAL WARNING.  HE DROPS F-BOMBS LEFT AND RIGHT AND BLASPHEMES THE LORD’S NAME ONCE.  YOUR CHOICE.  But there is excellent commentary especially on the Left’s decision to label all opponents as Nazis, and then decide all Nazis are so unworthy of discussion/debate as to make punching them not just acceptable but a moral necessity, thus leading to what we got last night in New York and Wed night in Berkeley:

Looks like we need another Vietnam to thin out their ranks a little.



1. Mike Minnis - February 3, 2017

The rioters who are claiming they are protesting against Nazi’s are either ignorant of history or intentionally using Nazi tactics in an effort to silence opposition. In other words, the “anti-Nazi’s” are demonstrating against themselves.

Tantumblogo - February 3, 2017

They don’t care about consistency or hypocrisy. They emote, and are only concerned with their feelz. That, and power. When you start to think your feelz are a better path to power than anything else………watch out.

2. The Lord's Blog - February 3, 2017

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Liberals Persepctive…….

3. Amillennial - February 6, 2017

Good to hear from a liberal who hasn’t lost his dang mind.

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