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Update on my boy February 7, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, family.

My boy is doing better but he’s far from out of the woods.  Still not entirely himself.

We’re going to be in hospital for some time.  Meningitis has been ruled out, Deo gratias.  But there is something potentially more serious.  We will know more tomorrow.  I thank you so much for your prayers.  Please, in your charity, continue them.



1. FidelityJane - February 7, 2017

Continuing prayers for little Benedict.I believe the news tomorrow will be good. God bless you and give you peace tonight.

2. NickD - February 7, 2017

Keeping up the prayers. Thank God, it isn’t meningitis. Praying for God’s grace and deliverance

3. Blaine - February 7, 2017

Tantum, don’t know where my comment went on yesterday’s thread, but your son and family were an intention for the rosary my son and I say nightly. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. It seems we have so many good people’s health to pray for of late. God bless y’all.

4. Catechist Kev - February 7, 2017

Prayers up, Tantum.

Catechist Kev

5. Amillennial - February 7, 2017

“I thank you so much for your prayers. Please, in your charity, continue them.”

You got it.

6. Vox Cantoris (@VoxCantoris) - February 7, 2017

God bless your little son, and all of you.

7. Tim - February 7, 2017

Our prayers continuing! God bless you all.

8. docmx001 - February 7, 2017

More prayers.

9. paselma - February 7, 2017

Prayers continue andBenedict will be “in the chalice ” at noon Mass in Michigan City IN 

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10. Rebecca - February 7, 2017


11. Baseballmomof8 - February 7, 2017

We won’t stop praying, you know that.

12. skeinster - February 7, 2017

Rosary last night, Morning offering today. Love to you and all the family.
So glad you’re getting some answers, will keep praying for a good result.

13. Margaret Costello - February 7, 2017

Will keep the prayers up…keep us posted, k? Peace and goodness to you:+) God is good:+) God bless~

14. Richard - February 7, 2017


15. Faith of Our Fathers - February 7, 2017

Lord Jesus watch over your Son and your family. You Take Care and God Bless .

16. Magdalene - February 7, 2017

I think I saw the news on Facebook.
Time to double down on prayers of intercession.

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