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Another Update on My Boy Benedict February 8, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

First of all, thank all of you SO MUCH for the enormous outpouring of prayers, Masses, meals, offers of assistance, and many other forms of kindness.  We have been overwhelmed by all the love that has been shown.  Truly this is what defines the sublime, often misunderstood word, Catholic.

My boy is doing quite well at present.  When I walked into the ER yesterday after his seizure he did not know who I was.  He has regained probably 90% of his mental faculties but still has a little way to go.  He’s up and about though, has no more headache, ate a ton…..he’s feeling pretty good at present.

Having said that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  It is still being characterized but signs to date indicate it is most likely not malignant.  He has probably had it for some time, possibly even since birth.  It is also likely the cause for his problems with reading, even though he is an ace at math, science, and religion.

At any rate another night in the hospital with introduction of anti- seizure meds.  Surgery is not thought necessary at this point.  The tumor will be monitored and decisions on surgical intervention made based on how he does and whether it starts to grow or otherwise changes behavior.  It is possible surgery may never be required, but the probability is that it will someday but hopefully not for years.  Till then we’ll just have to trust in God and take it day by day.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  I know you will keep them up, and please do!  This is going to be a long effort.  Only God’s Grace will sustain us through it, and your prayers are a huge part of that.  Thank God that my boy survived a bad seizure and is steadily improving.  Every day, even every hour, is such a blessing. Racing to the hospital 30 miles away Monday morning……..well, I’m sure you can imagine my thoughts.  I have seen so much suffering at the only Level 1 trauma center for children serving a population of 12 million that I know both how blessed I am and how tenuous life is.

I’m happy I could share these updates with my online family.  May God bless and reward you all for your kindness.

My blessing, my boy:




1. Andrew - February 8, 2017

God be praised! He will remain in my prayers.

2. MrT - February 8, 2017

Benedict and your family have my prayers.

3. Astrid - February 8, 2017

What a sweet little boy. May Gods will be done, blessed be Our Holy Lord and His beloved Mother. AMDG

4. Blaine - February 8, 2017

About to start my Rosary for y’all and a cousin who… well the news isn’t so good. Blessings to you.

5. Michele Kerby - February 8, 2017

Keeping up the prayers. I’m so glad it’s nothing worse than what it is.

6. Mitchell H - February 8, 2017

My prayers for your and your family continue, and may St. Luke intercede with wisdom for his doctors that they are right on the ball with their diagnosis. Keep the faith!

7. Carol - February 8, 2017

Benedict is a beautiful child and he will bring many blessings into the lives of each member of your family. I praise the Lord for Benedict and the opportunity to thank Him for this child and all children, as they are His special gifts to keep us on our knees!

8. Baseballmomof8 - February 8, 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time to update us… prayers for all of you continue….

9. The Lord's Blog - February 8, 2017

I once read somewhere that someone kept thinking and praying that tumor would shrink some years ago. Don’t know how true the story but lets pray the Lord shrinks the little one’s tumor. Amen.

10. The Lord's Blog - February 8, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Safely in the arms of family…………

11. paselma@aol.com - February 8, 2017

Prayers continue.

My sister Anne, when the best MDs and hospitals in Chicago could not solve the problem, sent her records to famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After they reviewed the records and invited her and her spouse up for a personal evaluation, they resolved a brain problem (cyst on brainstem, tears in meninges) and she was home within a week and is now back teaching full time.

This is not the first time our family has had relief at Mayo which could not be found elsewhere.

You may wish to consider it as a “second opinion” place.

Prayers always, of course, are the intercession to the Divine Healer. They will continue.


12. Colleen Hammond - February 8, 2017

Our oldest had a brain tumor that required surgeries, so I know a bit about what you’re going through! Prayers!!!!

13. FidelityJane - February 8, 2017

This is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and family. And thank you for sharing the update in such a timely way. Benedict is a handsome and very happy looking little fellow. Who wouldn’t be crazy about a boy like that?! Thank you again for the update…so happy!

14. MT - February 8, 2017

What a cute fellow!! I am a mom to all boys so I am partial to them 🙂
We will continue prayers here for your family. God bless.

15. Christine Rademacher - February 8, 2017

I prayed a Memorare for your son and will keep him and family in my prayers.
Keep us posted.

16. Michael Jarman - February 8, 2017

The anti-seizure meds are pretty good these days. They have helped my son. Pray God Benedict may have the same result.

17. MFG - February 8, 2017

Encouraged to hear the news he’s stable and regaining his memory. Will continue to pray.

18. lily0406 - February 8, 2017

Just to let you know –

I did pray for your son today at Mass. My husband had his first seizure in a school cafeteria when he was 15 years old. Many years ago – they did not have the MRI – they had limited x rays and found what they called calcium deposits on the brain. They treated him with meds to control those seizures too. Any way – at the age of 34, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a baseball – what later they came to believe that he really had a child hood tumor all this time – that is why perhaps he would limp when playing baseball or have some trouble swinging that bat. He had surgery to remove part of the tumor as they said they believed it was very slow growing since childhood. However, one year later, he had emergency surgery for total resurrection of this tumor as it started growing rapidly and needed to be removed. What I wanted to say is that we prayed to our Blessed Mother and my family started a novena to Saint Theresa – we were granted a miracle from that novena and we had a great doctor who was also Catholic – it is a beautiful story – my husband is now 61 and he is still working. Yes, he has experienced complications, but many graces.

I will continue to pray for your son and those beautiful novenas are gifts to us.


19. Margaret Costello - February 8, 2017

Thanks for the update and the pic of your sweet boy:+) Do your research on the seizure drugs, make sure he takes loads of pre and probiotics to counteract any damage the drugs do to the gut. Stay away from any Benzodiazepines since they cause major damage if taken long term. You’ve been thru the whirlwind and it seems as though you have come out the other side a grateful man:+) God is good:+) We love you:+) God bless~

20. skeinster - February 8, 2017

So thankful you got a diagnosis- not knowing is awful. Prayers continuing.

21. Tim - February 8, 2017

Wonderful picture….be assured of our continued prayers!

22. Brian Miles - February 8, 2017

Praise be to Jesus Christ! O Mary, conceived without sin, please remove all cancer from little Benedict, whole and entire!

23. Rebecca - February 8, 2017

Thanks be to God they were able to diagnose the problem and it’s not life-threatening.

24. TLM - February 8, 2017

Have been praying for him and your entire family, although have not posted. I can assure you, you most likely have an ‘entire army’ praying that you are completely unaware of. God has BLESSED him and your family with a good prognosis, yes something you will have to always watch and be aware of, but good news non the less. When you have an army storming heaven, it proves to be powerful indeed!
Blessings to your little Benedict and your family!!

25. Judy - February 8, 2017

Praying for your whole family. Hoping this will comfort you: My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor as a child. He had to have yearly MRI’s, and they were especially watchful during his adolescence, thinking that all those growth hormones would trigger growth in the tumor as well. It never did increase in size, and he is now in his forties.

26. tg - February 8, 2017

What a handsome little boy. I have included him in my Our Lady of Lourdes novena, rosaries and Hail Mary’s. I will keep him in my prayers as well and you and rest of your family.

27. Tamara - February 8, 2017

We will be praying for Benedict and all your family in our daily Rosary to give you strength and consolation day by day.

28. PTB - February 10, 2017

Your son and family have my prayers. PTB

29. Ursula - February 10, 2017

My son had seizures as a baby, but no cause was determined. I know how terrifying it can be, but know that we have your little boy and your family in our prayers.

30. LaGallina - February 10, 2017

Little Benedict, and all your family, are in my familys prayers!

31. David - February 13, 2017


We said some prayer intentions for your family last Tuesday (the 7th) at our Knights meeting. You did the right thing driving 30 miles to a pediatric trauma center.

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