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It Will Be Light Posting Again This Week February 14, 2017

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No, no more pressing health problems, for the moment, thank God, but I am stuck in all day meetings three days this week with a hard rule on no laptops or phones.  You can thank the VP of Quality for that.  Her rule, not mine.  So, I won’t have really any time to post until Friday, at best, and I’m sure I’ll be playing a lot of catchup then.

A little quickie to tide you over, some data that is as satisfying to your snarky side as it is revealing.  A German study has found that 90% of the most hardcore leftist “protestors” in that country still live at home, and a huge percentage are unemployed.  I doubt the situation is much different in this country, most of the so-called “antifa” (anti-fascist) radicals here are associated with various universities, either as part-time students, professional students, drop-outs, staff, and/or hangers on.  It has been revealed that a number of the most violent rioters in Berkeley were faculty or staff of that benighted institution (I heard somewhere – I think from Milo – that only 37% of recent Berkeley graduates are employed?):

A new study shows that over 90 percent of the anti-fascist protestors in Europe are still living in their mother’s basement.

Heat Streetreports that the study found that 92 percent of the protesters at these anti-fascist rallies that are believed to have committed violence still live with their parents. Heat Street also notes the following findings from the study:

  • 84% are male
  • 72% are aged 18-29
  • 90% are single
  • 34% are unemployed

These “Antifa” protesters have been behind the violent protests that occurred on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the riots that occurred in U.C. Berkeley when Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak. In fact, it seems that the violence didn’t start until the “Antifa” thugs appeared, according to International Business Times.

In reality, most of these “spontaneous protests” are nothing of the kind, they are carefully planned and organized, while most of the hardcore of this group are basically paid activists/protestors/activists. They are paid by the demonrat party and many allied George Soros funded groups.  Many people have found ads on Craig’s List and other sites that attest to this fact, where advertisements appear regularly offering pay for taking part in protest-riots.  It’s all astroturf, fake grass roots uprisings conducting politics by other means, attempting to achieve on the streets through violence what the failed and rejected leftist agenda failed to win at the ballot box.  It’s exceedingly dangerous to fund and support groups like this, not only with money but with increasingly extremist and unhinged rhetoric – thinks like this can easily spin out of control.

Which may be the point of it all.  As I said, politics by other means.  When their political program utterly fails to attract the support of the majority, the historical tendency of the Left is to resort to violence.  More and more people are noting that a kind of civil war, whether fought with armed combat or not, is in the offing.

At any rate, I’m off for a 1st birthday party for my youngest, have a blessed few days and I’ll try to catch up with you on Friday.

h/t reader TT for the link to Rush



1. Baseballmomof8 - February 15, 2017

Oh my goodness…. one year old already???? How can that be????

2. old school - February 16, 2017

“all day meetings three days this week with a hard rule on no laptops or phones” — Whoa. How can the VP get away with that nowadays ? I think a lot of the younger participants, if there are any, might feel like complaining to OSHA or something. Three days — all day — without phone or computer ? How abusive ! (LOL)

Tantumblogo - February 16, 2017

Dude this place is the last stand of the old white dude. Coming from Cisco and Fujitsu, which were overrun with Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese – friggin UN wall to wall – this place is incredible. It’s almost all white and male, and a large number are well over 50.

Interestingly, however, the VP in question is a little Jewish woman. Very New York. But smart as a whip. Her meeting, her rules.

3. David - February 16, 2017


Your corporate culture sounds like EDS when Ross Perot was hands on in the 1970s and 80s. Dark suit, short hair, ties, no facial hair, no casual Fridays, no black cowboy boots, etc.

Tantumblogo - February 16, 2017

It’s not that bad. She just really really wanted people to pay attention in the meeting and not be buried in their own work in their laptops. I kinda get it, but I think it went a bit far.

As for me, I’m growing a beard and wear boots every day. Really it’s an OK place to work, better than my previous one. This meeting was a bit of a departure from normal.

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