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Pope Francis Mandates All Catholics Convert to Lutheranism!11! February 16, 2017

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I actually thought it would be Calvinism, but I guess the “god” of surprises has shocked again.  From Eye of the Tiber, which I have neglected for too long:

Just hours after Pope Francis published his latest work Reformatio Si, Catholic theologian Cardinal Walter Kasper told reporters that, though Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation mandating all Catholics convert to Lutheranism might be tough to comprehend, he nevertheless prayed that they have faith in the same Holy Spirit that not only chose Francis to become pope, but also “was the instrument behind the works of St. Martin Luther.”

“I would like to say that, though this new exhortation is a few hundred years coming, it’s finally here,” Kasper said. “Honesty, I think that controversies surrounding Reformatio Si are ludicrous. Luther reformed a corrupt Church, meaning that his ideas were superior to the Catholic faith, and since God calls us to greatness, we then ought to except the superiority and greatness of Luther’s teachings.”

“Listen, and listen to me clearly,” Kasper went on to say. “I got 95 thesis but a pope ain’t one. I understand that and Francis understands that. And that’s why, as of tomorrow, Pope Francis will relinquish his title as Head of the Whore of Babylon, and will kindly ask to simply be called ‘Pastor Jorge.’ He has been given a part-time job as Associate Youth Pastor in Training at Atonement Lutheran Church in Louisville Kentucky. We ask everyone to pray that he does well.”

I needed a laugh.  But then again, maybe it’s not so funny after all.  A little too close to the mark.  More on that tomorrow, God willing and time available.



1. Baseballmomof8 - February 16, 2017

Dude! Ya had me going for a bit 😀

2. aquinas54 - February 16, 2017

Me too. But once again, satire is funny because it is based in truth.


3. TLM - February 16, 2017

Well, when the CDW is looking at changes in the N.O. Mass and especially with the Eucharistic Prayer in order to be more welcoming to Protestants as instructed by ‘Pope Francis’, it’s not terribly funny to me. Has anyone seen some of the ‘proposals’ for the Mass changes? Ha! They’re a joke!!!!!!!!! Put into play it would render the N.O. Mass COMPLETELY INVALID!!!!! It’s close to that already, but this would absolutely do the trick. And…………they are talking about making the TLM more in line with the N.O. Mass…….I don’t see how this would fly realistically, but why are they even kicking this around? I mean really, this is getting to the point of complete INSANITY.

Headlines in the ‘Catholic Herald’ this morning: “The Church is Now in a Full Blown Civil War over Doctrine.” And this is referring of course to A.L. and Communion for ‘irregular marriages’. Pray God they don’t start on changes in the Mass!!!! I feel like we are living in the ‘Twilight Zone.’

tg - February 17, 2017

I wonder what the FSSP would do if changes had to be made to the TLM. I now understand why my parents quit going to Mass when it changed. May God forgive them but now I understand why. All the things my father couldn’t stand – Eucharistic ministers, communion in the hand, hand shaking – I can’t stand. Once in a while, there is beauty in a NO Mass like Easter vigil but most of the time it’s sterile and protestant like I actually like daily Mass better cause it’s shorter, quieter, and only 2 lousy hymns plus no handshake.

4. Brian Springer - February 17, 2017

I haven’t seen any of these proposals, care to share them? Though I’m afraid I’ll have a heart-attack if you do. I’d write to all the priest I know demanding that they do something so that everything will be alright, but there is probably no point. Even if some people cared, it wouldn’t stop these alleged changes from happening.

I should simmer down on these doom and gloom post, but nothing from what I’m noticing, tells me that we’ll be spared.

5. sam - February 17, 2017

I have my luther holy cards are on the ready for parsing out anytime!

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