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Texas Lt. Gov. Tells NFL to Buzz Off Over Transgender Bathroom Interference February 17, 2017

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Many people, even Texans, are not be aware that by far the most influential/powerful office in Texas state government is that of Lieutenant Governor.  The Lieutenant Governor sets the legislative agenda and has a powerful rule-making position in the state senate.  The office of governor is much more of a figurehead position that holds only limited powers, the ability to veto legislation being probably the foremost of these.

With that in mind, it is significant that legislation was proposed last month for the upcoming legislative session that would allow private enterprises to set their own policies with regard to this insane “let’s let deranged grown men use the same bathroom as little girls” issue that came to the fore last year under heavy pressure from the Obama administration.  Schools and some other public entities would be required to maintain single-sex restrooms.

Shortly after the most recent Super Bowl, which took place in Texas, the NFL decided to huff and puff over this grievous offense to their increasingly radical left-wing sensibilities.  An NFL official threatened that should the bill pass, the NFL would block awarding future Super Bowls to the state.  Many noted the irony of the timing – they only spoke out after the Super Bowl occurred.

Was Lt. Governor, a stalwart pro-lifer, going to be swayed by this attempted influence?  No, no he was not:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told the National Football League to “get out of politics” and “not tell states what their public policy is” Wednesday after the NFL warned the state about moving forward with a transgender bathroom bill.

Just one week after the NFL held the Super Bowl in Houston, league spokesman Brian McCarthy issued a statement advising the state of Texas to carefully consider whether or not to pass Senate Bill 6, also known as the Texas Privacy Act. The bill, which was proposed in January, allows businesses to choose their own bathroom policies while prohibiting schools from allowing students to use bathrooms or locker rooms whose specified gender does not match their biological sex.

“The NFL needs to get out of politics. They need to stick to their business,” Patrick said Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “Does [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell, who didn’t care about people not respecting the national anthem, who took a while to come down on domestic violence — does he support boys and girls showering together in the 10th grade? Is that what the NFL is for?”

Although the bill was proposed in January, the NFL conveniently waited until the Super Bowl occurred in Texas a month later before issuing its political statement……..

……….But because the NFL is not a school, the Texas Privacy Act would allow the league to institute its own bathroom policies as it sees fit……

 ……”We’re a free enterprise state. If a business wants to be as stupid as Target and run off their business and see their stock drop 25 percent, let them do it,” Patrick said, referencing Target’s decision last year to announce that its patrons could use whichever restroom they wished. [Nice. Thank you.]
“We say that no school can have a policy that boys and girls share showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms. So the NFL thinks that’s discriminatory?” Patrick said. “If Roger Goodell is worried about our bill, then why doesn’t he announce that next season every stadium in the NFL is going to allow men in the ladies’ room? I don’t think that would fly with any of the NFL owners. The NFL needs to just stand on the sideline and not tell states what their public policy is.”
Well, should the legislature follow through and pass this bill as is generally expected, Texas can descend, along with North Carolina, even further into that basket of irredeemable deplorables that are so hated.
Here’s an idea – if we’re so rotten and evil, why not just let us leave and go our own way?


1. Blaine - February 17, 2017

If Texas goes it’s own way, you think it has room for four more? I’ve lived there before, and my wife grew up there…

2. Tim - February 17, 2017

“Here’s an idea – if we’re so rotten and evil, why not just let us leave and go our own way?”

They don’t want that…..they want TOTAL control and our role in their view is to capitulate or die. IT’S. JUST. THAT. SIMPLE.

If Texas leaves, I’ll immigrate…..legally!

3. The Lord's Blog - February 17, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

4. Pat Scott - February 17, 2017

Good for TEXAS!!! Glad I live here!

5. Randy the Redneck - February 17, 2017

Long time supporter of Texas’ independence. Also of Puerto Rican independence, for different reasons, and lately of California independence.

Tired of the NFL in the 80s and from what I know today, I personally cannot see how I could juxtapose watching the Super Bowl with my supposed Catholicity. But, like our Holy Father, I am no one to judge anyone else.

Concerned, though, that the engineered dilution of the entire country has not spared Texas.

6. Numbskull - February 18, 2017

Dan Patrick has come a long way since having a vasectomy live on the air, back when he was a radio jockey in H-town.

7. Amillennial - February 20, 2017

Look up and consider joining with The Texas Nationalist Movement.

8. Camper - February 20, 2017

I thought that the Speaker of the House was about as powerful as the Lt. Gov. I already knew, though, that the Lt. Gov. was more powerful than the Governor.

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