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Call to Oppose Fox Program “The Mick” February 22, 2017

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Aside from a bit of football, mostly college, we never watch TV.  Even watching football on a Saturday afternoon is problematic, at least, because of the commercials.  We generally turn the channel or turn it off.

So the likelihood that we would stumble on this atrocious new program from Fox called “The Mick” is low, but I’ve got to say I think I saw ads for it during a bowl game.  It looked terrible, and it seems it is.  It inspires me to want to get rid of the TV someone gave us a couple of years ago.  Here are the problems with this new program, to air during the “family hours” of prime time:

And what exactly is “The Mick”?

It’s a “comedy” series featuring “Micky”, an irresponsible, foul-mouthed, cigarette-smoking alcoholic, pill popping woman who assumes guardianship of her spoiled niece and nephews.

It features unprotected teen sex, a child consuming quantities of birth control pills. Strong language (“b*tch,” “a$$,”) and crude sexual references are frequent, with kicking, screaming, and slapping.

And it’s airing right now in the “family hour”, when programming is supposed to be appropriate for any age.

But is this program “appropriate”?  Just listen to this:

  • Kids get slapped in the face repeatedly.
  • There is underage drinking, foul language, and drug use.”
  • Along with an incredible array of inappropriate sexual banter, and nasty talk.

And it gets even worse.  Mick lets her teenage niece have boys in her room, and smiles with approval when she hears banging coming from upstairs.

So is Mick a “cool aunt?”

Or is this twisted and warped entertainment – using kids to promote contraception, homosexuality, and transgenderism?

More from this site where you can sign a petition opposing the airing of this program:

Lindsay Kornick with the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters writes: “There is nothing decent about The Mick. Not the topic, not the characters, and most definitely not the humor.”

Little Boy in Dress Says It ‘Breezes on My V*****’ in Twisted Trailer for ‘The Mick’

Fox Comedy Features 6YO ‘Trans’ Boy Wearing Bondage Gag

I don’t know how effective this kind of opposition is. You’re probably better off telling Fox that, thanks to them, you’ve decided to cancel your cable/satellite/broadband subscription and won’t be viewing ANY programming, least of all theirs.

We always hear what a fallacy the slippery slope argument is, and, logically speaking, it can be, but this all started with short skirts and innuendo in the 60s, fell into more bawdy and controversial humor in the 70s, then descended into outright nudity, profanity, and immorality in the 80s and 90s.  Television programming is enormously powerful and has probably played THE key role in the advance of the sodomite and other perverse agendas – indeed, as the orchestrators of those agendas deliberately planned that to be.  The infamous book laying out the “gay agenda” in the late 80s – After the Ball – spoke of using TV and the movies to first normalize sodomy, and then so glorify it as to be in many senses viewed as superior to morally upright use of the marital faculties.  And so here we are today, with transgender 6 year olds wearing ball gags, for pity’s sake.  What a travesty.  All along, people have been pooh-poohed who warned that the steady decline in morality in broadcast media would lead to exactly what we see today, and we were all lectured by our cultural betters what fools such nattering nabobs of negativity were.

Couple this post with the previous one for a course of appropriate action, perhaps.



1. Rebecca - February 22, 2017

I can’t even believe this airs on Fox. Talk about not understanding your target audience. I’ll sign the petition, but, like you, cancelled my cable subscription a long time ago. Cable losing customers like mad and they think it’s because of Netflix. Nope, it’s because of the programs and commercials.

Tantumblogo - February 22, 2017

Yes ma’am! And great point about Fox, with a conservative-leaning cable news channel but one of the most egregiously offensive popular entertainment channels around. And they’ve been leading in this cultural descent since their founding in the 80s. “Married with Children” was very offensive for its time.

Rebecca - February 22, 2017

Didn’t really watch that show, so didn’t realize it was on Fox.

Tim - February 23, 2017

Conservative ain’t what it used to be. Look at Brietbart’s token sodomite “Milo”. Just a foul mouthed faggot who happens to espouse some politically conservative views. His lifestyle is absolute vile and evil.

Camper - February 24, 2017

Refreshing to hear some straight talk from somebody who hasn’t lost sight of Jerusalem, if I may use an analogy. Thank you.

c matt - February 23, 2017

Netflix isn’t much better content wise, BUT, at least you can pick what you want to watch and when. In a sense, you control the programming within the bounds of what’s on offer.

Rebecca - February 23, 2017

You’re right Netflix isn’t much better, but that is the excuse the talking heads are giving for people cancelling their cable.
On the upside the Christian Pureflix is now available along with the Catholic Formed. I tried Pureflix. It had some cute movies, but not enough Catholic content. Haven’t tried Formed yet.

2. tg - February 23, 2017

One Million Moms sends me emails and I sign so many petitions, I know I signed this one.

3. Randy the Redneck - February 23, 2017

Fox. Fox News. Who is it that owns that? Follow that clue…

TV? Wazzat? Got one? Gotta dumpster?

4. Numbskull - February 23, 2017

As an Irish Mick myself, I’m offended.

Tim - February 23, 2017

The modern day response to being offended seems to be to start a riot. I’ve got Irish ancestry myself……perhaps we should get planning!

5. c matt - February 23, 2017

We always hear what a fallacy the slippery slope argument is, and, logically speaking, it can be,

This is sort of a pet peeve of mine – that “slippery slope” arguments are somehow invalid in discussing morals or social policy because it is allegedly a “logical fallacy”. It is only a “logical fallacy” in the sense that if A, then B must follow is not always true. However, that is not what the “slippery slope” argument proposes in most cases. In most cases, it proposes that if A, then B is highly likely, very likely or likely to follow. And in many cases, the slippery slope argument has been proven highly predictive (e.g., decriminalization of sodomy will lead to acceptance of gay marriage will lead to the required approval of sodomy). Slippery slope arguments are perfectly valid for discussing social policy because human beings do not act strictly according to logic.

Another argument that is often confused for a slippery slope is “if you remove the basis for objecting to X, then you have no logical basis for rejecting Y, which shares the same basis.” Thus, if you remove the basis for objecting to SSM (e.g., we should not penalize or prohibit what consenting adults agree to) you also remove the basis for objecting to polygamy (what consenting adults agree to).

6. The Lord's Blog - February 23, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Sexual revolution should be over by now………….

7. Amillennial - February 23, 2017

Another diabolical program aimed directly at kids and young adults is Steven Universe. You’ve been warned.

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