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Did an American Hermit Predict Donald Trump Would Lead a Great Spiritual Revival in the US? February 22, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in fun, General Catholic, huh?, priests, Restoration, Society, the struggle for the Church.

I haven’t much time, but was sent this yesterday by reader D.  I’ve never heard of the priest before.  He claims, through rather providential circumstances, to have met at American hermit living in Loreto many years ago, a man who predicted decades before last year’s election that Donald J. Trump would lead a great spiritual or religious revival in this nation.  Take it for what you will, it’s certainly interesting, to say the least:

Look, I am grateful to have Trump.  Anybody but Hillary.  And he’s done some pretty good things so far, along with a few not so good ones, like letting the “Dream Act” illegals remain, apparently.  His undermining of the self-serving elitist uniparty of indifference and self-enrichment is a great achievement in itself.  But I do think people sometimes have exaggerated expectations for the man.  He’s never been particularly devout or Christian.  His personal morality is uninspiring, to say the least. So, I’m a bit doubtful about the great 21st century American Catholic Restoration being inspired by this man, but there is certainly nothing wrong in maintaining a pious hope that such may occur.  Lord knows, we need it.

I’m out for the day.  It always happens like this, I have a proverbial ton of great material for the blog and no time to share it!  Perhaps God may will that I may have more time tomorrow.  I tried to get a few things out today.



1. MrT - February 22, 2017

Everybody get out your copy of the Pieta prayer book and see if some page has the first or last letters of several contiguous lines spelling “donaldjtrump”. 🙂

2. Mary - February 22, 2017

He may make a renewal possible just by not being hell bent on snuffing us out. In this last election I felt like some minorities in third world countries must feel, and that is our choice is down to this: vote for the one who doesn’t plan on killing you.

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4. Numbskull - February 23, 2017

This reminds me of the genius who predicted in his 1986 high school yearbook, that the Cubs would finally win a World Series….in 2016!

5. Annette - March 1, 2017

My brother researched the priest in the video and found his phone number, called him and discussed this story. Father said it was all true. Why don’t you find his phone number and call him rather than speculating the truth of the story.

Tantumblogo - March 2, 2017

I don’t see what value that adds. I assume he is relating what he considers the truth in the video, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. But I have no idea of his personal credibility or whether he is prone to flights of fancy or anything of the sort. A phone call won’t confirm or deny that either way.

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