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The Elites Got Their Scalp – Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns Brietbart February 22, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Basics, cultural marxism, disaster, Endless Corruption, error, horror, persecution, priests, sadness, scandals, secularism, sexual depravity, sickness, Society.

While it may seem like a tempest in a teacup, or perhaps the well-earned and inevitable downfall of someone who created a name for himself by flaunting social (or elite) convention constantly and brazenly, I do have grave concerns over the rapid and seemingly near-total destruction of Milo Yiannopolous over the past two days.  He just announced his “resignation” from Brietbart a little while ago, but from what I have heard and read the resignation was forced and eagerly desired by some Brietbart staffers who had grown annoyed at Milo’s popularity and antics.  His lucrative book deal has been cancelled.  He claims he has many new projects in the works, but his name has probably been permanently sullied by this “high tech lynching,” to quote Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

For those unaware of what I am discussing, videos were published, first on sites very closely linked to several high-power establishment Repubniks, containing highly edited statements from Milo Yiannopolous – videos recorded many months to a year+ ago –  that gave the appearance that he either supported, apologized for, or had some sympathy for pedophilia.  When it was shown that his words were being completely twisted, slightly less edited versions were released that made it appear that Milo was at least of questionable judgment on this matter.  Milo maintains he was speaking of personal experience and that he is a bitter opponent of pedophiles.

I have had many thoughts and been rather conflicted about all this.  First of all, this is obviously a carefully engineered takedown of someone who was a rising threat to the dominant uniparty elites.  The offending comments were made long ago and were the “juiciest” things that hundreds of thousands of dollars of oppo research could find.  And they were definitely not good. I think it’s confirmed now that Milo’s perversion is not an act and that it seriously affects aspects of his judgments, and not in a good way.

Amazingly, as all this has developed, it seems the Novus Ordo church played a significant role in Milo’s downfall, and I don’t mean just this week’s developments.  Assuming he is being truthful, Milo was first exposed to the sodomite lifestyle by an English Catholic priest.  That was his first “experience,” when he was 13.  What a tragedy.  What a scandal.  Even more incredibly, very few people have even batted an eye at this revelation.  “Oh yes another priest raped and morally ruined a young boy, yawn……”  I mean, that’s’ been the overall reaction.  That the Church has been involved in the moral corruption of a young boy yet again, something which not only ruined him but likely his entire family……..it makes me want to throw up.  And yes I know this went on before VII, but VII did not materialize from a vacuum. The very fact there were perverts of this type corrupting the priesthood was a significant factor in the phenomenon we call Vatican II even coming into being.

But this revelation brings two very important points to the fore: one, those who suffer childhood sex abuse are never quite right again.  Their ability to judge certain moral matters, especially those related to their own sexuality, are almost always forever compromised by the violent taking of their innocence. Secondly, a great many sodomites are sodomites because they were abused by men at a very young age.  Thus, this entire sequence of sorry events is not entirely surprising.

That is to say, I agree quite a bit with Sargon’s analysis below, which, while generally apologizing for Milo, admits that he probably had to turn his abuse into a “good thing” to mentally and emotionally deal with such unimaginably deep and hurtful wounds (LANGUAGE WARNING):

I’ll add a few more thoughts, sort of randomly.  First of all, the various ages of consent in differing nations are more or less arbitrary.  It’s 16 in England, 14 in Germany, generally 17 or 18 in the US,  etc.  Of course there is no such thing in muslim countries, where young boys are systematically abused with societal and religious approval and girls as young as 8 or 9 are sold as “brides.”

Is the US with relatively high ages of consent more moral?  But wasn’t Saint Elizabeth of Hungary married at age 14?  In fact, throughout the Age of Faith, the great and high Middle Ages, marriage at such ages was routine.  Of course, people generally died much younger, too, but I don’t think 13th century Spain or 11th century Italy was less Christian or less moral than these United States, or anywhere in the world today.  Not that I think such is appropriate today, nor would I want that for my 6 daughters.  I am merely stating that all these things are really just conventions and are almost wholly arbitrary.

The other things is, Milo is right, those who are carrying out this attempted destruction are not doing so out of moral outrage.  They are doing it to take out a target they don’t like.  The real target is not Yiannopolous.  It’s Steve Bannon, and more importantly, Donald Trump.  Milo was, whatever one may think of him, energizing an entirely new generation towards conservative/libertarian/populist beliefs, and there was a very strong cross-over between the thousands of kids who braved insult and injury to hear Milo speak on college campuses and support for Trump.  He was also, like Trump, extremely effective at bulldozing into oblivion the cultural marxist structures in the academia, media, heck, in the very language, which are such powerful tools of the Left.  He had been almost immune to criticism, with his “high on the victim pyramid” lifestyle and devil may care nature.  Until now.

My concern is that if the elite media complex/entrenched political powers can do this to a Milo Yiannopolous or a Mike Flynn, they can do it to any of us.  There has been a recent spate of what seem like vengeful attacks from the old media on the new, with targeted takedowns of rising new media personalities.  For some analysis of how and why this is happening, I think this is spot on (again, language warning).  And, of course, we have seen the media-government complex deign to destroy average Joes and Janes for exceedingly trivial sins against the sexular pagan orthodoxy on a number of occasions, from cake bakers in Oregon to photographers in New Mexico to bed and breakfast owners in Vermont to florists in Washington.  This is about power, and maintaining a narrow, undeserving oligarchy in the power and riches which it has arrogated to itself.  To me, it’s all part of a broader reaction against the little people who got a little too uppity and actually exercised their rights in a way the elites find annoying.

Having said all that, Milo largely did this to himself.  I’d hate to have every off-hand or “boozy” (his words) comment I’ve ever made microscopically analyzed and held up for all the world to see, but that’s also what goes with the territory.  The old media and entrenched political powers are not nice people and have no scruples in destroying anyone they perceive as being in their way, or simply annoying.  Heck, it’s practically a sport to these people.  Milo should have known, having already experienced several attempted “lynchings” for his blasphemies against the state religion of sexular pagan cultural marxism.  I’m sure he’ll be back in some fashion, but he’s been permanently damaged by this, which takes away another important defender and ally from Trump.

I expect this to become far more cruel and ugly as we go along.  They want to destroy all those who publicly support Trump and ultimately go after him.



1. NickD - February 22, 2017

This is surely a complicated isssue for Catholics of our bent. On the whole, I agree with your assessment.

I would like to point out that these comments were first made in January 2016, and only now did the manufactured outrage arise. That is a strong indicator that this was an orchestrated political whack of someone who got 1) went off reservation and 2) became increasingly (and problematically) popular in so doing, viz. he signed a significant book deal, was scheduled to speak at CPAC, etc.

I also appreciate your comment on Milo’s rationalization of his abuse, somehow turning it into something good so that he can mentally and emotionally “deal”. That almost certainly plays a part in his continuing sinful life

I also think any outrage over his remarks on the age of consent are absolute BS; he thinks 16 is about right, they’re 16 in the UK, Milo was born and raised in the UK…not that hard to figure out, honestly.

I continue to pray for Milo, and I continue to be disconcerted at the high-tech assassinations of any who don’t toe the ” Establishment”/GOPe line, especially given that this hit job first arose from GOP hacks

NickD - February 22, 2017

NB as well: Salon, the left-wing rag, had published numerous articles defending and calling for acceptance of pedophiles. Only now that they can use this issue as a stick with which to beat someone whom they hate have they scrubbed/memory-holed those articles. Another sign of a political hit-job. But the internet never forgets

2. Mary - February 22, 2017

I was wondering why child trafficking, and child sex abuse was suddenly a popular topic. They just held congressional hearings on a related topic. They are all really well coordinated, aren’t they? I am sorry this is happening to him although I did not think CPAC was a good fit for his type of expression. Pray for him. Something good will come of it.

3. Mary - February 22, 2017

I think Sargon’s analysis is quite perceptive, and more importantly, charitable.

4. VN - February 22, 2017

“The old media and entrenched political powers are not nice people and have no scruples in destroying anyone they perceive as being in their way, or simply annoying.”

That’s one of the important lessons here for those just waking up — and the old guard are far beyond simply “not nice.” Many of them are evil people who commit unimaginably despicable acts in secret. Pay attention over the coming weeks; it’s all starting to come out.

Did you catch that 474 persons were arrested for a pedophile ring in California? And another roundup in Pennsylvania? And Florida? Also a deceased UK Prime Minister confirmed as a monstrous pedophile just this week? How do you expect people who legalize and vehemently defend the brutal murder of millions of unborn babies to treat children behind closed doors? With dignity and respect? You think their god is not Molech? (rhetorical questions, of course)

Tantumblogo - February 22, 2017

Oh who was the Prime Minister? Heath would be my guess.

Camper - February 23, 2017

I was wondering too. It could have been John Major, but Heath is a good bet too since he was a bachelor.

5. Margaret Costello - February 22, 2017

Although child sex abuse is heinous, I’m not a fan of the hopeless concept of “they will never be right again”…it negates that fact we serve a God of Hope and Healing. And that is my prayer for Milo…that this event bring him hope and healing…and bring him to Our Lord in the beauty of Tradition:+) I’ve known people who were abused as children who grew up to be healthy and whole. Granted they probably sought out a good Christ centered counselor who brought our Lord into the event via Psalm 139 and had Him heal it:+) Milo has so many gifts yet he still needs healing and proper formation. The many prayers he is getting from Trad men like, you, Tantam, gives me hope he will get that healing and truly shine one day:+) God bless~

Tantumblogo - February 22, 2017

Obviously I’m speaking humanly. Anything is possible with grace, but very few people in this sordid world today are sufficiently open to grace to allow such a remarkable healing transformation to take place. Joseph Sciambra is probably one.

6. MFG - February 22, 2017

I’m not sure the narrative fits. The opposition came from social conservative circles who were upset at the CPAC invite (from inside its board). The CPAC conference and its parent American Conservative Union (ACU) has for years been drifting away from social conservatism and embracing GOP homosexual groups. This invite re-confirmed that drift.

What may have occurred is the left seized on the strife and fanned the flames. That still doesn’t negate the original act of complaining against the CPAC invite was a worthy protest.

Tantumblogo - February 22, 2017

Bro things don’t leap from minor obscure blogs to front page news in 3 hours without a plan involving very high level players. Some may portray themselves as or even be social conservatives but this was primarily about squashing a major supporter of Trump, to my mind. Most of those doing the heavy lifting on this were mainstream sources, not friendly to social conservatives at all but willing to take down someone who promotes a very appealing, effective, and contrary political/cultural vision to young people.

Here’s a bit of contrary evidence. Has Richard Dawkins been absolutely ruined by his repeated statements that some pedophilia is OK and doesn’t harm kids? He went much further than Milo, but because he’s on the Left this has never risen to even a minor scandal in the mainstream press.

So if socons were involved, why were they making common cause with the amoral and always anti-conservative mainstream press in an obviously orchestrated attack?

Tantumblogo - February 23, 2017

I think it important to add something here. I should be careful to note that the criticism, taken by itself, is not wrong. Milo in essence has destroyed, or badly damaged, himself. He said those things, more than once. Now, I suppose it could be said as a sort of defense that some of it was just spitballing, or that this is a guy who very publicly develops his thoughts on things over a period of time (he’s done it before, becoming much more strident in his defense of free speech as an absolute from a more moderate position he held 3-4 years ago), but the fact remains he has basically internalized the view of the predators who, in my view, in all likelihood turned him into the very damaged creature he is today. His words could be (and probably are) very damaging to some who have experienced abuse and did not find it the happy fun party time Milo describes. I think Sargon was onto something significant when he said that this is a very proud person struggling mightily to deal with what happened to him. And I cannot stress how much being sexually abused as a child/teen damages a person internally. It is the worst thing that can happen to a child short of killing them outright. In a sense, they are murdered, for their innocence is lost forever, and what you have is a badly wounded soul struggling to deal with something that no one should ever have to deal with.

So Milo gave all the ammunition anyone would ever need to bring this about. On some level, this fall from stardom is very much deserved. But I cannot help noting that a massive double standard exists, and that this “hit,” such as it was, was entirely politically motivated. I just got through reviewing even a partial list of others who have far more openly described either how they have abused children or see no problem with it, all on the Left, and none of them have suffered even slightly for their atrocious beliefs. Just further evidence of the second class status conservatives operate under in our nation today.

I must make clear, however, that none of this is a defense of beliefs it seems Milo held. In my admitted fondness for some -heck, much – of his past work, I may have downplayed the awfulness of what he said. It’s severely messed up, and stems precisely from the fact that a Catholic priest attempted to permanently morally ruin this young man for his own sick pleasure. That’s a sickening tragedy.

I may revisit this topic tomorrow with greater moral clarity. Yes, it’s a hit, yes, a massive double standard exists, but Milo essentially destroyed himself. Which, interestingly, this psychiatrist type says (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk) is typical for those who suffer childhood sex abuse.

ianhol22 - February 24, 2017

“I think Sargon was onto something significant when he said that this is a very proud person struggling mightily to deal with what happened to him.”

Exactly and look at how intricate and reinforcing his narrative on the subject is.

Unlike most other 13 year olds he was mature and aware and the experience was beneficial… And it must be true because others who are mature beyond their years like he was exist and benefit as well.

It will take time but he needs to understand that he is who he is and has achieved all that he has achieved in spite of that happeningt not because of it.

7. IngaBinga - February 22, 2017

Excellent commentary. I am a 70 year-old mother of four and while listening to Milo all I wanted to do is put arms around him to comfort him. It was very obvious, to me anyway, what he was saying and advocating or condoning pedoplilia was not one of them. People chose not to understand what he was saying and abviously would rather pillory him because of their personal “peerception.” They should be ashamed – Their F E A R – “false evidence appearing real” is quite evident.

8. Numbskull - February 23, 2017

Well one thing is for sure in all of this mess, the lefties may have gotten to Milo but they’ll never take down Alex Jones!!

Be sure to watch it until the end:

9. Camper - February 23, 2017

This is a tragedy. Even though Milo was rightly scandalizing Protestants, Mormons, and anybody else with a smidgeon of moral sense, he was very persuasive with our nation’s degenerates. He has executive hair, a strong jaw, good skin, and a very smart mind.

Tantumblogo - February 23, 2017

Pretty flippant. Milo had big problems yes but no one was out there doing what he was doing, which was taking the fight to the enemy in their heartland, academia. He had vast amounts of facts/data behind him and could argue very persuasively, in addition to his schtick as an outrage machine.

I get that he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but to reduce him to hair and appearance is weak, real weak.

Amillennial - February 23, 2017

You should become more familiar with Ben Shapiro who has also been taking the fight to the campuses. A more well-mannered, highly intelligent, and morally healthy alternative.

Tantumblogo - February 23, 2017

I know Ben Shapiro. It’s strictly coincidental that I haven’t posted his stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.

Camper - February 24, 2017

I wasn’t being flippant. An honest assessment that simply speaks horrendously of the position we find ourselves in. Democracies tend to ignore the importance of having leaders with good looks. Just read Harrison Bergeron. It helps keep the hoi polloi (read: the left) humble in a more natural form of government. There is no such thing as anybody who has an absolute right to run society, but surely a Catholic trad’s inherent anti-egalitarianism can point us to the idea that some people make more natural rulers than others.

Those with executive hair, a good jaw, fine skin, etc. must be treasured by the right and not squander their political capital. Mitt Romney was such a one, and whatever one thinks about his character, he should be thanked for running simply for his sheer charisma.

Trads desperately need people who are “cool”. Milo, frankly, was such a one. Since I go to a small SSPX church, I am doubly aware of this. Right now, there is Eduardo Verestegui, maaaaaybe Rick Santorum (who has executive hair) and not many others. Really. How many trads with charisma do you know?

Ben Shapiro doesn’t have the strong jaw (that, as Bill Watterson’s cartoon Hobbes put it) drives the girls wild. Besides, he isn’t Catholic.

Amillennial - February 24, 2017

Yes, but Ben does have a sharp, logical mind, shares many of our conservative values and because he is Jewish, appeals to both the Evangelical and Mormon alike…

Camper - February 26, 2017

I think Ben Shapiro runs truth revolt. I remember him a few years ago running a story about how bad some right winger was because he wasn’t fanatically toeing some Jewish line about Israel or the Holocaust. I called him out on it and haven’t really been back to truth revolt since.

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