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Not Exactly What You Want to See Outside Your House at Night February 28, 2017

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So, this happened:


That was the scene outside my house about 9:30 last night.  First rapidly approaching police sirens, then a loud crunch, then looking outside the window to find first one policeman with weapon drawn and then within seconds 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 police SUVs screeching to a halt.  Well.  I wonder what that’s all about.

Did I run and grab a handgun?  Yes, yes I did.  Forgot the body armor, though, but the police had things under control within seconds, so there’s that.  I mean, for a brief instant, I had thoughts of someone(s) bailing out of the wrecked car and running through my backyard, and finding no way out, then what?  But I’ve always had a bit overactive imagination.

Turns out it was a group of kids who have had many run-ins with the law. They were underage driving around with open alcohol containers and decided they didn’t want another serious misdemeanor on their record, so they tried to run.  They didn’t get very far.  The cops did not sound like these kids had committed violent crimes, they’re just very wild and unsupervised.  It was mom’s car they wrecked.

Really, though, what transpired was miraculous.  They hit a tree in our front yard, missing our mailbox by inches, but if they had gone 4 or 5 ft on either side they could have gone down one empty driveway straight into a concrete lined former creek now drainage ditch, or they could have smashed into my truck, chicken pen, and shed.  A bit further to either side, they could have driven into either our house or my neighbor’s.  So, Deo Gratias that about the most benign outcome possible occurred.  The kids were uninjured. Even though they hit the tree at about 20 mph, airbags did not deploy, for some reason.  Maybe someone pulled the fuse.  Even the tree is virtually undamaged, at least it appears to be, for now.  Trees are much, much stronger than automobiles, even large SUVs:



Shorter post: just another night in south Irving.  I’d say the Tahoe is totaled.



1. Baseballmomof8 - February 28, 2017

Well now…. are those little wood pieces attached to the tree to help kids climb?????
My boys climbed EVERYTHING!!!! Shortly after moving into a two story house some 30 years ago my then nine year old was out the second story window and on the roof…. my sweet elderly neighbor came running across the street…. “did you know Ben is on the roof???!!!!!” “Yep, don’t worry… he’s a fine climber!” 😀

Tantumblogo - February 28, 2017

Oh yeah. It’s their favorite tree to climb. Big juniper cedar with branches like ladder rungs. They spend hours in it.

Baseballmomof8 - February 28, 2017

So I was letting the grandsons climb on a tree at the baseball field… they will watch their uncles play for a while… but then… well, except for one grandson who is, no lie, a phenom…. but I digress. Anyway, they are climbing a TREE for goodness sake… BOYS….CLIMBING A TREE…and this park employee chastises me for allowing this horrible unsafe practice… tells me it is NOT ALLOWED in the park…. oh my dear Lord… we are sunk.

2. Tim - March 1, 2017

Trees are quite unforgiving!!!

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