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Prayer For Unity of Faith in a Divided Family February 28, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, catachesis, Domestic Church, General Catholic, Interior Life, sanctity, Tradition, unity, Virtue.

Pulling some more content from Father’s Manual by Fr. A Coombs, SJ (before they went insane), a nice little prayer and devotion for families that are divided in faith.  I certainly know the pain of that situation, while my own “nuclear” family is at present and by God’s Grace at one in the Faith, none of the rest of my family is Catholic.  I know how painful that can be.  I imagine it would be even more painful to be divided on such a vital matter from one’s spouse or children.  I pray I never have to experience that myself, while I pray for forgiveness from my parents by alienating myself from their faith.  It was something I simply had to do, for many reasons, and it has changed my life, let alone making my salvation so much more possible.

That aside, I pray some who struggle in this situation find this prayer helpful (I changed the prayer to work for either spouse; it was originally intended for husbands):

Lord God, according to your holy designs you have ordained that in matrimony man and wife shall be so closely united as to become “one flesh.”  Grant now that my [spouse] and I may be closely united in all things according to your holy law.

Grant us  your abundant graces that we may enjoy the blessing of being joined by a common faith.  You know what it would mean to us if we could share completely the same religious views and convictions, if we could be united closely in the same religious practices and observances.  You know what it would mean if we could share the same belief in the sacraments and have the same understanding of them and the same love for them.

That this may be realized according to your holy ways, let me never falter in my own personal obligations and in my observances of all that is by your law of love.  Bestow, in your mercy, your bounteous graces now on my [spouse] and me so that one day, as completely united as possible in this life, we may both approach in joy your communion banquet and there receive together your blessing and your love.

———-End Quote———

 That prayer is quite a bit shorter than yesterday’s!


1. The Lord's Blog - February 28, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

2. Brian E. Breslin - February 28, 2017

Well done, Tantum. This hits the spot ” bigly”.

Tantumblogo - February 28, 2017

Your welcome! May it help you.

3. Brian Springer - February 28, 2017

Thanks for sharing this. I’ll try to remember to add it to my prayers. Since God is not bound by time, I might as well pray it on behalf of my future spouse should I be fortunate enough to meet her. 😉

Tantumblogo - February 28, 2017

That is a brilliant plan. Congratulations!

4. Baseballmomof8 - March 1, 2017

Thanks. Will pray this one often.

5. Margaret Costello - March 4, 2017

Sorry if I don’t understand something in your post…but why do you need your parent’s forgiveness for alienating yourself from their “faith” if they are not Catholic? Isn’t that a good thing and thus not a need for forgiveness at all? At least on your end:+) Sorry if I don’t read this right:+( God bless~

Tantumblogo - March 5, 2017

It still hurt them a lot. I absolutely did the right thing but that doesn’t mean everyone sees it that way. When someone from a firebrand Calvinist family joins the Church the family thinks they have ruined themselves. By parents have been pretty supportive but my becoming Catholic was painful for them.

6. Margaret Costello - March 6, 2017

Thanks for the explanation:+) Granted, objectively they have no valid reason to be angry since you are doing the right thing and they are remaining in heresy. I’m sure you have spoken to them about the truth of the Church and they have refused it…thus it hurts you too, and quite validly. My hope is that your sacrifice, penances, alms, fasting and prayer will open their eyes and they will see their hurt as false, and your conversion as the greatest blessing of their existence. I know it’s tough…but keep at it my brother:+) Your eternal Father and Mother see your heart and desire for their conversion. Trust they are acting behind the scenes to make that a reality:+) And may Our Lord bless your parents and blood family…bringing them into the fold of the faith:+) God bless~

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