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It is terrifying the degree to which the organs of state have been weaponized against the citizenry in pursuit of a corrupt, self-serving political agenda March 5, 2017

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I’ve never really believed in conspiracy theories.  But if stuff like this is happening (and it is), this country is all but dead.  Deep state indeed, it is reminiscent of the sclerotic, self-interested, corrupt, incompetent bureaucracy that has doomed so many great empires before, from Rome to China.

If even 1/10th of what Obama actually did was even hinted about a Republican president the media would never cease howling until that president was impeached, if not imprisoned.  This guy deliberately weaponized the government against its own citizens in order to advance his ideological agenda. The federal government – at least at the appointed and SES levels – is almost wholly corrupt and dominated by members of the “elite” uniparty.  They are eager participants in this “fundamental transformation.”

You can tell how close they thought they were to that transformation being permanent by the fury and inanity of their continuing meltdown over Nov 8 2016.

Good analysis from Stephan Molyneaux below, but there are some bad words:

If I were Trump I would fire most of the current upper level bureaucracy.  Can union rules and friendly judges prevent that from happening?

How about replacing a lot of these bureaucrats with military personnel as Reagan did during the PATCO strike in ’81?  Why not have 23 year old SPC4 Clint R. Petry from Tomkinsville, KY be a middle manager at the EPA for a while?  I bet management would improve dramatically.



1. Baseballmomof8 - March 5, 2017

Whoa! Has to be serious for you to post on Saturday… will be interesting to see where this goes… if anywhere….

2. Tim - March 5, 2017

Referring to Congress, Bill Buckley once said that he would rather be governed by 535 random names from a phone book. I agree.

3. Faith of Our Fathers - March 5, 2017

Even as an outsider I E from The U.K. you can smell The Reprobate Obama. Anyone who’s main agenda was Homosexuality and Transgenderism was bound to be rotten to the core . This piece of Dung has brought America to its Knees whilst he didn’t half feather his nest . President Trump should get this Ahole behind bars with that Pot Ugly Michael or Michelle or whatever it’s name,they should be made to publicly say where they got all their $Millions from, Iran would be a good place to start . Also if,and it’s really getting dirty although kids shouldn’t be brought into it his whole Family is A Lie . Just lift up your heads do a bit of equation and it’s very PLAIN to see . If your willing to LIE about your so called Family you will LIE about Anything. For Gods Sake Americans Someone Take This Man To Task . Read Between The Lines -Tantum.

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5. Tim - March 7, 2017

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