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So……..Today’s a “Day Without a Woman”……… March 8, 2017

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……….or, what my son and I call, daddy and BZRs super fun time party day.

Just more self-indulgent virtue signalling bullshnit.

The virtue signalling was turned up to level 11 in the city of Alexandria, VA, which even 20 years ago was a sane, somewhat conservative suburb, but which has been transmogrified into hyper-liberal enclave through the invasion of thousands of Washington apparatchiks.  They closed all schools today in solidarity or because of a huge jones for a J or something I don’t know.  The actual reason is so many left-wing teachers are taking the day off to…….demonstrate how a woman’s place is truly in the home, I guess:

Alexandria City Public Schools will be closed Wednesday after more than 300 staff members requested the day off.

The “unusually high number” of call-outs may be connected with the “Day Without a Woman” nationwide protest and social media campaign, school superintendent Alvin Crawley said in a statement.

Wednesday also marks International Women’s Day.

March 8 will be a teacher workday, Crawley said. March 10 was already a regularly scheduled workday.

“This is not a decision that was made lightly,” Crawley said, adding it was “based solely on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all our classrooms.”

The decision to close school “is not based on a political stance or position,” Crawley said.

Bonus content for this post. You know the democrats use violent SJW protesters as a breeding ground for their next generation of national leaders, right?  This is really a training ground for their next generation of political leadership.  Some very high profile names have been taking part.  George Soros’ grandson helped organize and fund the riot in Berkeley.  “Catholic” Tim Kaine’s son was arrested for rioting in Minnesota:

The son of former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine reportedly was arrested during a clash between protesters at a pro-Trump rally.

Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, was busted for second-degree riot after the melee that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Saturday during a rally in support of President Trump, according to Minnesota’s Pioneer Press.

Kaine, whose father was on the 2016 Democratic presidential ticket with Hillary Clinton, was released from jail Tuesday and the city attorney is considering whether to file misdemeanor charges, the paper said.

The chaos unfolded when anti-Trump protesters descended on St. Paul’s capitol rotunda Saturday during a March 4 Trump rally.

Demonstrators blew whistles and airhorns while one allegedly threw a smoke bomb into the crowd — striking a 61-year-old woman in the head, the Pioneer Press reported.

A total of five people were arrested for rioting and another busted for disorderly conduct.

Now, Tim Kaine’s son does not live in Minnesota.  He is part of that core group of paid agitators who fly around to take part in riots whenever a pro-Trump event is planned.  Many of today’s leaders of the demonrat party were extremists of the 60s and 70s.  This is their next generation.

Finally, some good news, ESPN is dying, and not soon enough.  Maybe more college games will wind up on broadcast TV if they go away.  Keep up the leftist diatribes, ESPN!  Keep losing audience!

As sports cable network ESPN continues to bleed cash, another round of layoffs is about to hit that will reportedly take out some well-known reporters and on-air faces.

Reports say that ESPN management is being tasked with cutting “tens of millions” of dollars of staff salary from its payroll, meaning that on-air personalities are on the chopping block, according to Sports Illustrated…….

………..The news of the massive cuts comes on the heels of reports that ESPN is losing millions per year.

Once a sports powerhouse, ESPN has gone from must-see-TV for millions of sports fans to a financial boondoggle for owner Disney with the network losing up to 10,000 subscribers a day, reports said last month.

“A floundering ESPN, with rising costs and declining viewership, continued to sink Disney’s DIS, +0.24% financial results during its fiscal first quarter,” MarketWatch.com reported.

With ESPN dragging on the company, Disney’s revenue fell 3 percent, and its profits sank 14 percent, the financial site reported.

As to ESPN itself, the network lost subscribers, found its average viewership crater, and experienced falling advertising rates even as its programming costs climbed. And this fall from grace continued even after Disney insisted that ESPN had reached its bottom after the previous quarter came to an end.

ESPN’s crashing revenue coincides with its increasingly leftward political content, a drift so blatant that the network’s ombudsman felt pressured to address the network’s political content.



1. aquinas54 - March 8, 2017

These endless lefty/SJW/Soros-paid “protests” are not winning friends and influencing people on any large scale, and according to at least one recent survey reported on Fox News, a majority of respondents (55%) now view the “MSM” as simply the voice box of the Democrat Party. Thus, their plan to insert into the collective minds of American voters their “Trump is not legitimate” narrative is not going well. Perhaps as a result, the more extreme members of the Obama-Soros coterie, such as former AG Lynch, are now making public statements that all but openly encourage armed revolt. Of course we all pray that such will never occur, but if I were the Left, I wouldn’t be so sure the result of such foolishness would be to their liking.

In any case, it certainly is good news that ESPN is tanking, and so are the NFL’s TV ratings, thanks to the league’s kowtowing to the SJW’s within its own ranks. Perhaps these are signs of hope for Our Lady’s eventual intervention to save both our society and our beloved Church.


2. Tim - March 9, 2017
3. virtuouscitizenship - March 9, 2017

I was NOT without the lady, Our Lady, today. Thank God! Guy McClung, San Antonio TX

4. Numbskull - March 9, 2017

How is it even possible to take a cash cow like ESPN and muck it up? This is stupider than when Schlitz beer decided to cut corners in the brewing process, and look what happened. Idiot lefties…

5. Amillennial - March 9, 2017

March 8th…now that wouldn’t be a significant date for any reason, now would it? I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’…

6. Magdalene - March 9, 2017

As a woman I have had a medical career, a graduate degree, and am a wife, mother, and now a grandmother to a beautiful one year old girl. Therein lies MY legacy: my family. I do not need to lie to my boss and cheat my employer to wear red and march around with a sign nor do I need to kill my unborn child or wear a vagina hat to convince others of my ‘worth’ or ‘equality’ nor must I be promiscuous and slam others who do not agree with me. In the end all that matters is how the soul is before God; all else is passing away.

aquinas54 - March 11, 2017


7. "she" - March 11, 2017

I didn’t hear about this day until it was over. Nobody told me about it ! : )

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