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A Little Peak at Why Texans Love Their State So Much March 10, 2017

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I lived in Idaho for a year and worked at a place that, because it was such a craptastic nightmare of pollution and amazing danger, had to recruit across the entire nation to bring in a flood of new engineers to replace those who constantly left.  So I wound up being a new hire working with people from Arizona, California, Michigan, etc.

Now I was actually replacing a previous UT grad who just bled “Texas is Awesome” all over the place.  He DROVE 24 hours or so back home at least every 2 or 3 months.  He bragged Texas up one side and down the other.  After he left and they hired me, I was fairly homesick.  I, too, lamented having to leave Texas and especially Austin (OK, a, it was different then, and b, I was all of 22), and probably described how awesome it was.  And it drove my co-workers nuts.  They kept asking me, “what’s so great about it, what’s so great about it?”  I had a hard time describing it.

I think those who haven’t lived here for an appreciable length of time can comprehend the extent of the love affair many Texans – natives or transplants – have for this place.  As to the why…….it’s hard to explain.  Texas has its own, very dramatic, history. It was an independent nation.  It is huge.  The food is varied and awesome (Whataburger!).  The women are gorgeous, prettier than any other state I’ve been to, though some other southern states come close.  Cowboys, the oil industry, the ranching, Hispanics that have been in Texas longer than Mexico has been a nation, the huge wide open sky which some easterners used to tall trees and narrow vistas find oppressive.

It has the most varied geography of pretty much any state in the union including maybe even Alaska and California.  You can be in deep East Texas piney woods that look like Alabama, the Rocky Mountains, or flat unbroken scrub brush desert.  But the heart of it all, the prettiest, best part, to me, anyway, is the Hill Country.  I fell in love with the Hill Country in college and have adored it ever since.

The people are generally awesome, too, but we are getting too many and the urban areas have become more and more generic Top 10 market type places. So don’t think about moving here!  There’s snakes everywhere and black widows and you have to rinse the sand out of your coffee cup every morning and its hotter n’ blazes n……..

Seriously, Texas also has a deep Catholic heritage that the fading protestant majority has tried to minimize but which this video gives at least some recognition to.  It’s from the early 60s and is in good color.  You can see the fields of wild bluebonnets that are just about to start blooming, among the Indian Paintbrush and the Firewheel and Mexican Hat and others. There is even a brief shot of a TLM at an ancient mission in South Texas.  German immigrants, of which my wife is a pureblood descendant, get a mention.  Her father is one of the dwindling speakers of Texas German.

Texans I think will really enjoy this video, even though it is possibly a bit hokey and juvenile.  Outsiders will lament and gnash their teeth in great jealousy.  Clear streams with white limestone bottoms, oak and cedar trees, white rock cliffs and rolling coastal pastures, mountain laurels…….my wife and kids are going to Pipe Creek next week, and I have to stay and work. I know everything will be wonderfully in bloom. Waaaahhhhh!



1. Camper - March 10, 2017

It’s “peek.” Thanks for this. Texas is probably one of the best places in America…

Tantumblogo - March 11, 2017

Guadalupe Peek? I know I’m just kidding. Thanks,

2. Camper - March 11, 2017

I think the thing so many love about Texas is that it is relatively masculine and relatively religious. It is a place where, for huge swathes of the state, character, skill, and hard work still count the most. It’s the second-most populated state, of course, which can make New York seem provincial. (!) Since it is dominated by Republicans and has oil money, it’s also much easier for one’s wife to stay at home here.

3. Euro-Am. - March 11, 2017

Not a few of our elders in TX and the US know German. You wouldn’t know it unless you were closely acquainted with them. My impression is that they and their forebears were stifled during WWII — un American. That’s too bad. I have some German ancestry but in another state(s) and awhile back. However one of my grandfathers — not an immigrant himself and not in Texas — spoke Czech. He declined to teach his children — he deemed it un American. I never heard him speak it but he lived across the country so I didn’t see him very often anyway. I hope your father-law-can pass down some of his language skills to his grandkids. Sounds like a great homeschooling project to me although I’ve never had any personal experience with homeschooling.

4. skeinster - March 11, 2017

Mr. Skeinster is a SRT (Son of the Republic of Texas) and quite the historian.

To the point that when we went to the grandson’s fourth grade Texas History program last spring, Luke felt compelled to come down into the audience before the show to let his grandfather know that “We’re going to have some fun with the history, G-Daddy, okay? Like, you know, a spoof.”

For which his Mimi was most grateful…

Re: Mrs. T.- I can remember, as a girl, stopping in New Braunfels on the way to Uvalde and hearing other customers speaking German to each other. Very cool.

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