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Matt: Don’t Give Up, Fight for the Church! March 10, 2017

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I really like this video from Michael Matt.  It makes a very good corollary to the two videos in the post below.  Sort of like diagnosis, and treatment plan.

I should never like to give the impression that I am hopeless or despondent over the state of the Church. Much aggrieved, certainly, outraged, definitely, but not hopeless.  I do know God will prevail in the end, and that all of this somehow ties in with a plan of Providence that may well forever elude human understanding.  I also know that situations, even extremely dire ones, can sometimes turn on a dime, that what appears a hopelessly lost cause can rapidly transform into unbelievable triumph.

So I really like the last several minutes of the video below, and the exhortation to fight.  I agree with Matt that I don’t know how to “define” Francis.  I have read and seen some of the same things he has: that Francis is antipope, that Benedict’s abdication was null because it was made under duress, that Francis is the false prophet, that the Chair of Peter has been vacant since ’63, or ’58, or whenever.  And while some of these arguments may have more merit than others, I have not –  I cannot – fully embrace any of them because I. Just. Don’t. Know.  Francis was elected.  He sits in Rome.  He is viewed by all the world as the pope.  He exercises petrine powers.  But he also attacks the Faith in ways never before seen, at least not from this most holy office.  So what is he?  I don’t know.  Scary.  Terrifying.  A destroyer. A fool. A knave. a weak, flawed, failing man.  All of the above.

All I know for certain is that he is wrong; dangerously, destructively, wrong.  And I know he must be opposed.  I have known that for a long time.  I also know he – and more importantly the cardinals and bishops who surround his office and who can either put his policy wholly into effect, or block and undermine it – must be prayed for with passionate intensity.  I have been doing that, too, for a long time.

As to whether “neo-Catholics” are “getting it,” I really have no idea.  I don’t have the time to read their thoughts much anymore.  I’m willing to take Matt’s analysis at face value, but I also know a lifetime of intellectual habit and deeply held belief – the pope must never be questioned or doubted, ever – is not an easy thing to overcome.  So we shall see.  As to whether there are portents to a mass resistance to Francis’ pontificate and the forces that elected, we shall have to wait for the future to see that, too.  I a way, I pray that is correct, but what will that mean?  Schism?  Or simply a formal recognition of the schism that has existed for 60 or more years, ever since the modernist forces that badly influenced, if not hijacked, a council, first started to reveal themselves en masse?

It’s all a bit much for me to figure out.  I shall be content to continue to do my part in bringing awareness, as Matt says, to how extremely radical and unprecedented this pontificate is.  All else I leave in the hands of Almighty God, whose Will shall eventually triumph.



1. Tim - March 10, 2017

Papalotry and obedialotry are huge problems with much of the laity, perhaps the Francis papacy will wake them up to their errors once and for all.

2. Tim - March 10, 2017
3. tg - March 11, 2017

Ann Barnhardt said something interesting in one of her posts. That all of us praying for Francis is not doing any good as far as him changing. He’s actually gotten worse. She thinks it’s because he’s not the pope and that we should pray for Pope Benedict. I started to pray for Benedict more. Sometimes when I pray for the pope, I think whoever he is.

Baseballmomof8 - March 11, 2017

I pray every day “for the intentions of our Holy Father, Benedict, and for Jorge Bergoglio, in whatever role he plays in Holy Mother Church, known Father, only to you.”

4. aquinas54 - March 11, 2017

Amen, tg…that’s what I’ve been doing for a long time. I omit the name from my prayers for the Pope since I’m not qualified to judge which of our two Popes is the “right” one. I also pray for all of Benedict’s needs and intentions and for the conversion of heart of Bergoglio, or for his replacement, God’s will be done.


5. rcgentlemanscholar - March 12, 2017

[…] via Matt: Don’t Give Up, Fight for the Church! — A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics […]

6. TLM - March 13, 2017

I concur with praying for whoever is the Pope at the present, and then I add….”Please send us a good and holy Pope!” There are so many smoking guns pointing to Bergoglio not being a legitimate Pope that it is hard to look at it without thinking……”If it walks like a duck, it’s certainly not a cat.” I think the Archbishop (a friend of Benedict’s) in Italy that came out with the info last week that Benedict resigned under ‘tremendous pressure’ both from INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Vatican was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. He also said that some day ‘they would be found out’. Along with all the other oddities surrounding Benedict’s abdication, that was pretty much THE smoking gun for me. I think we have to look at it in this light and say at the very least that the whole affair was at least not COMPLETELY legitimate. Regardless, right or wrong, I don’t listen to ANYTHING Bergoglio says any longer. If we have knowledge of our faith, I don’t think it’s necessary, unless he’s speaking from the Chair and if he says something out of line in that capacity, he ceases to be the Pope anyway, even if he actually WAS to begin with. I just ignore EVERYTHING he says.

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