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Didja Hear About the Latest Franciscan Desecration of St. Peter’s? March 15, 2017

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I really meant to post this on the weekend, or at least on Monday, but events conspired to prevent me from doing either.

Starting Friday night, I began to see videos on Youtube from the Fatima Center highlighting an upcoming atrocity in Rome – the opening of St. Peter’s for Anglican “Evensong” prayers on Monday, March 13 – the fourth anniversary of the election – God knows why – of Bergoglio to the papacy.  Fatima Center did a really good job highlighting why this event was so novel, so egregious, and then took steps to mobilize the faithful in resistance.

Unfortunately, the Vatican kept this event intentionally buried, never publicizing it on any of their PR arms (newspaper, radio, website, etc).  It had to be found on the website of the tiny Anglican community in Rome.  Thus, it was found out late, when there was very little time to mobilize opposition, which I am quite certain was why it was so little publicized.  Nevertheless, efforts were made to stop the event, which did, however, go on.

Two videos below, one explaining the event and how it ties in with the overhaul of ecumania occurring  under the pontificate of Francis – especially in this both great and dark anniversary year of 2017 – and the other featuring Chris Ferrara, who explains its dark significance.  Of course, Anglicans lack valid orders and thus any liturgical simulation they perform anywhere, but especially in St. Peter’s, amounts to sacrilege.  Allowing sacrilege within the very Basilica of St. Peter is simply breathtaking in its blasphemy.  Ferrara explains how the cult of ecumenism is ultimately behind this latest abomination.

Sorry I did not get this coverage out before the event took place, but I haven’t seen this covered in many other places, so I thought it deserved a post, regardless:

Now Ferrara’s commentary:

And, as usual, so far as I am aware, no cardinals or bishops publicly condemned this ecumenical confab before it occurred.  I am aware of few priests who did.  I’m sure more will as they become aware of it, but both the indifference and information security on this were really tight.



1. Tim - March 15, 2017

Anglican desecration has been going on here in Indianapolis at a former FSSP parish for a couple years! SO SAD.

2. Amillennial - March 15, 2017

Did you hear about the sacrilege that took place on Women’s day back in the holy father’s own neck of the woods in Argentina? Yeah…real classy, ladies…

3. Tim - March 15, 2017

Fifth anniversary???…..ummmm…..
I believe it is the 4th.

Tantumblogo - March 15, 2017


Tim - March 15, 2017

Not a very good one…..I only discovered it on my second reading!

Tantumblogo - March 15, 2017

Don’t you know engineers can’t count?

Baseballmomof8 - March 16, 2017

LOL… two of mine are Chem E’s and honestly, I have seen them pull out the calculator for simple addition… geesh!

4. Tim - March 15, 2017
5. The Lord's Blog - March 16, 2017

Thank God we have gutsy people out there spreading the word.

6. The Lord's Blog - March 16, 2017

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