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Comrade, Hate Your Da*nable Whiteness March 17, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, error, foolishness, non squitur, persecution, Revolution, scandals, secularism, Society, unadulterated evil.

So, all whites are irredeemably racist.  Sounds racist to me:

Somehow the anti-racism movement of the 50s and 60s has transmogrified into a racial supremacist movement in its own right, directed against the “deplorables.” Basically this is an attempt to punish whitey for voting the “wrong” way.

The increasing dominance of the democrat party by the hard left has pushed theminto being repugnant to increasing numbers of Americans. Their electoral hopes outside their coastal enclaves increasingly depends on unfettered Hispanic immigration.  That, and massive fraud.  Outside urban voters and their small but hard core of progressive activists, the democrat agenda has become increasingly toxic to most Americans.  They are now more or less attempting to bully and threaten into voting D.  The message is clear: the best, perhaps only way for whites to “prove” they are not racist is by shutting up, paying ever increasing taxes to mollify the democrat base, and voting D.

Over 20 years ago, a corporate diversity officer for a Fortune 100 company laid it all out plain as day.  The point of all the mandatory diversity indoctrination was to fundamentally remake America into a multicultural (read: leftist) utopia by discriminating against whites. Even if white males were more qualified or had better records, the preference would be towards “minorities.” There was also a heavy revenge element involved.  The perception was that white males had kept others down for centuries and now it was their turn to suffer.  I do not exaggerate, the diversity officerette stated all this and more straight up and plain as day.  You could either shut up, get with their program, or expect a short and unsuccessful career.  That company is a major federal contractor.  Don’t think that incidental.

And that was 1994.. They’ve only become more radicalized and unhinged since.



1. redhead, fair with freckles - March 17, 2017

We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Welcome to being racist for a day…

2. skeinster - March 17, 2017

Here’s the author’s blog:

I saw this at Ace. Don’t believe she thought this out fully.

How to take up minimal space at an anti-racism protest? Just don’t go…

Why would they want your racist self there anyway?

3. skeinster - March 17, 2017

Also, never ask Mr. S about diversity hiring for the City of Dallas.
Just don’t, okay?

Baseballmomof8 - March 17, 2017

And don’t ask my better half about diversity hiring at the federal level… Same thing… Just don’t ask. For that matter, don’t ask about it at the major corporate level either…

4. NickD - March 18, 2017

“You’re still racist, no matter what.” So what’s the point of doing the other nine as penance to cleanse us of our sinful racism? Any white person outside of the far-left should be able to look at that, feel the cognitive dissonance, and tell these nutcases exactly where they can stick their Racial Works of Mercy

5. Blaine - March 18, 2017

There is no point in doing the other nine, because you aren’t the racist, they are.

6. Eoin Suibhne - March 18, 2017

I’ve been looking for new employment for a while. Every time I fill out the federally mandated diversity questions, I know that my application goes directly into the 21st century version of the circular file.

7. Tim - March 18, 2017

8. Kathleen O'Regan - March 18, 2017

The biggest indoctrinator today? Public schools, where children and young people are taught to despise everything white and Western, and to admire everything of color or foreign. It is relentless, pervasive, and your children and mine are victims of it every time they step into that school. Today’s teachers are mental zombies, doing whatever the Overlords tell them to do. They don’t stop and question if it is “right” or “wrong” to tell children these things, they just DO IT. So black or brown children are learning to hate the white people for all their racism and to march to end it, the white children are taught they should be ashamed of their whiteness and want to be a black or brown person. Get as close as you can be embracing the dead-end “hip hop” culture. Maybe these better people will be friends with you! You’ve arrived if you have a black or brown friend. Despise America, it is a nation of homophobic racists.
So look no farther than your children’s school for why this is so pervasive. It starts right there. Look, little activists are being created today!

Tim - March 18, 2017


9. Tim - March 18, 2017

Not specifically a “racist” SJW meltdown, mainly “feminist”, but they found a way to make it racial as well!!:

10. Karl - March 18, 2017

Could you say a prayer for the great old Rock n Roller, Church Berry, who died earlier today at 90? He was a hero and inspiration of mine as I grew up and learned to play guitar, playing his legendary licks, note for note.

May God have mercy on his soul. forgive him, mercifully, and bring him to heaven.


11. Tim - March 20, 2017

Got Racism?

12. David - March 20, 2017

I experienced what was known as “reverse discrimination “, a buzzword in the mid 1980s through the early 1990s. As a pre med student, we had professors even tell us what scores were the minimum required on the MCAT, based on race. Also, being in San Antonio several of my Hispanic friends were able to get into specific clinical and research programs, where I had to find something else.

I also recall being an engineering major, and while there weren’t many women in engineering (early 1990s – I graduated in 1994), the majority were able to secure a job offer before their male counterparts did.

Tantumblogo - March 21, 2017

I have direct experience of this. I was given a partial scholarship by Mobil Oil when I was in college (1989-94). Eight students in total got the scholarship. Mobil wanted to beat their chest, I suppose, because they had a luncheon for all of the scholarship participants my junior year. Now, the makeup of the undergrad part of the College of Engineering at UT at that time was about 70% white male. At least. But I was the only white male in the room (even the folks from Mobil were not). Somehow during a break the subject of grades came up. You could say, I was the only one on the Dean’s list and my grades were generally about an entire point higher than the other scholarship recipients.

13. Amillennial - March 22, 2017

It seems Malcolm X and Marx has triumphed over Martin Luther King, Jr. and Christ. As a Gen X’er, I grew up believing we were past all of this racial hate. It seems the Millennial generation is working overtime to making sure this hate returns and in spades.

Tim - March 22, 2017

Martin Luther King and Christ? The two are hardly comparable.

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