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Prayer for Grace to Overcome Serious Weakness/Attachment to Sin March 21, 2017

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This prayer is especially suited for those who struggle with addiction or obsessive/compulsive behavior.  It is from Father’s Manual by Fr. A Coomes, SJ.

Addiction is a hell I well know.  Addiction may or may not be a disease, but it is certainly self-inflicted, as many of our worst wounds are.  There is also a huge spiritual component to addiction that so many in programs like AA and NA miss.  The founders of AA described addiction in demonic terms, as a “cunning and baffling enemy,” and this definition was not accidental.  While they were loathe, for a variety of reasons, to make Alcoholics Anonymous an explicitly Christian program, what all the _________ Anonymous programs do is essentially instill a vaguely Christian form of spirituality.  They even say that recovery can only come from a spiritual awakening.

Many AA and NA meetings are hosted in churches, but those churches are almost universally protestant.  A more explicitly Catholic program would surely be more effective but might turn people off.

Today, even in traditional Catholic parishes, the most rampant addiction is less substance abuse than it is porn use and self-abuse.  Again, a cunning and baffling enemy has turned many people into slaves to their passions.  But these people most often carry around their porn theater in their pocket.  It becomes a nightmare many have a hard time escaping.

The prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, You are the strength of the weak and the confidence of those who trust in You.  Be my secure confidence and my abundant strength!

Teach me to understand myself and to believe in the effectiveness of Your saving Grace. Grant me the courage not to stop trying and teach me the humility to trust in You when I tend to be discouraged by my weakness.

Give me, too, the honesty needed to face my problem without excuse and without pretense, and give me the practical good sense to accept the means needed to help myself.  Most of all, give me the wisdom and faith to make a good Confession, and to have the firmest purpose of amendment.

Towards any who criticize me for weakness, give me charity; with those who do not understand, give me patience; and give me the humility to accept whatever aid I may receive from those who want to help me.

And, above all, let me never forget that yYou love me and that You earnestly want to help me.  Let me be completely convinced, too, that You more than anyone can assist me – – and that you will support me at all times if only I learn to put a realistic trust in You.

———-End Quote———-

I found NA to be very helpful in the initial stages of becoming clean, but after a while I recognized the limitations in a system where many simply treat the spiritual aspect – which is the point of it all – as a joke.  I determined I would be better off going to the source, so to speak.  I have never had cause to regret that decision, but also know that NA remains available should I need it.

Sorry I’ve been away so much.  My son had a major test yesterday. We’ll get the results on Thursday.  Thank you for your continued prayers.  God bless you.



1. Ms. B. - DFW area - March 21, 2017

If you would like a Catholic connection to AA, perhaps you would like to ask the intercession of Sr. Ignatia who was involved in the early days of AA. She belonged to the same order as my late aunt / godmother, the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (Cleveland, Ohio area).


A member of their order was also instrumental in helping to obtain the conversion of Rhoda Wise, an American whose cause for beatification was opened in October. It was through her intercession that the future Mother Angelica was healed of a stomach ailment. See Mystics of the Church.com below. ( I looked on the official Rhoda Wise website but didn’t see mention of the Augustinian sisters. I know The National Catholic Register recently had an online article about Rhoda Wise but they cited Sisters of Mercy, not the Augustinians. Their comments were closed before I had a chance to reply.)

Please keep the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine both living and deceased in your prayers, I’m sure they’re praying for you. My aunt was very pro-life and taught NFP — she was a Registered Nurse.


from the end of the article: “After an informal investigation, Bishop George. V. Murry S. J. gave the Nihil Obstat to the work of Rhoda Wise Shrine, Inc. on June 9, 2015.

The Cause for Beatification of Rhoda Wise officially opened on Oct. 7, 2016. She is now officially considered a Servant of God. There is more updated information at http://www.rhodawise.com

Tantumblogo - March 21, 2017

Thanks for adding to my knowledge. A most helpful comment. Very nice. Thanks.

2. bluebird4458 - March 21, 2017

Thank you for this article. Will pray for your son.

3. Baseballmomof8 - March 21, 2017

Thank you TB – I will be forwarding this post to a friend who could use it for some of her children.

4. Margaret Costello - March 27, 2017

I too saw after two years that AA was merely the beginning triage I needed…not the true source of my healing which was seeking out Our Lord, surrendering to Him on His terms, and allowing Him to teach and transform me. I am grateful for AA for helping me get sober, but like you noted, it lacks the true faith.

Per the porn issue. One of the main reasons people struggle so long to stop is that they are ignorant of the intense physical damage self abuse does to the human body. Our ancestors weren’t kidding when they told us that self abuse/porn would “give us brain damage.” They were spot on. When people self abuse, they literally re-route the brain’s dopamine pathways and turn themselves into their own drug dealer and addict albeit via dopamine. The physical damage this does is not minor. That is why stopping can be so difficult due to the withdrawal and intense symptoms people face when attempting to stop. People CAN heal, the brain can be re-wired, but people need to seek out what symptoms to expect, their duration and intensity, how to cope etc. but mostly a firm purpose of the will to endure ANYTHING i.e. any brutal symptom, in order to get free. AA has the saying “whatever it takes” and this applies to getting free from porn/self abuse too. We are both physical and spiritual beings. Learning all about each aspect in this area is key to being successful. The short term suffering might be intense, but the long term freedom and purity and sanity is soooo worth it:+) Also, consider supporting the body via supplementation to help ease the symptoms. I think Dr. Amen helps with this but I don’t know much about him.

Some resources: Dr. Doug Weiss (he is protestant but knowledgeable about this issue) and Dr. Peter Kleponis (who is Catholic). There are also online support groups. God bless~

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