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Flighline Friday: Lazy Edition March 24, 2017

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Consider yourself lucky, I’m at home.  This may be a lazy Flightline Friday, but it’s better than nothing.

Two videos showing some very early Tomcat footage.  Some of the earliest Tomcats built are in the first vid, the first 30 or so ships built had only the ALQ-100 ECM antenna under the forward fuselage where later appeared first an IR sensor, then an electro-optical telescopic camera, and finally both.  The development of the F-14’s “chin” is shown below:

The first video is a Northrop production hyping their involvement in TOPGUN:

The second is from Grumman and is an obvious – but very early – PR effort for the F-14:

The kids are home, so that’s all you get.  Whether it’s better than nothing is wholly debatable, but you get what you pay for………



1. Blaine - March 24, 2017

If you stuck with Naval Aviation footage, you very well might get paid! Remember our wings are gold for a reason. The other ones… lead.

(I would be amenable to an A-10 exception since it’s what the Marine Corps should have)

Blaine - March 25, 2017

Okay I watched the first video and here are some observations (in ascending order of import):

1. Most of the guys in that video were lieutenants. I am old. I now outrank Maverick.
2. The F-14 is the most beautiful aircraft to ever fly.
2a. F-4’s may be a close second, but they’re just so dirty (outside of ‘burner)
2b. I’ve got a good buddy who literally destroyed one of those fancy F-5E’s, I’ll tell you about it sometime
3. There were some awe-inspiring sideburns on them there aviators and the modern day absence of which serves as the number one indicator of just how lame we’ve become in the American military, compared to our forefathers
4. Still, being a Naval Aviator is vastly superior to anything else in the sky, even if your wings spin, driveshafts connect gearboxes, you have the glide ratio of a cement block, and rely on an imaginary physics-defying concept known as “autorotation” for a parachute.

(Obviously I’m trying to bump this up onto the popular posts list – because it deserves it)

Blaine - March 25, 2017

Second one complete. More sideburn awesomeness. More beautiful airplanes. Ginormous missiles. She was in her prime, having just recently take on a ground attack role quite effectively, why did she have to go so soon?

I’ll never forget watching Tomcats from vultures row on the JFK, or joining up on the wing of one over the Med (I was in an EA-6B, also an amazing plane).

2. Paul Z - March 25, 2017

I use to work on the ATFLIR Pod that went on the F18. Some high tech gadgets.

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