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Church Leftists Reach Endgame in Germany March 30, 2017

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Citing the very problems they and their leftist-modernist ideology have created by gutting the Faith of any transcendence and meaning, leader of the modernist faction Cardinal Karl Reinhard Marx declares that due to the absence of priests (and because this is what he and his cohort have always sought), German bishops will soon choose to make recourse to lay-run and administered parishes, while also hinting they plan on moving ahead with married priests, which means the Vatican will instantly follow.  The Vatican will follow, because, after all, the multi-billion dollar a year warchest the German bishops pilfer from mostly former Catholics is a source of funding too lucrative to ignore, and so whatever the sons of Luther German bishops want, the German bishops get:

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx plans to allow lay people in his archdiocese to run parishes in response to the priest shortage there and is also open to the possibility of married priests.

Cardinal Marx said parishes in the Archdiocese of Munich will have to be reorganized and current requirements for admission to the priesthood be reconsidered. The archdiocese has a Catholic population of more than 1.7 million but just one candidate for the priesthood this year. [Because the same leftist modernist ideology one can pursue while fully out in the world is a poor encouragement for men to take on a life of sacrifice and self-denial in the priesthood, at least until all the remaining disciplines and doctrines are jettisoned, and the former Catholic priesthood is reduced to a pathetic protestant shadow of its former self.]

“We are experiencing a great upheaval in the Church at the moment,” the cardinal said……… [As he bellowed an evil laugh and rubbed his fat hands with glee]

………Cardinal Marx said all of the possibilities were not yet thought through. He cited the “priesthood of all the faithful” and referenced the Second Vatican Council (Chapter 2, Lumen Gentium: “the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial or hierarchical priesthood are nonetheless interrelated”)………[I know some folks are uncomfortable with categorical statements regarding problems/errors/even worse within the Vatican II documents, but this kind of dangerously nebulous statement, left deliberately open to interpretation, was exactly the kind of thing that many opponents of the radical changes of Vatican II warned of, both at the time, and since.  This kind of statement was plainly an entre to desacralizing the priesthood and replacing it with some proto-Calvinist “presbyterial” construct.  And now we see exactly what was warned against playing out.]

……….Vocations to the priesthood have plungedin Germany in recent years. The drop has coincided with risingliberal reform to the Church by much of its hierarchythere[It’s not a “reform!”  It’s an attack, an undermining, a revolution, an attempted redefinition/re-creation, but it is not a reform!]

Only slightly more than half of the country’s priests avail themselves to the Sacrament of Confession  [wow],  and there is a concerted push for a loosening of the Church’s law on Communion for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics.

The German Bishops’ Conference has also promoted homosexual unions as a sacrament, published material in support of gender ideology, and advanced justification for same-sex “marriage.” The Conference voted in 2015 to permit its employees to publicly defy the Church’s moral teaching without putting their employment at risk.

The permanent council of the German Bishops’ Conference issued a formal statement in February approving access to Communion for Catholics living in adulterous unions without abstaining from sexual intercourse. The statement formalized the German Church’s dissent from Catholic teaching on Communion, Penance and marriage. [They also owned a major share of Germany’s largest porn publisher, and who knows, may well be among the nation’s most vigorous consumers of pornography.]

In response to the hotly contested question of Communion for Catholics living in objective sin during the two recent Synods on the Family, Cardinal Marx unequivocally stated that Germany would not be bound by the dictates of Church leadership. [not that it mattered, they bent the Church leadership to their whim.  They didn’t have to try very hard with Francis, but I’m sure the carrot of access to those billions they have stockpiled didn’t hurt.]

This post, and the previous one, seem appropriate content for reflection during this Novena of Our Lady of Sorrows.  I do not know if there has ever been a darker, more sorrowful time in the entire history of the Church.  Our Mother’s heart must be breaking, especially to see those men given such enormous graces totally rejecting any conversion and repentance in pursuit of their diabolical worldly agenda.  I do not think there has ever been such a mass betrayal by the Church leaders against their duty in the entire history of the Church.  Maybe during the Arian heresy, but those days were much more innocent, and many of those who glommed onto the heresy did not know what they were doing.  These men have 2000 years of Doctrine and Tradition to inform them, but they reject it out of hand, but somewhat in their defense were carefully taught to do just that.

Then again, millions of others were also formed in leftism/modernism and somehow managed to come to find, practice, and adore the authentic faith.  These men have had plentiful opportunities to do the same, it is a certitude they have been reached out to by faithful souls too many times to count, and  yet they have rejected the counsel and remonstrances they have received every. single. time.

I do pity these poor lost destructive men.  Not for the devastation they are inflicting on the Church and souls, but because they, too, will eventually be judged, and what a judgment they will face.  I imagine they will be quite shocked to find that God is indeed that God exactly described in that “bad old Faith” they manifestly reject.  By then it will be far too late.  They will have deserved their fate.

But mostly I pity the tens if not hundreds of millions of souls who face eternal perdition because they have fallen for the lies these men have peddled for generations now.  That’s the real tragedy in all this, the Church can always be restored, there can always be some great future Saints who will guide the Church back to sanity and sanctity, but the those who die holding these heresies and conducting their lives in manifestly immoral manner, their fate is fixed.  There is no hope of restoration or “renewal” for them.  And it is they who, finding many bishops and priests sharing their eternal destiny, will most torture these prelates with constant chastisements and rebukes.

So much to pray for, but men who have adamantly refused Grace for decades are very, very hard to reach.  Of course, all things are possible with God.


1. Joseph D'Hippolito - March 30, 2017

How, exactly, would a “lay-run” diocese operate differently than one run by an ordained pastor? Most lay people do most of the organizational work, already, unless lay people are being asked to consecrate the Eucharist — which, frankly, I don’t see happening.

Second, the fact that married Protestant and Eastern Orthodox ministers can convert to Catholicism and retain their ministerial functions renders mandatory celibacy a moot point, for all intents and purposes. I can understand how a married Catholic priesthood would increase diocesan financial burdens — especially since Catholics aren’t encouraged to tithe and the Latino immigrant Catholics barely support the parishes they attend, which is the case here in California.

Let’s not forget that mandatory celibacy is a discipline, not a doctrine. As such, it can be changed. Frankly, if it has been changed centuries ago, the number of homosexuals in the priesthood might not have reached crisis levels.

Tantumblogo - March 30, 2017

If that were the limit, your comments would be correct, but I am convinced the real goal is to ultimately so desacralize and delegitimize the notion of a consecrated priesthood that it will essentially disappear in the lives of most Catholics. But the current situation is definitely disastrous, and there are very good reasons why married priests isn’t necessarily a panacea to deal with the artificially manufactured priest shortage.

2. The Lord's Blog - March 30, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
Church Leftists……..

3. Canon212 Update: Francis and His Friends Run Like Gleeful, Thrilled Rats Through the Halls of Our Vatican – The Stumbling Block - March 31, 2017


4. Kathleen O'Regan - March 31, 2017

“Cardinal Marx said all of the possibilities were not yet thought through…”. Hah! That’s a rich one. These sons of perdition have had all of this written down in their agenda books for many a decade now, all under “If We Ever Get Our Guy Into the Chair”, and now they have him.

5. David - April 1, 2017

If Pope Francis I tomorrow would say “I will begin ordaining married men” I don’t foresee men running in droves to the nearest seminary – I know that the average one hour Catholic thinks I am wrong.

One thought that the average one hour Catholic doesn’t think about if married priests became “normal” – nothing would ever get done at the Chancery. Why? Wives would be calling with complaints such as “why is my husband being transferred to ghetto church ” and “my husband needs time off to attend a family reunion ” and “my husband can’t hear confessions three nights a week – I need him home.”

By the way, I do know a few priests who entered through the Pastoral Provision. The ones I know are solid, don’t dumb down the Faith, and will say that it is difficult to struggle two vocations. A good one will tell you their vocation is not the “norm”, and will tell you their priestly duty is not a “9 to 5” job.

6. richard of texas hertitage group - April 1, 2017

Sometimes when I think of the extent to which Satan has invaded the church, I wonder if there’s any hope at all. “The gates of Hell will not prevail against her,” but sometimes it seems like they get pretty damn close. Pardon my language (though it may be argued that using some language every once in a while can be tasteful and masculine).

Joseph D'Hippolito - April 3, 2017

Richard, read the Book of Revelation. The gates of Hell do not prevail because Satan and Hell are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Whether you read that literally or metaphorically is a separate issue. However, the authors of the Epistles all prophesied mass apostasy in the “last days.” Why should Catholicism be excluded from that prophesy? Ezekiel and Jeremiah condemned the “false shepherds” of their own day, people who were every bit as false as the jackasses on the Tiber. Human nature doesn’t change over the millennia.

7. Marianne - April 3, 2017

If the Church hierarchy cleaned out the seminaries and the gay culture which continues to exist and persist in so many of them, perhaps, vocations to the priesthood would increase. As things stand now, for those young men who are not homosexual and refuse to play along with the status quo in the seminaries, they are bullied and alienated and until they can no longer endure the assault on their souls and drop out. The vocation crisis is a homosexual culture in the seminaries crisis. The Church leaders promised to clean house after the sex abuse scandals but didn’t go far enough. The billions paid out in victim lawsuits could have supported a number of married priests and their families.

Joseph D'Hippolito - April 3, 2017

Bingo. This.

Tantumblogo - April 3, 2017

Absolutely agree. The perverse inclination of so many seminaries and seminarians is a huge impediment to the large majority of authentic vocations, and has resulted in the frustration of tens if not hundreds of thousands of genuine aspirants to the priesthood.

Thus, the “priest shortage crisis” is almost wholly manufactured.

Joseph D'Hippolito - April 3, 2017

But the hierarchy won’t clean out the seminaries because the hierarchs either are afraid of being blackmailed or approve of the gay subculture in the seminaries.

The chickens hatched before St. Peter Damian and :”Liber Gomorrahianus” not only have come home to roost. They’ve taken over the whole coop.

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