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Freedom is the Hijab April 6, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Christendom, disaster, Ecumenism, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, pr stunts, rank stupidity, scandals, secularism, sickness, Society, suicide.

As a believing Catholic, I am all for modesty in dress on the part of everyone.  Not just women, but everyone.  I am so convinced of the necessity of modesty, that I am even in favor of certain societal norms and social pressures that would encourage people to dress (and behave) modestly, casting out of polite society egregious offenders against this norm, as was the case throughout Christendom for, oh, about 17-1900 years (I hedge a bit, not knowing what standards of dress were like in the period of the early Church).

But I stop short at people being physically coerced to dress with decorum and modesty.  I do not think women should be beaten if they show 2″ too much leg, or don’t wear a full, stinking burqa.  I do not think there should be religious police wandering around able to dish out corporal punishment on the spot, with no trial, no appeal.

Practice of virtue is a great source of salvific Grace.  But virtue that is coerced is not such a source.  We can argue at length about where to draw the line, or whether societal pressures would constitute coercion, but I think it not unreasonable to conclude that threatening severe corporal punishment or death for a violation against modesty is not only a bad thing in general, but something that is prone to abuse and capricious application (as we see from the video below).

But we have come to the point in this country, where the muslim infiltration/invasion has been allowed to go unchecked for two decades or more, that the nation’s “newspaper of record” is running op-eds from muslim women opining that the essence of freedom is found in being forced to cover themselves head to foot under threat of force from the men around them:

A great point I wish I had more time to flesh out today, but will hopefully get to tomorrow: why are the Left and islam such easy bedfellows, in spite of holding radically contrary beliefs on almost every subject imaginable?  Well, aside from islam being the perfect tool to crush the Left’s highest priority target for destruction – Christianity – neither recognizes any authority but its own.  They don’t recognize the value of (true) liberal democracy, they don’t recognize the value of Christianity, they don’t recognize the value of peaceful coexistence, all they recognize is power and the urgent command to obey their ideological dictates.  Islam, through the practice of deliberate deceit known as taqqiyah, will make allies wherever it finds them, no matter how noxious they find their beliefs, so long as it serves the interests of the unholy “ummah.”  The Left uses islam as almost their armed wing to attack the instituttions of Western Civilization and to serve as a battering ram against Christianity (in which they are far too often – almost always – aided by the Quislings within the Christian community).

Thus it actually makes a great deal of sense that they collaborate so much, so that the wholly vulgar vagina-fest known as the “Women’s March on Washington” was principally led and organized by a hijab-wearing muslim woman, a woman literally sporting a symbol of her submission to men.  And yet that woman was portrayed as a feminist icon.



1. Brian E. Breslin - April 7, 2017

Tantum, very good column- and a great pun too: wish you had more time to flesh out today. Good one.

Camper - April 10, 2017

Dear Tantum, sorry to hijack the conversation, but I thought this article was important and would make for a very good post. It shows that the left is already capable of its own bloody terror, a Stalinist purge:


2. mary onyango (mrs) - April 7, 2017

As a true tradition catholic, l ask my fellow ladies/women to stick to our tradition – modesty in dressing esp when going to church. Our Blessed Mother, is our mirror, she covers herself from head to toe. And who are we? If you find hard, then just do dress ie. Our Mother- like , long dress, headcover but no pants. Or put your dress over the pants depending on weather.

3. Publius - April 7, 2017

Dear Mr. tantumblogo:

Please contact me at my email as soon as possible.


4. Publius - April 7, 2017

Mr. Tantumblogo:

Still hoping you will reach out to me directly by email or telephone. (Phone number was sent to you by Frank Peters).

Thank you,



5. Camper - April 8, 2017

In countries in which it is the custom, Catholic women are supposed to cover their hair when they are in public. Thus in the UAE, Catholic women are supposed to cover their hair.

6. tg - April 9, 2017

Tabtum, this is out of topic but the link to “The Denzinger-Bergoglio” is not valid. It goes to a Google contest to win something. I tried it twice.

7. pants wearer - April 9, 2017

Just an observation from a middle-aged female.

I was spending (or wasting) time in recent weeks on meme generator imgflip.com when I saw this. Title “translated” is “Dat Ankle Doh” – in other words get a load of that ankle. Picture is of a couple mooslim guys on some sort of moped noticing a female in sandals and a burqa. I don’t know what country. So much for extreme attempts at modesty. I suppose the picture could have been staged. I assumed not.


Try DuckDuckGo search engine if it doesn’t link and you can’t find it with Yahoo, Google or Bing.

8. Sally Box - April 10, 2017

Something that needs pondering, and a counter argument.

From a commentor at akaCatholic, via Barnhardt:

Tantumblogo - April 10, 2017

Which is why I prefaced my comments by noting the fact that modesty is a great virtue. I also mentioned social coercion as a tool to enforce standards of modesty. I also considered asking at the end of the post whether things like enforced wearing of the hijab pose a “problem” for Catholics, since we favor modest dress, but decided that the issue is the level of coercion. So far as I am aware, even at the height of Christendom there were no religious police as exist in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, and most other (radically) islamic countries empowered to dole out severe corporal punishment on supposed offenders without trial or appeal. Women are regularly beaten with canes in all three countries if they are judged to be immodest.

Islam IS a satanically contrived anti-Catholicism, whose extremes are certainly meant to discredit Christianity by association in the minds of the dim-witted and/or implacably hostile. But because there is some passing similarity (to the wholly uninitiated) between what islam demands and what the Church proposes doesn’t mean we should shy away from blasting islam for its barbarous practices.

But re-reading it, not sure how it is a counter-argument to what I wrote?

skeinster - April 11, 2017

Arghh- don’t comment when rushed for time…

Your post is fine- so is the commenter’s. My query is how do we make the distinctions clear to those pursuing the “Christianity is just like Islam” argument.

The argument from history, which you use above, is one.
But that won’t satisfy someone who will argue that the past is not necessarily a predictor of the future.

(Even though they may use that argument themselves re: Islam.)

Was just pointing out that it is diabolical, and will be hard to answer.
No ciricism intended.

9. Barbara Hvilivitzky - April 10, 2017

When one travels to Rome and tries to enter many of the wonderful Churches there are police at the entrances to stop immodestly dressed women from entering. So some coercion is a good thing, no?

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