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Austrian President: “The Day Will Come When All Women Will Have to Wear [the Hijab]” April 26, 2017

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Austria was, even after World War II, one of the most visibly Catholic countries in the world.  But after decades of being steeped in (America-imposed) secular  materialism, Austrians recently elected a man president who now argues that if opposition to islam continues to grow, the result will be that ALL women will have to wear “headscarves,” by which he means the hijab.

I can’t quite follow the logic, either, but he seems to be declaring that opposition to islamification only emboldens muslims and, if that occurs, all women will eventually wind up in the hijab.  Of course, if opposition to islam does not increase, Austria will wind up in the same place, with total submission of the state and individuals to islam.  Suleiman the Magnificent must be whooping for joy in hell, if such were possible.

About the video, this is Sargon again, and Sargon’s an atheist, and prone to blasphemy, as well.  I would advise playing the video without sound until the 3:50 mark, knowing that the subtitles are quotes from muslim men in Austria regarding their feelings towards atheists:

Yes.  Absolutely.  These people do want to be conquered.  They are like the late Greek and Roman elites who had totally, entirely given up on their own birthright, and so they got the barbarians.

We need to seriously start thinking about a strategic reserve where Christendom can be preserved.  It won’t be Europe.

Just a quick reminder of what these young, aggressive, cocksure muslim men are willing to kill over (content warning, Mohammad, like almost all the enemies of Christ, was wholly given over to his prurient lusts):

Normal for muslim men, perhaps.

David Wood has still more – all muslims gain from the activities of their radical brethren, which is why virtually no muslims oppose the activities of the jihadis, just as essentially no muslims opposed the armies of the Grand Turk, nor the Berber hordes that repeatedly invaded Christian Spain, nor any of the other non-stop wars of aggression islam has waged against Christendom:

We have our own dhimmis in the Catholic Church.  Many of these are priests, mostly of a certain age, but not always.  I have been called a racist and islamophobe for pointing out – much more mildly than here – the deplorable beliefs that muslims hold. To these dhimmis – including a couple of local pastors I am thinking of – ANY criticism of islam or any other religion they hold in esteem (which is every one but their own) is absolutely forbidden and is met with accusations of racism or some other -ism.  They’d fit in very, very well at an antifa riot, for the rhetoric is the same.

I know most of this post is old news for regular readers.  Islam is a satanic counterfeit of Christianity, the veritable antithesis of all the goodness and light Christ brought to the world.  The quote from the horrid president of Austria is notable, however.  He was barely elected over a rival who was pilloried in the media as being a “far right” neo-nazi.  All over the world, the elites are using the same tactics, the same words to gain their ends.  Which ends, apparently, include complete and total surrender to islam, and probable eventual conversion.

Enjoy paying the jizya.



1. Amillennial - April 26, 2017

The Armenian genocide is proof once again that the muslim cares not what we think so long as we submit to them. If one is an infidel you are even greater prey to them than the Catholic or Protestant because you are an easier target for conversion because you won’t be martyred. You will capitulate to their demands because you have no principles upon which you will die to uphold and thus easily fall, spiritually, under the banner of Mohammedanism. For the secular male the facility upon which he will undergo conversion is made smoother since under Islam he is assured that his addictions to pornography and his misogynistic tendencies will go unanswered and even encouraged. The baser of the secular kind will be attracted by the promise of even more evil in the promise of sexual liaisons with the younger kind. Only Christianity stands in the way and as a bulwark against this sort of vile behavior and is therefore the common enemy of both the secular and the Mohammedan. Unless something on the order of the miraculous happens, Christian Europe and Europeans are doomed to extinction proving without doubt that Belloc was right all along. Where is the Don John of Austria of today? Too busy playing Pokemon Go and replying to posts on facebook to bother with higher matters…

2. bluebird4458 - April 26, 2017

Thanks Tantum for your enlightening words. I don’t see Catholic leadership here and thus, the average Catholics in the pews is oblivious to this situation. I do here more Protestants talking about this. (Franklin Graham, focus in the family, and Jay seckelow). I tried to get our priest to pray for the persecuted Christians at the petition part of the mass to no avail. So sad

3. Faith of Our Fathers - April 26, 2017

To me and what I see all around in my area Muslims are just Lovely People who do not wish to cause any bother and want to get along and mix with other Faiths. BULLSH-T everything has to be on their filthy terms . They come to our local swimming pools and their Ugly Women pollute the water by going into the pools in outdoor clothing. Some of them ( and I have witnessed this ) urinated in the Sauna Water Bucket rather than use the Toilets which are spotless but according to their sh-t have been used by infidels. Also this word Islamaphobic or Islamaphobia. Again are just totally Bullsh-t made up words . Sorry for some of the language Tantum but I just cannot stand them anymore. Also I see your looking for a Guard Dog . That’s another thing Moslems don’t do are pets WHY because you grow to love a pet and Moslems don’t do love either.

4. blueskirtwaltz - April 27, 2017

When you go to the grocery store, visit the meat department. If there are Musloids around, pick up packs of bacon and say as loudly as you dare, “Bacon! Oh, how I love bacon! Bacon!” Just keep repeating that as long as you dare.

5. Canoin212 Update: Throw the Book at the Francis. He Has a Different Religion! – The Stumbling Block - April 27, 2017


6. Numbskull - May 1, 2017

Heck, we have a Dhimmi presently occupying the Chair of Peter.

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