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Request for Ideas – What is a Good Breed of Guard Dog? – UPDATED April 27, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

We are considering getting another dog. We have a black lab who is good at making an alert bark when a stranger approaches (and for no apparent reason in the middle of the night, which is always fun), but like most all labs, she is too fun-loving and people-loving to be a good guard dog.

The first idea was to get a German Shepherd, but so many of our kids have allergies and asthma I’m not sure that’s the best way.

My wife hates Dobermans and pit bulls.  So those are out.

We can find no Belgian Malinois in our area.  They are probably too long haired, anyway?

Any other breeds you can think of, then, that have short hair and make good guard dogs?  We don’t want an attack dog, but one that is protective of property and kids and that will give a good alert and maybe defend the home if someone busted in it at night or something.

I don’t think Weimaraners are really guard dogs?  Rhodesian Ridgeback?  The dog would also need to be good with kids.

Pending some great idea from you smartuns we’ll probably default to the German Shepherd.

UPDATE: Well, that’s settled.  Thank you for all your comments, but my wife grew up on a farm with German Shepherds and she’s always wanted one.  We’ll just have to deal with the hair.



1. Guy mcclung - April 26, 2017

No contest. Kangal

2. paselma@aol.com - April 26, 2017

The best dog we ever had (and I’m a senior, so we have had dogs for decades) was a German Shepherd/Collie mix. She looked like a short-haired Collie. That dog was so gentle with the kids, and yet protective.

Example: One time we as “young-uns” were playing in front of our aunt’s home with a neighbor boy. The boy’s mom across the street called him home for supper. But he was having too much fun and ignored Mom. After about 3-4 calls, “Come home now!” Mom marched over, her voice less than gentle. That Collie stood between the kids and the mother and kept barking at the mother to stay away from her “sheep” — us.

The mom had to go in and call my aunt to have her call all of us (including the dog) inside the house, and then my aunt let the boy out to go home. All was well.

Yet, with a large family, we little ones would sit on her and grab her tail and give her big hugs and the dog was as gentle as could be.

We have had many breeds of dogs over the years, all of them good. But that one was perfect.


3. ks - April 27, 2017

We have always owned Dobermans for the past 20 plus years. They are smart, learn fast, loyal protectors and sweet companions. Like any speciality dog, you must do your homework and buy from a good breeder to insure excellent health and temperament. There are some breeders that offer health guarantees so you can be confident in the breeder’s dedication to the breed’s excellence. Generally, Dobermans live for 8 years, but our current Doberman is going on 12 years and she is still a very active and protective dog. We perfer the ease of having only one dog at a time in our family. We have owned male and female Dobermans and both sexes are wonderful companions and great property and family protection. They cost a lot up front, but we have saved over the 12 years with no vet bills for health problems. We have always owned the “superior sized” Dobermans because we like taller and bigger Dobermans. Also we always bought puppies in order to train and start fresh. Sometimes adopted animals may have some hidden issues that will cause stress to the ownership of it. Dobermans are not for someone who wants to just have a dog. Dobermans are working dogs and need an active owner who is willing to train them as puppies and be responsible for them (ie…a fenced yard or invisible fence, and leashed when walking). Any protection dog has to have a responsible owner.
I can confidently walk at any time of day or night with my Doberman at my side knowing that no one (with ill will) will approach me. Dobermans do a great job of sensing your apprehension and fear ( when you are approached by people or even contractors in your home) and they immediately stand their ground to protect you and your family by literally placing themselves between you and a stranger. Dobermans know (some how–maybe through smell) when strangers are shifty and dangerous. We have actually used our Doberman’s senses (how she behaves when we have a contractors over for bids on home repairs) to choose the “safe” person for bid. A person may be able to fool us, but not our Doberman. Ha! Due to their extreme intelligence (they are ranked #1 in smarts for all breeds), they listen to commands and remember their training. Expensive, yes….but worth EVERY penny for piece of mind and family and property protection.

4. Peter - April 27, 2017

We’ve always had German shepherds, but if I needed to get a short haired protective loyal dog I’d look at Rottweilers.

5. Daze Inde - April 27, 2017

My German Shepherd was with me for 14 years, and unforgettable; unable to even get another dog after losing her. But, if your kids are allergic, not a good thing to do the kids or the dog. Needs to be inside. (Remember, they shed a lot.) Also, how is the lab going to feel about a new dog? Labs are huge, deter trespassers, and have been known to be protective when necessary. Therefore, It’s okay if the lab is basically friendly.

6. domzerchi - April 27, 2017

Most short-haired dogs shed a lot–the fur is shorter because it’s falling out faster. Poodles and similar curly-haired dogs shed less, but they have to get haircuts periodically like people. How about an alsatian/poodle cross ¿shepadoodle? that has poodle-type fur? It will get intelligence, trainability and other good traits from both parents and intermediate fur that will vary from individual to individual. Look for one whose coat looks more like the poodle coat, and I reckon you’d have a more “hypoallergenic” dog.

7. Mary Ann Parks - April 27, 2017

Rottweiler. Gentle, strong, slow to bark, but when they bark you know it. Great with kids. But you have to make sure your Rottie wasn’t bred from pit bulls or bred to be oversized as many are now.

8. FL_Catholic - April 27, 2017

I would suggest taking a look at Akita’s and Shiba-Inu’s. Depending on the size you want, one may be preferable to the other. Both have been used as guard dogs for thousands of years in Japan and are wonderful with children. The Shiba’s have a bit less hair so that would help you too.

9. Doug Valenzuela - April 27, 2017

Recommend highly an American Bulldog, female, domesticated puppy. American Bulldogs are superb family dogs, they bond well and their bark is like having a lion in the house when someone approaches the front door. My wife is a cancer survivor and we prayed to God to send us an American bulldog to aid in her recovery and survival. In short order someone dropped our American bulldog off at work and she bonded immediately with my wife. Our bulldog now weighs 96 pounds and is impressive.

Douglas Valenzuela - April 27, 2017

Thank you.

10. Xopher - April 27, 2017

Mastiff. Big and intimidating, but gentle. Slobbery, though.

11. domzerchi - April 27, 2017

Short hair does not equal less shedding. It’s complicated, but to simplify: curly hair like a poodle’s equals less shedding.

Also, using deshedding tools and brushing daily outside the house mitigates the shedding problem for any dog.

12. Ernest Cline - April 27, 2017

Consider a Boxer. Kid-friendly, stranger-wary. Barks freely, tho (big imaginations). Can’t stand extreme temps but needs plenty of outdoor access. (A doggie-door works perfectly). Quite comical, guaranteed to make you smile. But heavy slobbering. We have two and really love them.

Tara E - April 27, 2017

I concur, a Boxer is a very gentle and loving dog toward the family but quite protective around strangers.

13. MrT - April 27, 2017


14. Tim - April 27, 2017

Our best have been a Boxer and a Great Pyrenees. What ever you get be sure you raise it properly!!!

15. bluebird4458 - April 27, 2017

My little dachshund was pretty fierce when a stranger came to the dore. However our German shepherd was the most lotal and protective dog we ever owned. She was a long hair so vacuumed her fur coat from January thru march because of her heavy shedding. Good luck!!

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16. sane cat lady - April 28, 2017
Tantumblogo - April 28, 2017

We have 4, but thank you..

17. Camper - April 29, 2017

Your puppy is cute! God bless…

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