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Hurrah for KC Archbishop Naumann – He Banned the Girl Scouts! May 3, 2017

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Now complete the task and also sever ties with the morally lost, transgender-accepting Boy Skirts of America.

Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann issued a statement earlier this week severing the Archdiocese’s decades-long association with the Girl Scouts in favor of Christian-based scouting organizations.  I praise the Archbishop for doing so, while noting it is well past time for such moves, and praying that far more diocesan ordinaries will have the faith, zeal, and concern for souls (IOW, the stones) to do the same:

Saying that Girl Scouts is “no longer a compatible partner in helping us form young women with the virtues and values of the Gospel,” the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is severing ties with the organization and switching its support to a Christian-based scouting program.

“I have asked the pastors of the Archdiocese to begin the process of transitioning away from the hosting of parish Girl Scout troops and toward the chartering of American Heritage Girls troops,” Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann said in a statement released Monday. [American Heritage Girls are not without their problems.  They have a strong evangelical protestant bent, and I have heard of efforts to convert Catholics who join.  But it is far superior to the Girl Scouts.  What we need is a Catholic alternative like the Troops of St. George for boys.]

“Pastors were given the choice of making this transition quickly, or to, over the next several years, ‘graduate’ the scouts currently in the program. Regardless of whether they chose the immediate or phased transition, parishes should be in the process of forming American Heritage Girl troops, at least for their kindergartners, this fall.” [I would prefer a quick clean break, but probably this is the more politic approach]

American Heritage Girls, founded in 1995, has become an option for those who say Girl Scouts has become too liberal and has relationships with organizations that support abortion rights and do not share traditional family values — allegations the Girl Scouts deny. [They can deny all they want, but numerous exposes and investigations have proved that the Girl Scouts has wandered far into sexular paganism and has expansive ties with Planned Barrenhood and similar organizations]

Naumann also called for an end to Girl Scout cookie sales in the archdiocese.

“No Girl Scout cookie sales should occur in Catholic Schools or on parish property after the 2016-2017 school year,” he said in a letter to priests in January.

The action has angered some Girl Scout leaders and parents in the archdiocese, who say Girl Scouts is a respected program that helps raise strong girls who become good stewards. They call the move punitive and unfair and say it treats girls in their troops like second-class citizens. [Oh for crying out loud, it does nothing of the sort.  It is not as if there is no alternative being offered.  And the very recourse to this kind of emotional appeal is redolent of progressivism.]

“This is frustrating; parents are very irritated,” said Maria Walters, a former Girl Scout leader in the archdiocese and mother of two Girl Scouts. “I feel we should all be together as one in the community. This does nothing but divide us……….[IOW, any opposition to the progressive cause is divisive.  Gotcha.]

……….Some Girl Scout leaders disagreed, saying they were never consulted about the decision and that some of their girls had been bullied because they were involved in Scouts. [B as in B, S as in…….let me translate this into reality: some girls may have faced questions as to why they belonged to a radical feminist organization, or had their feelings hurt when told “no” by someone who doesn’t want to support such an organization when they tried to sell their overpriced cookies.  That is not bullying.  Anything contrary to your super special snowflake’s every wish and whim is not an offense against God and nature, nor is it violence or bullying.]

………..Naumann said Girl Scouts contributes more than a million dollars each year to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, which he called “an organization tied to International Planned Parenthood and its advocacy for legislation that includes both contraception and abortion as preventive health care for women.” [Those connections have been amply proved. For example: this, and this, and this.  Under increasing pressure from organizations like the Catholic Church, the Girl Scouts USA did replace their former rabidly pro-abort president with a more moderate one in 2016. But the institutional rot remains, as do myriad problems with state and regional councils, some of which really do use pornographic sex-ed materials from Planned Parenthood and without parental supervision.]

He also said that many of those who have been cited as role models by Girl Scouts “not only do not reflect our Catholic worldview but stand in stark opposition to what we believe.”

The Girl Scouts, which has 1.9 million girl members and 800,000 adult members nationwide, does not take a position or develop materials on human sexuality, birth control or abortion, according to its website. And despite what critics say, the organization says, it does not have a relationship with Planned Parenthood. [This is a vague and misleading statement, and is also another case of the media turning news into opinion.  It might be possible to say the national organization has very recently severed former ties with Planned Barrenhood, or that some state or regional councils have, but not that “there is no relationship.”] 

“Parents or guardians make all decisions regarding program participation that may be of a sensitive nature,” it says.

Again, this is countered by a mass of contrary data.  Any search on Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood will return thousands of hits.

The overall tone of the piece was hostile towards the archdiocese’s decision, which is hardly a surprise, given that reporter/opinionator Judy Thomas is the same one who ran Bishop Finn out on a rail.

This makes two dioceses in the Missouri area that have terminated their relationship with Girl Scouts.  The Archdiocese of St. Louis did the same last year.  May more bishops avail themselves of God’s grace to do the same.



1. Richard Malcolm - May 4, 2017

1. “American Heritage Girls are not without their problems. They have a strong evangelical protestant bent, and I have heard of efforts to convert Catholics who join.”

I had that concern as well. Their roots are evangelical Protestant.

But I have heard that local troops effectively operate like franchises, with broad liberty to set up their own rules, materials, etc. Does anyone here know more about this? How much liberty does a troop have to “Catholicize” their American Heritage troop?

2. “But it is far superior to the Girl Scouts. What we need is a Catholic alternative like the Troops of St. George for boys.”

I hear great things about the Federation of North American Explorers for boys and girls. I’m not sure if ArchKCK ever looked into them.

Tantumblogo - May 4, 2017

I did not know the Explorers were open to girls. Thank you for sharing that.

Richard Malcolm - May 5, 2017

From their website:

“Within our FNE program we offer the following programs:

1. Otters* – for boys aged 6 and 7, and girl Otters for girls ages 6 and 7 (* if numbers and volunteer availability warrant).
2. Timber Wolves – for boys aged 8 to 12, and Girl Timber Wolves for girls aged 8 to 12
3. Explorers – for boys aged 12 1/2 to 16 and girl Explorers for girls aged 12 1/2 to 16
4. Wayfarers – ages 17 to 24 with one unit for women and other for men”

The boys seem to get a little heavier emphasis on the site and their promotional materials, but that may be because they simply have more troops for boys so far.

The Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem out in Charles Town, WV (an hour from DC), were proactive in getting FNE troops for both boys and girls set up based out of the priory. I can’t speak to it personally, but what I hear so far about it has been positive.

FNE sounds overall like the better option for traditional Catholics; but it does sound like American Heritage can be adapted and structured well enough working out of Catholic parishes. I don’t think I can fault His Excellency too much for going in the AHG direction – they have much more infrastructure than FNE does so far,

Peregrinator - May 10, 2017

AHG is far larger than FNE (disclosure: I am a leader, or chief, in FNE) and has paid employees, while FNE is all-volunteer.

And yes, FNE has programs for both boys and girls, but we are not co-ed; units are single sex. We come together for ceremonies and the like.

2. Tim - May 4, 2017

Time to ban the Boy Scouts as well, with their capitulations to the sodomite overlords.

3. Antonia - May 4, 2017

Richard Malcolm… My daughter and I have been in American Heritage Girls for several years now, with a group chartered by our Catholic parish, and we highly recommend it.

Our troop is Catholic through and through, with Rosaries, prayer to saints, attending Mass together, etc. The AHG statement of faith is fairly minimal and completely compatible with Catholicism. We have no interference from AHG National in teaching our Catholic faith to the girls. Catholic troops are the fastest growing sector of AHG.

It’s a really great traditional scouting group, along the lines of what the Girl Scouts used to be, I think. My daughter has blossomed in her faith, friendships, service work, leadership, and practical skills through AHG.

I would be much more wary of my kids joining a troop chartered in a Protestant church, though, as I would for any organization.

BTW, Trail Life is the “brother” organization of AHG for boys.

Richard Malcolm - May 5, 2017

That’s great to hear!

4. Mary - May 5, 2017

Hooray for Archbishop Naumann.
The GS say they don’t provide materials on human sexuality: not true. I pulled my daughter out of the Scouts, at a Catholic school, back in the 90s. Why? Because the troop leader at the planning meeting pulled out a new GS manual which had a section on sexual education. I considered this to be well outside their scope of duty.
The GS are lying. They have been providing materials on sex since the 90s.
My thought at the time was – is every single person who comes in contact with our children commissioned to teach them sex ed? The dentist? The swim coach? The dance teacher? Let’s ask the post man next time we see him. Good grief.

Camper - May 6, 2017

In my old official boy scout handbook, 1990 ed., there was a page on sexuality, but it urged boys to refrain from premarital sex. One of the points of the old scout code was “a scout is reverent.” Back when the country still had a shred of morals (1990s), this was taken seriously.

5. Julie Goodwin - May 5, 2017

I would like to address your unfounded statement that American Heritage Girls have evangelical protestant bent and the other statement about converting Catholics who join.

American Heritage Girls is not a denomination. AHG is an organization that offers a scout like program for girls ages 5-18. Each AHG Troop operates under the auspices and authority of its Charter (ie: church).

There are Catholic AHG Troops in over half of all US arch/dioceses making up 25% of all AHG Troops. Catholics are the largest growing denomination in AHG.

I started volunteering for AHG in 2009 and am currently on staff as the National Catholic Relations Specialist. I have never had an AHG member tell me that they felt pressure from their AHG Troop to convert.

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