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Has the “Church of Darkness” Eclipsed the True Church? May 5, 2017

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Interesting commentary from Father Albert of the traditional Dominican community of the Holy Rosary in Belgium.  I do not think he quite answers the question posed to him definitively, which posited that the Church in Rome, that is to say, the curia and the institutional hierarchy, are becoming so estranged from the Catholic Faith as to become “the seat of antichrist” (boy, won’t prots have a field day with that), but he notes that while the Church has not quite reached the point that the antichrist is literally reigning in it, much of the institutional hierarchy is preparing the way for that terrible eventuality.

Most troubling, the Church has, since Vatican II, and to a greater and greater extent as the years pass, lost those four distinguishing marks that reveal her to be the True Church and Bride of Jesus Christ, those being: holiness, unity, catholicity, and apostolicity.  Such is Father Albert’s surmise, at any rate:

Do you agree with his assessment, and in what way?  Is the compromised, even fallen Church forewarned by Our Lady at La Sallete, Fatima, and Akita coming to pass, or is it already in full bloom?  Has the true Church been “eclipsed?”  These are very difficult questions.

You can catch Father’s brief Q&A sessions most days on The Fatima Center channel on Youtube.

Awesome to see the tonsure, btw.  Much appreciated.



1. Joseph D'Hippolito - May 5, 2017

If the Vatican becomes the “seat of the Antichrist,” it would be the logical consequence of the decision it made centuries ago — long before Vatican II, the Enlightenment, the Reformation or the Great Schism — to sacrifice its Petrine patrimony on the altar of wealth, power, political influence, secular prestige, intellectual fashion and institutional arrogance. Francis is the most obvious manifestation of that decision.

Besides, Catholicism wouldn’t be alone in providing a place for the Antichrist to “rest.” Mainline Protestantism long ago made the same kind of sacrifice and now is barely indistinguishable from “progressive” secularism. The Russian Orthodox long ago allowed itself to be co-opted by the Tsars for the sake of the “Third Rome” (Moscow) that will not fall. Now, it’s Putin’s handmaiden, after more than 70 years of allowing the Communists to manipulate it.

The whole motif of “the woman who rides the beast” reflects all Christian churches (not solely Catholicism) who have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the satanic paradigm that rules what Scripture calls “the world.” The authors of the epistles prophesied that a great “falling away” would take place in the “last days.” That “falling away” crosses all denominational and confessional frontiers.

Camper - May 8, 2017

It is hard to argue with emotions. Have you considered that, when in proper health, the Catholic Church is a wall defending against Fabianism and communism? That it encourages justice, care for the poor, ethics, and all kinds of other wonderful things? Europe would be an ant-hill today if not for Christianity.

Camper - May 8, 2017

BTW, this Dominican priest is SSPX.

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - May 5, 2017

Listen to this podcast from Ann Barnhardt starting at 25:25:


3. Tradition and Lace - May 5, 2017

Thank you for your interesting post and for including the short video of Father Albert’s AMAZING response to the question:
“Is the Catholic Church in Eclipse?”
Why “Amazing?”
He openly & honestly explains just how wretched the state of the Roman Catholic Church is today.
No excuses, no cover-ups and no lies.
I only wish he could have spoken longer.

4. Tradition and Lace - May 5, 2017

Reblogged this on Tradition and Lace and commented:
Originally posted by “A Blog for Dallas are Catholics”
Read this post, then watch the short video with Father Albert of the Fatima Center. It’s worth your time.
God Bless.

5. เบอร์มงคลราคาถูก - May 6, 2017


Has the “Church of Darkness” Eclipsed the True Church? | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

6. MrT - May 6, 2017

To answer TB’s question, yes, we are in schism. The Vatican, dioceses, parishes, and religious orders are largely controlled by those who believe the Church is human institution best seeking to regain its place at the world power big boy table by accommodation to worldly values. The rest of us believe the Church is divinely built and survives by obedience to Christ’s never-changing teachings for the benefit of our salvation and of the whole world.

7. tg - May 6, 2017

I agree with the priest. Catholic churches sure aren’t the same anymore. Tantum, I am glad you are blogging. I don’t comment much. The people that do comment do such a good job. I want you to know that I am praying for your son and all my favorite bloggers and their families.

8. SoccerMom - May 6, 2017

Thanks for the clip and all of your other posts.

You’ve probably already run across it, but in case you haven’t, Archbishop Fulton Sheen had some interesting thoughts/prophecies on the setting up of a false church, distinct from the Catholic Church as well. Here is a link, with the excerpt closer to the bottom.


9. c matt - May 8, 2017

the Catholic Faith as to become “the seat of antichrist” (boy, won’t prots have a field day with that)

Not much of a field day – since it would only mean the RCC has become indistinguishable from them (pro-gay, pro-abort, and pro-divorce).

Camper - May 8, 2017

I don’t know what the numbers are, but there are still millions of conservative protestants in america who don’t believe in divorce, perversion, or abortion. 30% of Americans still believe pre-marital sex is wrong. While that is dramatically lower than it used to be until recently, it is still a vast portion of the country.
Actually, maybe I should change the bit to reflect that many prots do accept divorce.

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