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Texas Motorists Rush into Flood to Save Babies May 5, 2017

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I know this has gotten wide coverage already so everybody probably saw it well before I did (last night), but this occurred fairly close to home, just outside the Diocese of Dallas in the neighboring Diocese of Tyler, and it’s pretty awesome.  There are some swear words which are not always fully bleeped out, but I think they can be forgiven given the situation.  It gives hope to see a bunch of men, strangers to each other, working together to save other strangers from a life-threatening situation.  I’m sure the same could be seen in many states, but probably not California, and certainly not New  York.


I also like the lady praying for the deliverance of those involved.  It may be protestant type prayer, but the Holy Name always carries power with it, no matter who utters it reverently.

They say one of the babies started breathing right after the woman implored our Blessed Lord to restore his breath.



1. Camper - May 5, 2017

When the world is going to the dogs, it is nice to hear a wonderful story like this.

2. Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 5, 2017

I have watched this video several times but thanks for posting it…it gets better each time…great rescue!..and I love the praying Lady; her trust in Jesus is so inspiring.

Baseballmomof8 - May 6, 2017

Haven’t seen it…. will watch today 😀

3. Baseballmomof8 - May 6, 2017

Oh wow. That one woman praying… such faith, such sure belief in the power of The Name.

4. reader - May 8, 2017

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