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Hundreds of Thousands of Pilgrims Fill Fatima to Overflowing…… May 18, 2017

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……..but the ongoing wreckovation that has affected even this most sacred of locales caused many thousands to be forced to stand outside the large outdoor sanctuary which was built to attract the great number of souls who have a powerful devotion to Our Lady and the apparitions at Fatima.  About 1/3 of the former area for pilgrims to worship has been dedicated to a modernist monstrosity designed in typically post-conciliar brutalist style:

All the above from The Fatima Center.

Finally a very interesting video from Bishop Fulton Sheen’s show Life is Worth Living.  He ties together the Russian Revolution with Fatima and and the consecration of Eugenio Pacelli, the future Ven. Pope Pius XII, who was nothing if not an ardent anti-communist (who saw much of his work done by perhaps the least anti-communist, or pro-hard left, pope to ever reign – at least till now – Paul VI).  I wish I could say more but time prohibits, but trust me, it’s a powerful tale and well told.  Did you know a communist tried to assassinate then Archbishop Pacelli? Enjoy!




1. MrT - May 19, 2017

After Pius XII consecrated the world to the IHM in October 1942 while speaking by radio to the bishops of Portugal gathered in Lisbon for the 25th anniversary of Fatima, the Germans suffered their first loss to the Allies, in North Africa, and never won a major battle again, the Japanese lost at Guadalcanal, and the tide of the Battle of Stalingrad turned when the German 6th Army was cut off and surrounded.

Gc5341 - May 19, 2017


2. Tim - May 19, 2017

May 13, 2017….Fatima……this could also be an entry for “Flightline Friday” with the “propeller”.


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